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“DBA Binary Fusion Consultants in Bergen County helped us build reliable  network for our warehouse shipping location that provides plenty of wifi coverage for the best price!"

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 Looking for IT Company who can help your be hands onsite?


       check Trying to find IT wired or Wireless network consultant, or perhaps looking to refresh your existing network with newer equipment?  Happen to be residing somewhere else far away perhaps in the west coast, but have a small office in the east cost anywhere in NJ within Bergen County area of cities or boroughs  such as Hackensack, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Fair Lawn, Garfield, Englewood or other nearby areas?     We provide IT Consulting services for small law firms, medical dental offices or other health care offices, accounting and cpa firms , educational firms, professional LLCs, financial companies, real estate and others, covering small, medium, and large size businesses.  


IT Remote Hands on Network Consulting Services in Hackensack, Paramus, Fort Lee, Fair Lawn NJ


       check  Looking for a way to get yourself some hands IT Infrastructure Consultant to help you centralize your small office with your headquarter location?   Trying to upgrade your existing circuit from older to newer?  We can help, you get this task done.  Trying to make your small or medium office network redundant? Trying to bring up couple of VPN tunnels for connectivity to your central office?  It’s kind of tough to do that when you have no savvy IT personnel on site. 


       check Or perhaps trying to upgrade from older circuit to newer, ensure there is network resiliency on physical level and logical level while simultaneously ensuring that  your local cisco phones are connected across VPN  tunnels for fall back while having primary traffic flow through MPLS, in a way that if your network goes down you still up and running stress free?  If you answered yes to that question then contacting DBA Binary Fusion today is the best choice!  Regardless what your particular take on Network resiliency for your small remote office we can be your hands and eyes on site and brain.  


What can our consultant do while they are in your office on site?


  1. We can troubleshoot your network

  2. We can migrate you from slower circuit to newer circuit

  3. We can connect you through your VPN tunnels to your local site.

  4. We can configure your Cisco Phones to connect to central location

  5. We can install Wireless access point for WIFI access

  6. We can conduct Wireless Site Survey

  7. We can troubleshoot blind spots in Wireless Spectrum and optimize your WIFI network (using special software)

  8. We can troubleshoot slowness through our Netflow analysis

  9. We can segregate your network into different Vlans to help reduce load.

  10. We can spin up ESX virtualized infrastructure

  11. We can ensure that you have proper redundant access to your smaller spoke office from central location

  12. We can install Polycom video conferencing unit in your location, for your local spoke site users being able to connect to your central location over Video.

  13. We can preconfigure DHCP scopes on switches, firewalls, or servers to allow call managers to connect to your central site.

  14. We can install UPS or terminal servers, or KVM switches for connectivity to your servers or devices.

We can also do Project Management!




        Whenever we do any change on the network we follow best practices and change control management and procedures, adhering to customer's policies, or helping customer derive policy if they currently do not have them. 

We can also help you handle your backup consulting services and provide IT Disaster Recovery strategy!







Is your existing network running slow?


checkOur professional IT infrastructure consultants can come directly to your location in Bergen County of Hackensack, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Fair Lawn, Garfield or any other location in Bergen county NJ to help you troubleshoot your network slowness issue.   We can do that by setting up network taps on specific sections of your infrastructure, and by reviewing data packets on your existing network to see what is slowing down your network.We can help by reviewing Netflow information, packet traces, trace routes, network diagrams, or create our own diagrams based on physical site survey and logical network analysis.  


What do we often find in customer’s networks when there is slowness?


checkWe typically find either Anti-Virus updates hugging existing MPLS pipe or circuit, or voice data that is not properly adjusted.   The only way to spot this is to get a precise picture of the network, understand particularly data flow and see through which switch virtual interfaces and VLANS data travels through.  Based on our discoveries we provide recommendations of what can be done to remediate the issue. 



Lost control of your network? Why not let us help do Site Survey


checkHave multiple network equipment at your premises from different vendors?  Need someone savvy to help you figure it all out?  How it all connects?  Perform a site survey to help you understand what the office infrastructure looks like?  We can help Sketch out the diagrams based on the physical equipment in case if you are not exactly sure, what is where and how network infrastructure connects to existing hardware.  Every site survey can be done using inter combination of scanning networks, visual inspection, and using variety of tools to help us get better visual understanding of the network.


checkLet us help you take control of your network by contacting your Bergen County IT Network consultant today. We can schedule an appointment with you and help you get better understanding of your network.   Areas we services are Hackensack, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Fair Lawn, Paramus and many others areas in Bergen County NJ.



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