IT Network Consultant Clients

When choosing right network service provider, it’s important to choose multiple factors including expertise knowledge, level of certification and knowledge consultants provide and most importantly if the job can be done right from start to finish.   We’d like our client to think of us more than just a network consulting company, but rather think of us as a single one stop shop for company’s IT service needs. 

Many of the companies we have worked with in the past are health care organizations, travel agencies, financial organizations, and educational organizations.  Our recent clients include API where we managed to interconnect multiple airlines together through virtual networking concepts, helping airlines and travel agencies provide secure network connectivity. 

We provide IT network consulting services ranging from, staff augmentation, business continuity, strategic planning/IT office relocation, network security and design tailored towards small to medium size companies located not only within Tri-State area of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey but also within Arizona, Houston, California, Boston and many other regions. 

List of Industries which we have services in the past.

  1. HealthCare
  2. Travel Agencies
  3. Law Firms
  4. Dental Offices
  5. Medical Offices
  6. Finance Organization
  7. Marketing Startups
  8. Educational Organizations
  9. Sports Nutrition Companies

1.       HealthCare

2.       Travel Agencies

3.       Law Firms

4.       Dental Offices

5.       Medical Offices

6.       Finance Organization

7.       Marketing Startups

8.       Educational Organizations

Sports Nutrition Companies