IT Network Wireless Consulting Services

IT Network Wireless Consulting Services offer organizations quick, affordable way to integrate the newest wireless technology into their IT networks. We can help companies in different industries, small to medium to enterprise level size with integration of wireless solutions, whether it’s bridging wireless networks or integrating wireless access points. For enterprise companies, it’s hard to keep up with internal wireless networks not to mention newly introduced industry concept BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) the concept that has to roll into company’s IT corporate policies and created a major challenge for IT directors and managers, who have no existing hardware to support such policies in example people bringing in Smart Tablets, IPADs, IPOD in company’s premises. Luckily we have experience to accommodate company’s requirements by providing the following IT Network solutions.

Wireless BYOD Networks

 Wireless BYOD Networks

If you are using wireless networking to expand the reach of your company’s office LAN in central or remote offices to support IPads, IPODs, smartphones, tablets, and other BYOD types of devices within your company’s premises, our IT Network Consultants can help IT Managers, CTOs, and IT directors design a wireless network, as well as recommend appropriate network infrastructure components such as wireless controllers, power injectors, and integrate wireless access points within your environment, and even mount these wireless access points inside designated wireless chassis in the ceiling, pantries, walls etc, additionally we provide building to building wireless bridging solutions which can help companies such as hospitals or small offices within couple of miles from each other to communicate directly with each other without having to rely on expensive metro-e, or T1 circuits!

We we have Cisco professional experts and CCIE experts who can conduct wireless network survey, troubleshoot your existing wireless network, additionally we work with Enterasys Networks and can help integrated BYOD types of devices based on company’s IT Security policies for guest networks, internal networks, guest networks with elevated access you name it. In addition, for more details take a look at our flow chart for Wireless Network Consulting Services.

IM Messaging Networks

IM Messaging Networks

 Companies have struggled for years to roll out compliant IM Messaging solutions which would allow organizations and compliance officers within such organizations to log and archive messages in the event of court request cases. If you are a financial company looking to take control of your IM messaging environment and standardize within your company on Yahoo IM messenger, or Skype, we can help your company not only log and archive employes messages, but block all the other instant messengers. With our IT Network Consulting expertise in IT Messaging Networks we can help your company roll out Virtualized or non virtualized appliance that can log and archive all the Yahoo public IM messenger, and integrate it the logging solution with Active Directory, allowing you to know exactly which company’s employee corresponds to Yahoo ID.

Our specialized IT Network Security Experts in messaging security can help you take control of your organization by ensuring that the device is installed within proper location of your company’s Network. View our service flow chart that shows more details about out IT Messaging Security Services.

  Cisco Nexus Networks

Cisco Nexus NetworksIf you are in the process of upgrading your existing 6500 cisco switches to new Cisco Nexus 7k switches, then most likely you are going through the project plan of trying to pick the right solution and get the right quote for hardware, software, number of GBICs needed, whether or not you will need fabric extenders, how to leverage vPC technology to interconnect multiple switches together, whether or not to use distribution 5k switches in the middle or not to use them.

Why not save the headache and allow our IT Network Consultants specializing in Cisco Nexus Networks upgrade your existing core infrastructure in stages? Help you plan out the right solution, obtain quotes and have your network upgraded?

After all your switches may be at the end of life or possibly even taking errors on the interfaces due to over subscribed backplane.   For how long can you wait why not take advantage of our Cisco Nexus Network consultants to help you come up with the project plan and upgrade your core switches. Our IT network core design consultants can also help your company design network from scratch. View our IT Network Service flow chart that shows more details about our Cisco Nexus Network Consulting Service.


Firewall Networks

         Firewall Networks

If your organization, is in the process of upgrading their firewalls or in the process of rolling out new firewalls, then most likely you are looking for a solution that would suit your long term goals in such a way that the firewall network that you are building does not only provide effective basic firewall services of blocking traffic, but also satisfies other requirements such as providing centralized firewall management, IPS, IDS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, Web-Filtering, advanced PBR features, network virtualization, multi ISP level redundancy, scalability, VPN termination and control. Various Firewall UTM solutions available on the market, but choosing the right one is the key.

Luckily we work with various vendors, such as Checkpoint, Juniper, Cisco to accommodate customer requirements and we can help companies integrate new firewalls into existing networks, or migrate from one firewall to another.   Migrating from one firewall to another requires full deep knowledge of policies, rules, routing info, and ensuring that all of such policies are migrated successfully requires tremendous amount of attention to detail and technical skills. Why not have our Firewall Network Consultants help you? View our IT Network Services flow chart for more details about our Firewall Network Consulting Services.

 Virtual Networks          

Virtual NetworksNetwork Virtualization concept is unique, but can most certainly provide best return on investment when it comes to rolling out or migrating to Virtual Network infrastructure. If you already have existing VM ESX Farm and already have the storage needed to roll out Virtual images why not take advantage of this farm and roll our Virtual Network Infrastructure on ESX farm? We can help companies ensure that their VM farm is either integrated from scratch with the Cisco Networks in such a way that entire network doesn’t go down when you start vmotioning from one ESX server to another, help create Layer 2 and Layer 3 vlans in such a way that VMotion traffic is isolated, and traverses across Metro-E circuit from one data center to another. Plus we can help you roll out SRM solution for redundancy of your VM Farm in cases of business continuity planning or disaster recovery. Additionally we have experience in Xen Networks and can help you roll out virtualized desktop images to allow users to work from terminal servers in remote offices, minimizing your branch office costs. View our flow chart for more details about our Network Virtualization Consultants


Our IT Network Consultants specialize within the following IT Networks.

  • RiverBed Networks
  • Cisco Networks
  • Juniper Networks
  • Checkpoint Networks
  • Fortigate Networks
  • EnteraSys Networks
  • Fortigate Networks
  • Solar Wind Networks
  • Actiance Networks
  • Bluecoat Networks
  • Barracuda Networks
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