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Interested in getting a quote from our network consultants? No worries, just let us know who you are, whether you are a company looking for IT Services, or a student looking for IT training services, we can help. If you are a partner and looking for partnership in providing IT Services, don’t hesitate to contact us either.   


How does the process for getting a quote works?


We have multiple service delivery options depending on customer's use case and pricing needs.

  • For example some of our customers simply require a quick troubleshooting being done on their network .Others require extensive contractual agreement to support customer's environment for entire year and provide managed services for specific set of SLA binded services ranging from creating monitoring infrastructure, supporting monitoring infrastructure, validation as a service security management services, etc.
  • Some of our customers, prefer to leverage our expertise to help them recruit temp IT resources, ranging from the pull of multiple IT consultants who we regularly interview and hire either on temp basis for our very own projects, or from other customer projects.
  • Where some other customers prefer to hire DBA Binary Fusion company's assistance to tackle complex project, where we partner up with another company and leverage the resources of other company's work force to help customer projects get completed faster.  
Each of these above options have different pricing models.

So how do I proceed with getting a quote?

Kindly fill out the form further down below, tell us what is needed, and our company DBA Binary Fusion gets back to you, shows you free presentation of our service for what we can do for you.  Then if interested to proceed further we can create POC or POV for your use case.  If interested in proceeding further we can create POC/POV (proof of value), for which price will dependent on complexity and number of ours taken to produce POC/POV for your specific use case.

Which Service Makes sense for you?

If you want to be matched with our company and it's partners

If you are looking for a quote specifically from our company, specifically from our internal consultants who already working with us doing other projects for other customers and would like the very same consultants to assist you with your project need, then scroll all the way to the bottom and fill out the quote form or call us by the phone number at the top right corner, or messages us through chat window on the bottom right corner and let us know what you are looking for.

If you want to be matched with consultant.

If you are not looking for our company's service specifically, but rather looking to hire a consultant who we match make you with,  for specific technology need based on block of hours, or fixed project, cost then continue reading further below.


For customers who want to be matched with the consultant.

We have two levels of pricing

Note our network consultant quote will be based on customer’s requirements, however more accurate quote can only be provided after fully understanding customer business and IT needs. Our pricing varies based on service level needs, we offer two types of prices, fixed hourly price based on IT service level needed for our non-managed IT services and a solid block of hours per month type of pricing for Managed IT Services.

What is a Fixed Hourly rate for Non Managed IT Services?

This is the hourly rate that one of our independent IT consultants (i.e Network Consultant) who we connect you with, and who can provide IT consulting service for you. This non managed IT services price is for customers who did not enroll into managed monthly services based on a block of dedicated use it or lose it consulting hours. 

This pricing for companies and who simply happen to be one time type of IT service customers looking for ad-hoc on the fly problem fix or consulting advice or IT training and who did not end up purchasing our managed services on monthly basis to help customer's network be supported & maintained & troubleshot on monthly basis at higher discounted price vs non managed IT service hourly rate.

Who Provides Non-Managed IT Services. 

Our independent contractors who we specifically enroll into our educational and IT consulting network are the ones who provide consulting service.  We interview each of the contractors, verify their background, enroll them into our dedicated central search engine, then match make you (the customer) with one of our IT consultants.  (similarly, as we do this with our math and English tutors, no major difference here)

What do such consultants look like?  

Check out one of the consultant profiles here. 

Why do consultants sign up with us and why it makes sense for you to consider working with our IT consultants?

The reason is simple, our IT consultants get to work on a flexible basis, and can negotiate scheduling directly with the client (i.e You), and can provide part-time to consulting services at their own pace.   Which means, it makes sense for them especially if they already have a full-time job.  Consultants who already have full-time jobs are skilled enough at their existing job, which means they are the highest quality type. 

Meaning, IT Consultants who work at a full-time job and also consult on a part-time job, simply happen to be transferring their knowledge to the less fortunate type of companies who simply can't afford to hire full-time network security engineer for their medium business at 300k per year salary in comparison to larger companies. 

This basically means you get the skilled consultant without having to pay full salary and can simply extract the knowledge that your company needs without spending a fortune on as needed basis.  Think about it... employees cost money, insurance, healthcare, benefits etc.   Out IT consultants do not cost any of that on yearly basis, and simply cost just the right number of hours needed to get the job done.

When our IT consultants provide their services?

Which simply means, our IT consultants can either provide services on weekends or evenings (during when change control windows happen anyway and it is least riskiest to perform the change) or at any other free time.  

So does it mean that IT consultants who we match make with must be coordinated by the customer?

The answer is Yes since we simply provide matchmaking service for an independent contractor who is registered on our network as iT consultant or IT trainer.

What if I don't want to have a consultant and want an actual company DBA Binary Fusion do the service for my company and take care of the coordinational efforts?

In such case, you can hire our company's DBA Binary Fusion to direct IT consultant, who work directly for our DBA Binary Fusion company, our direct IT consultants are more expensive vs independent contractor type of consultants who we typically match make companies with.  Our direct Binary Fusion consultants are more skilled and provide a higher quality of service, and there is less headache with a coordinational aspect for the customer.

Which type of IT consultant would you like to get?

DBA Binary Fusion consultant who is directly from us (at a higher rate) or Independent Contractor who is enrolled into our network whom we can match make you with and you would communicate with this IT consultant and IT trainer directly?  The choice is yours.  Note our direct consultants are not available for every service.  In some case, it may make sense hire our direct DBA Binary Fusion consultant and an independent contractor who we match make you with.

How does matchmaking process work between an independent contractor and a company customer such as your self?

You check out our independent contractor profiles. Check out one of the consultant profiles here.   See which ones you like, see what hourly rates they have in the profiles, contact from the bottom right chat icon, or by phone at the top right corner to request details about a particular contractor (IT consultant/trainer).   Each contractor (IT consultant) shows what areas of expertise they are good, in some cases they also show intro video, or any other videos of themselves demonstrating their expertise. 

Each contractor has discount packages available, and you can request multiple blocks of hours to be purchased from our agency for a particular contractor whom you happen to like by simply contacting us by phone or by email using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through chat icon at the bottom corner of each contractor's detailed profile page.

The entire concept of how the profile of each contractor looks like is based on our tutoring business model, powered by our parent company Tutoring Services, LLC. Hence what that means is that not only can you get an IT consultant for your company to help you out with a particular problem of your network/security or other IT related service needs, but you can also in some cases (depending on the contractor) get IT Training/Tutoring online or directly on premises in your company. 

Where in such case consultant would travel to your area and provide training?  Similarly, with consulting, a contractor whom you hire (depending on the contractor local area) can visit you directly in your company and provide hands-on IT consulting services.

Why do our independent contractors like working with us and how is it that they are trusted by DBA Binary Fusion and why should you trust them to operate on your network?

Take a look here, see the flexibility we give to our IT contractors?   See how not only we allow our independent IT contractors to be IT consultants, but also be actual Academic tutors in the local geographical region such as Manhattan NY for example?  

So what does it mean for you? 

It means that our IT independent contractors get more opportunities from our parent company Tutoring Services, LLC in making money not only from providing hands-on IT consulting services powered by DBA Binary Fusion but by also providing tutoring services or training services directly to students in CT, NY and NJ tri-state area.    Hence this creates a concept of binded trust, and where there is trust.  There is the quality of service.

What kind of IT consultants does our company match make companies with?

Some of our IT consultants are actual college students and some actual full time IT engineers at full-time jobs, with part-time availability to provide work on weekend or evening basis or on vacation for other companies (such as perhaps your company, who may not be fortunate enough to have full-time network security engineer working for your company for example or other types of IT consultant)

How are our services different from typical recruiting companies and staffing agencies?

Typical recruiting companies typically focus on finding candidates for companies, for 6 month, 1 or 2-year contracts or full time jobs.  Clearly not every company can afford to hire someone on full-time job considering the fact that there are tons of all sorts of service needs in the field of IT networking and security and hiring people on the full-time basis simply may not be economical for many companies. and plain simply ridiculous thing to do, in comparison to hiring someone on as needed basis such as our IT independent contractors to either provide consulting hands-on service or training or both for a particular type of service need.

Plus typical recruiting companies simply do not know what companies actually need, while our company does know what our customers need, because we don't just read about what they need, but we write books about what is needed in today's modern 21st-century information technology world of things.  For example, check our Software Defined Networking book.

Think of our company as an evolved recruitment company with educational and information technology core area expertise, that tapped into the small sector of company service needs, which other recruiting companies simply can't provide. 

Here are the main differences between recruiting companies and our company

  • Other recruiting companies and IT consulting companies, unfortunately, did not bother creating a central search engine that allows them to list their IT consultants in a way that can properly present IT consultants in a way that actually makes sense to the customer, but we did, once again take a look at one of our IT consultant profiles Check out one of the consultant profiles here.  (instead recruiting companies chose to rely on resumes which are entirely useless in compared to actually seeing everything in a profile)

 Other IT consulting companies mostly don't create solutions for themselves.

  • Other recruiting companies did not bother thinking about creating an entire network of educational websites to show profiles automatically in CT, NY and NJ area and online.  While we did check out many of our CT, NY and NJ local websites that target audience across all geographical areas while simultaneously providing benefit for our IT consultants to actually work with us as independent contractors across multiple streams of revenue in the service field of IT consulting, tutoring and training (which means higher quality service for you since the concept of trust is directly referable),.  Example 1 Example Example3.  
  • Other recruiting companies instead chose to focus on what is easier to do, which is to simply find consultants for a long period of time-based on 6 months, 1 year or 2-year contract (vs attempting to find candidates just for a few hours to have your IT problem fixed) and match make you with such candidates.
  • Plus many IT recruiting companies do not actually understand anything about your particular IT business technology needs and prefer to do as minimum work as possible (while our company, on the other hand, reviews your need before matchmaking our IT consultants with your company).  Want to see how deep we dive into understanding companies who hire our direct Binary Fusion consultants?  Take a look here.

Other companies don't develop capabilities to get better consulting candidates, while we do.

  • Other IT recruiting companies don't even bother developing any capabilities that can help them provide better candidates to financial organizations or other types of industrial companies for example, while we created an entire training program for it (at least tailored for financial organizations), where we would train college students, then send them to get jobs, in the fields of software testing, quality assurance, IT Networking and Security for companies such as perhaps your company.  Where we literally infuse information into student's brains based on latest trends.  Take a look here.  


  • Want to see how out 3 months Fusion Track training program works and how we literally infuse information into student's brains and how our very own students who finish our Fusion Track 3-month training program also happen to be our very own Binary Fusion consultants and who may very well also happen to be the very same IT consultant whom your company would get matched with?   If you answered Yes Take a look here. 


  • Now go back to any recruiting company that you know and ask your self a question do they provide any of such level of matchmaking?  The answer is probably not. 
  • In comparison to other IT recruiting companies, we actually have the marketing content and the educational core expertise and capabilities to selectively deliver our services depending on demand.  However, that doesn't mean that we can help everyone with everything.  That is not what we are trying to say here either. (at the end of the day it all depends on what service you need and from whom us direct or one of our independent contractors
  • Instead what we are trying to say here is, trust is developed by inter-combination of benefits that one company can provide.  The higher the trust value the higher the quality of the consultant.


  • Plus many of the recruiting companies or IT consulting companies are in stone ages when it comes to digital marketing, while we happen to be also good marketers, hence when we market something it doesn't just create benefit for one of our business models, but it creates benefit for another one of our business models. This concept referred to as Synergy.  
  • We can help your company develop such synergy as well with digital marketing that we are providing as part of our business services, of course, that is only if you are interested in getting more clients for your company. Take a look at an example of our marketing page in the world of education, IT consulting and beyond.

How are we different from other IT consulting companies?

Reason 1. We Are Unique

  • Our IT services are different in comparison to other companies, simply because they are just more innovative. Take a look at our homepage service map. 
  • Other IT companies only focus on the particular small sector of technology and not as horizontal as we are. 
  • Which makes other IT consulting companies our great allies, and partners since they are more verticalized. 

Reason 2. Other IT consulting companies are not good in marketing

  • However, the main problem with many of such companies is that they are not good marketers, and neither or they good in educational aspect, and therefore simply in many cases cannot offer many advantages to contractors whom they hire, while in our case we have competitive advantage over other companies by being able to provide more value to independent contractors by looking out after their needs not only from the standpoint of IT consulting services but from the standpoint of educational services as well, and teach as either IT trainer or simply be a local tutor teaching math or science.

Reason 3.  IT consulting companies  do not really focus on anything else other than technical services

  • After all, who do you think many engineers are?  Many of them are either math/science gurus or coding experts and have multiple hats on.  We simply give them a method to not limit themselves in just IT, but give them a method to expand their service offering and in exchange simply charge small agency recurring fee from every hour. 
  • This keeps consultants still be their own boss, and still be capable of negotiating their own terms and schedule with the companies that we matchmake them with, while at the same time being to tutor locally or online academically in CT NY NJ or online. 

In Summary,

Hence in simple words, other IT consulting companies do not provide such vast horizontal level of service offerings, that vertically benefits local/online IT network consultant across a variety of IT technologies and services on local and online levels.  Hence anyone working for such companies simply has fewer incentives to obtain. 

Plus due to the fact that there are so many technologies evolving at a rapid pace, many IT companies simply do not know what to focus on. While we focus on the latest trends as mentioned in our google plus collection here.

Plus we actually funnel college students directly to us who are attending schools and universities, by pooling them through exams or certifications that they prepare for in schools for the purposes of attracting them in becoming out IT consultants so this way we can recruit them and offer even better quality service to our customers (as one of the many synergy reasons). 

Take a look at some of our exams that we help students with.  and major technologies take a look here Last time we checked, there are simply no IT consulting companies who bother helping students prepare for exams, simply because they are focused mostly on helping themselves or perhaps never thought of a simple idea for how to get actual potential students to work for them as the trained IT consultants.


Ok now that you understand better who we are and what we are fee free to continue reading to see more about the hourly rate.


Our Hourly Rate 

Since every company’s needs are different, so are the IT solutions needed to accommodate company’s need, some solutions are harder to implement than others which is why IT Network Consultant hourly rate may vary depending on the technologies needed to roll out and it's complexity.   Our fixed cost price depends on the number of approximate hours needed to complete the project and is analyzed on a case by case basis. 

Our Response Time

Our typical response time for compiling IT network consultant quote is within 24 to 48 hours dependent on what type of IT service is a need. In the majority of the cases prior to obtaining Network Consulting quote, we request to have a conference call or a whiteboard meeting, where we can wrinkle out all the issues and recommend proper IT solution. Our IT solution pricing is very attractive, for small, midsize and enterprise level companies.

So what are you waiting for click Get A Quote button then fill out the form and our IT Network Consultant will contact you back with the quote for our services.  

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