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NetworkConsultant.NET helps companies achieve their optimum return on investment by helping companies merge into virtualized environment from their existing physical environment. Companies need control of their infrastructure and easier way of managing IT Network infrastructure. Our network consultants in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop can help companies take control of their environment and reduce the total cost of ownership by helping companies eradicate their physical servers and convert them into virtualized environment.

“Citrix XenApp Network Consultants helped us take control of our IT environment and provided secure remote access solution for our existing XenApp farm which still works today – Director of IT, Jim Lanzy”

Every company has physical servers, routers switches, load balancers and other critical network infrastructure consuming precious data center space and power. Our network Citrix XenApp consultants in NY, CT and NJ (metropolitan tri-state area) can help companies reduce the cost of power and associated support cost on hardware while providing companies with remote access capability and access control. Now days routers, firewalls and servers as well as network security devices can all be virtualized, in such a way that critical data resources are isolated for each particular set of virtual infrastructure, providing capability to granularly control certain functions of the network, thereby allowing companies to take control of their business needs by being able to maneuver with certain virtual appliance in the direction of company’s needs.

Being able to roll out virtualized infrastructure in your companies premises is our primary expertise, however many of our customers ask us to provide solutions for secure remote desktop or application access restricted to specific functional level and only allowed to certain Microsoft Active Directory users. We thought hard about such solution and finally after working with Citrix for quite some time we came up with the solution that would be suitable for all medium size and smaller size or enterprise level size companies. The solution is XenApp and XenDesktop. Imagine instead of having Physical PC, instead have a light weight terminal server that can RDP into central XenDesktop farm and provide you with all the applications that you would have on a typical PC, or imagine using regular web-browser and being able to open up application that you need internally or from remote location. For some users using XenApp or XenDesktop may seem rather strange or not comfortable at first, but consider the fact that traditional PC applications vary in version, and reside on different operating systems and platforms, resulting in tremendous troubleshooting time for help desk resources investigating PC application related issues, not to mention vulnerability related issues and having to worry about having heavy PC under every user desk.

Branch offices also suffer tremendously from using internal PCs having to rely on dedicated infrastructure in a small branch office eating up capital and not providing high return on investment. Imagine being able centralize your remote offices by leveraging XenApp and XenDesktop farm at your Prod and DR site across accelerated dedicated backbone fully optimized to provide faster network connectivity and user experience when browsing through the VDI sessions. Imagine being able to say good bye to web security appliances in remote branches which mandate that all your traffic has to be logged and archived at local site. Imagine being able to restrict users to specific applications or in some cases even restrict application specific functions for example remote a specific function of an application to prevent users from doing something that they should be doing, while providing users seamless user experience regardless of the location they are at or what platform they are using. All of that requires full understanding of AppSense, AppV, XenApp, XenDesktop technologies, but the first step towards your journey in getting at least to the equivalent way of doing things virtually as it is done in physical world, such as leveraging central prod and DR sites to connect to central VM farm is to have some sort of solution that can provide virtualization, in our case we happen to offer such solution in a form of XenApp.

Now when rolling out XenFarm there is a right way to do it and the wrong way to do it, if you happen to do it the wrong way you may discover yourself of rebuilding the farm from scratch down the road. When rolling out XenApp farom we can ensure that it works not only from the perspective of normal operational use allowing users to open up applications from the farm using WEB UI interface restricted to specific Microsoft Group Policy Level, but also from the perspective of business continuity and disaster recovery. As part of our Infrastructure XenApp roll out we ensure that your farm is built from start to finish and fully tested, as part of a separate service we offer companies XenApp Login Optimization consulting services, where we sit down with your internal office resources and propose the plan for optimizing login times, introducing file and folder redirections with roaming profiles and other means of login optimization solutions which would help users to open up Citrix applications faster and without major delays.

Additionally we prepare Internal resources with tools like EdgeSight that can help internal citrix admins monitor entire connectivity flow from start to finish of a specific user and being able to troubleshoot such issues effectively, know where the slowness occurred throughout the Login Process, what is most likely reason as to why it occurred and provide recommendations on how to remediate or fix such issues.



Additionally building XenApp farm using best recommended Cisco Network Practices is what we do best, we can ensure that your farm is properly connected across the network, separating traffic into multiple Vlans and passing them through the layer 2/3 backbone. Then after you get situated with XenApp farm we can help you integrate remote access solutions which would allow access to your XenApp farm from external locations and would be well suited for external users, who can be restricted on Microsoft Group Policy permission basis and authenticated through secure RSA tokens. Then as part of another service we can integrate AppSense and AppV functionality to provide specific application level control to provide you with even further granular functionality of what users can and cannot do.

We are different from other IT Network Consulting Companies, simply because our core services that we specialize in is Networking, it’s difficult to land consulting company that can provide both virtualization and networking all in one package if not next to impossible . We don’t just build you a farm and walk away we build you a farm and make it work, All of our consulting services for implementation of XenApp farm are divided into multiple packages..

  1. Citrix XenApp Farm Build
  2. Citrix Microsoft Group Policy Association
  3. Citrix Business Continuity Assessment
  4. Citrix Login Profile Optimization
  5. Citrix Remote Access Implementation
  6. Citrix Business Continuity Network Implementation
  7. Citrix NetScalar Acceleration and Optimization
  8. Citrix Application control Integration with AppSense
  9. Citrix Application control Integration with AppV

Each of the packages has different pricing since it requires different set of expertise for each project. We helped companies roll out XenApp 6.0 and XenApp 6.5 in the past. Please feel free to contact us from the phone number at top right corner to get the quote.

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Network Citrix XenApp Consultant in NY
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