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Are you an IT Manager searching for IT Network Consulting company that can help you resolve connectivity issue with business to business partners, or simply help with getting circuits turned up in a branch or central office? Why not let us help we provide IT Network Consulting services for Enterprise Businesses in the Metropolitan area of NYC, Manhattan, New York, CT and New Jersey covering major cities and boroughs of Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Bronx, New Rochelle, White Plains, Fairfield and Westchester counties as well the Connecticut upper area of New Haven and Hartford.

Our unique expertise is in providing scalable IT Network Solutions and services for Enterprise businesses which would help companies secure and take control of their infrastructure. As an IT manager you may be posed with a complex task of ensuring that not only you provide scalable and working solution, but also ensure that solution rolled out is fully compatible with your existing infrastructure consisting of vendors such as Cisco, Enterasys, CheckPoint, Juniper, SolarWinds, Symantec, Microsoft, Actiance, Fortigate etc. It’s not easy to simply to roll out a solution and not break something else, especially when multiple vendor solutions are in place. We realize such challenges and closely work with multiple vendors to realize the company’s requirements, whatever that requirement may be.

We work with organizations to ensure that the solutions that we roll out for them are providing adequate level of compliance, and help enterprise businesses write policies and security policies and procedures that would work with the solutions that we roll out. We provide enterprise companies information security policy development services.

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We all know that it’s practically impossible to come up with the information security policy without having the right solution, the policy mandates may come from compliance officers requesting IT departments to provide logged and archived data of all client Yahoo IM communications for example, while blocking all the other IMs ensuring proper messaging security solutions in place. Whatever the case maybe without fully understanding messaging solutions, firewall solutions that exist out there it’s impossible to satisfy adherence with the proposed information security policy, whether it’s Remote Access Policy, Wireless Access Policy, Web Security Policy etc.. Why not use our IT Network consulting company to provide you with the solution your company needs compatible within your environment? Don’t hesitate to call us to get a quote from the top right number above the right corner of this page.

As IT Managers and directors are tasked with rather strange requirements proposed by their CIOs, what seems strange is in fact Business. We understand such challenges presented by Enterprise Businesses and we understand how to provide IT solutions around such challenges. Regardless of what your Enterprise Business specializes in Medical, Health Care, Law Firm, Manufacturing, Education or Financial field; we can help companies to overcome such challenges. The projects that we have worked with in the past include Unified Communications Integration of Voice and Video solutions which involved dedicated cluster CUCM in central sites spread across multiple ether-channeled gig lines working in conjunction with remote local and global offices and providing companies with advanced functionalities such as Music On Hold, Visual Voice Mail, working with Presence IM client, Cisco Jabber for Windows or Cisco Jabber for Video across IPAD internally and externally, utilizing TMS and Telepresence Solution for your video conferencing room consisting of Polycom and Tandberg endpoints, as well asleveraging backup voice functionality through SRST deployment of routers in local branch offices and utilization of advanced QOS admission control policies ensuring that customer’s environment is fully stable, scalable and not saturated with dropped calls, choppy video quality or bandwidth related issues for sensitive level communications.

Our consulting rates for such services are not cheap, but we get the job done, the reason why are rates are high is because Unified Communication Solutions are not easy to integrate, especially when it comes to complex network environments, traversing multi-vendor level firewalls with different types of switches in between. But what we do is we make this process easy and to make this process easy we use divide and conquer approach of rolling out solutions. For example to provide unified communication solution for voice and video which would allow companies to use their existing video conferencing end-points in let’s say dedicated conference rooms with users from the outside of the company using IPAD and internal users within the company and across the company to global offices, requires division of the project into multiple sections.

  • Such as QOS policy roll out on Customer Premises for endpoints.
  • QOS policy roll out for user PCs inside company’s premises.
  • QOS policy roll out for Telepresence infrastructure consisting of MCUs and VCS.
  • Configuration of Firewall rules across CheckPoint or Cisco Firewalls or Juniper.
  • Configuration of VCS express in DMZ to allow external connections to get traversed.
  • Configuration of MCU Bridges to compile multiple streams of data into single stream.
  • Bandwidth Admission Control Limitation policies across VCS
  • Isolations of backbone for VCS express to ensure separate connectivity
  • QOS Policy roll out on the backbone between corporate offices.
  • Involvement of multiple ISPs across backbones, external in each office etc.
  • Configuration of Telepresence infrastructure TMS
  • Training of company’s personnel

The list goes and goes on, leveraging our IT Network Consultants who specialize in Unified Network Communication for Voice and Video and making them work with IT Security Experts specializing in firewall security, and Cisco Routing and Switching Experts specializing in traffic maneuvering, virtualization and isolations as well as VOICE Experts specializing in nothing but QOS, all working with each other in a team lead by certified Project Managers summarizing entire process within GENT chart leveraging Microsoft Project, makes this solution organized and manageable. To see sample of a GENT chart project that we have already prepared in the past click here to view our IT Project Management Services for Telepresence example.

Similarly like with Unified Voice and Video Communications we can help companies integrate Instant Messaging Security solutions. We all know that it’s difficult for enterprise to monitor instant messaging conversations of other employees, especially if compliance offices requires you to do so. In such cases we can help companies integrate Messaging and Archiving solution which would help companies log and archive instant messages such as Yahoo IMs or Skype etc and refer to transcripts between specific dates, then send them out in PDF format to Compliance offices for example. Why not let us help and integrate such IT Network solution for your enterprise business contact us to get a quote.

Our services are not only limited to information security policy development or unified voice and video communications, additionally we provide Cisco Unified Wireless communications allowing companies take control of their wired and wireless guest network. We can either roll it out as a Cisco Wireless Solution or Enterasys Wireless and wired solution, or combination of both Enterasys solution for your distribution layer of your switches to ensure that you can see the flow of every device through your network in combination of Cisco Wireless Access points. What we can do is ensure that when your device gets on the network it becomes accessible if and only if it’s a company’s owned device, otherwise place it in guest network capable. Our flexibility of making this work using in either combination is what makes us unique from other network security companies.

Additionally we can help companies create virtualized environment consisting of Citrix Xen, ESX working well within your company’s environment not crashing your entire network when one device vmotions from one location to another. We do that through the level of Vlan Isolations and network virtualization. Helping companies cut down costs and provide the best ROI. After all we all know that physical equipment is much more expensive than simply having it virtual. So why not help us to help you and make it virtual? Contact for a quote today.

If you are an enterprise business searching for network consulting company in the state of NY, CT and NJ there is simply no better company than NetworkConsultant.NET. Why not contact us and help you decide what you need, where we can provide quotes and discuss solutions helping you secure, analyze and design your network and help you take control of your Network at NetworkConsultant.NET contact us today from top right corner to discuss network solution.

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