FortiGate Firewall Integration for CT NY and NJ companies

Need help integrating FortiGate Firewalls in your environment?



Regardless if you are in the process of migrating from your existing firewalls such as Cisco ASA or Checkpoint firewalls.  If you are located in CT NY and NJ our company DBA Binary Fusion can help you with migration from older firewalls to newer firewalls, helping you migrate from one vendor to another. 

Locations we can offer FortiGate Firewall Integration Services for

Even if you are not located in the tri-state area of CT NY and NJ, and happen to have PROD site in the east coast and DR site in West Coast and have spoke customer sites spread out globally or nationally and interested in connecting spoke sites with your PROD and DR central sites using FortiGate firewalls.


Why migrate your environment to FortiNET vendor?

Based on our analysis FortiGate firewalls offer a huge level of granularity and provide flexible solutions for multiple types of companies, whether it’s small business, medium or large size company.  Our company DBA Binary Fusion can help you integrate your FortiNET infrastructure into your environment. 


What type of companies do we help integrate with FortiGate Infrastructure?

Real Estate, Law Firms, Insurance companies, Medical, Financial, Educational, Accounting companies

What type of firewalls can we help you migrate away from to FortiGates firewalls?

All sorts of environments, ranging from customers with VPN site to site tunnels from existing Cisco ASA or Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Juniper, Sonic Wall firewalls.


Why migrate to FortiGate firewalls?

The reason is simple these firewalls provide hardware-based accelerations in ASICs and much faster throughput speed, it includes FortiGate models for variety size of offices, it integrates wireless LAN controller capabilities and even wireless access point capabilities in certain firewall models. 

It allows NGSE protection for URL filtering application control anti-virus, helping you solidify and protect your perimeter environment.  It offers great value and affordable level of pricing.

Another good reason why you may want to migrate your company onto FortiGate firewalls is simply because you literally can get rid of your MPLS and simply use FortiGATE firewalls for VPN traffic from other remote offices being terminated at your central site.  

VPN vs MPLS who wins and why migrating to Forti can save you money

Performance is relatively stable with VPNs now days in the modern days of 21st century, and frankly speaking MPLS and any other connectivity tricks that have been thrown at you by big TELCOM provider companies are pretty much gradually getting extinct.   

Using FortiGATE firewalls for your route-based VPNs can help you aggregate all of the spoke sites, and do a decent level of load balancing or load sharing across external interfaces.  

Cool part about FortiGATEs is that they have single IP which is basically like HSRP IP address or better comparison would be sort of like CISCO ASA in active standby mode.  

Meaning FortiGATES are easier to manage, easier to work with, follow concept of security zoning, making it possible for you to control how exactly traffic is allowed from what zone to which zone etc.. etc. etc.   

Simply having 2 ISPs connect to one firewall and 2 ISPs at another firewall with sync cable in between is all you need to get reliable connectivity between your central office and the rest of the spoke sites.   You can either have all VPN tunnel go across 1 isp link or in load sharing mode.

In regards to VPN failover, realistic time is about 5 to 15 seconds fail-over in case if ISP fails.  However, we recommend to always using single ISP in active/passive mode, for better predictability and ease of troubleshooting

In regards to detection of jittery or anything voice related health checks... that is the only thing that FortiGate is lacking in... at least for now.... However... in case if you want some extra quality of service placing solid SD-WAN devices at the front of the FortiGATES can most certainly resolve this issue and pretty much make route-based VPNs not even needed, this way FortiGATEs can handle only the firewall traffic... something that is done best.

SD-WAN at the front of the FortiGATES

However, realistically speaking going for SD-WAN to satisfy some jittery requirements is a bit overkill, simply because we find FortiGATEs well enough of the solution.  

Of course, it depends on ISP reliability, however... who is to say that MPLS are more reliable where the lines most certainly traverse through the same POPs as ISP lines and in some cases even less reliable than ISP... depending on the area.  

Hence starting off with FortiGATEs seeing how well it handles your MPLS replacement needs and diving into dual SD-WAN appliance from 2 different vendors at the front of the FortiGATEs if the voice is your major concern is the way to go. 

To make the story short, if you have tons and tons of connectivity across your sites, and looking to get rid of all these expensive MPLS solutions and make your life easier, then simply go with FortiGATE VPNs.  

When doing migration to FortiGATE it's important to have the right IT consulting company under your footsteps

Now, of course, doing so on your own and migrating from MPLS and switching over from old firewalls whatever your firewalls are to FortiGATES without really having someone knowledgeable about doing so... is probably not a good idea. Hiring consultant is the key to making MPLS to VPN migration success.

For example, let's say you have Checkpoint devices... and you decided to proceed with FortiGATES... Here is just extra things to think about migration.

Checkpoint rules migration concept, Checkpoint has object-oriented rules, the concept of zoning is missing in Checkpoint vs FortiGATES, it has a concept of Zoning implied based on how you organize your rules by leveraging objects and in rules there is no concept of what is the source interface you are coming from.  Checkpoint doesn't care about zones... instead it uses concepts of anti-spoofing... to see which interface packet has arrived.  

Thinking about anti-spoofing rules, thinking about routing, thinking about what traffic needs to be allowed, when, and how and where... is very difficult to do without actually knowing ins and outs of entire design.  

It's equivalent to like a plumber trying to identify every single pipe inside your house and attempting to shift the water flow and gas flow across these pipes in different directions that is most suitable to your home's comfort.    

This is basically what it takes to decipher what you have in your existing rules environment in your small or medium or enterprise level business and be able to infuse that in the world of FortiGATE rules.   Even with the smartest guys on board in your company, it can take the time to do.  

Which is why we recommend us Binary Fusion to help you, analyze your existing environment create a roadmap and plan and just knock it all out and migrate your rules to FortiGATES, migrate you out of MPLS, analyze what applications you are running, run NetFlow analysis, add everything to monitoring that matters and ensure that what we are doing satisfies IT security assurance requirements so this way you don't end up with incorrect design or holes in your network that can make your organization look like a playground for hackers.


What features FortiNET vendor offers?

With FortiAnalyzer it allows you to review URL logs for compliance purposes and FortiManager allows capabilities for managing firewalls centrally.  FortiGate firewalls in DBA Binary Fusion opinion is a well-built hybrid between CheckPoint and CiscoASA and Juniper firewalls, providing capabilities to create virtual firewalls, and even has FortAgents to integrate with AD.

Many of these features we can integrate within your environment ranging from Wireless capabilities across different antenna ranges for maximum user capacity.  We can help you conduct wireless site survey to analyze your environment and integrate FortiAPs into your multi-floor or single floor buildings.


How can we help you migrate rules from one vendor to FortiGate?

We can help you secure analyze and design your FortiGate infrastructure environment and migrate rules from Cisco Firewalls to FortiGate or from Checkpoint or other vendor firewalls. 


Hands on Fortigate Installation and configuration services in NYC and Tri-state Area of CT NY and NJ

Regardless if you are an international company located in Europe, UK, Canada or any other country, and trying to turn up a new office in NYC or other tri-state area and needing to get the FortiGate Firewalls going and interconnected, configured and installed, we got you covered. 

We can help companies do the following.

  • Install FortiGate or FortiSwitch or FortiAP or intercombination of both in your office, configure it and make sure that it's properly connected. 
  • If you already have a basic script that you want us to load up onto the firewall we can do that so this way it matches your corporate standards and naming conventions.
  • We can turn up VPN tunnels from your office to other locations giving you secure level of connection between sites.
  • We can pre-configure your firewall to interconnect to RADIUS or simply do basic config just good enough for you to be able to manage firewalls on your own.
  • We can involve our partners to get pricing for the firewalls and give you a competitive quote.
  • Firewalls can be shipped to our staging facility about 45 mins away from NYC Manhattan area, strategically located within the close proximity of 3 states CT, NY and NJ, where we can pre-configure your FortiGate firewalls and create VPN tunnels directly to your central location whether it's in Paris, Moscow, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, UK, Poland, Germany, Spain or whatever your country is as well as to any other locations that you many in the USA.
  • We can install the firewall and interconnect to your FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer if you happen to have one if not, we just interconnect it to your PROD and DR site firewalls or your other offices from our staging facility.
  • After we verify everything is working in a staging environment, we can carry over these firewalls to PROD environment. 
  • If your office doesn't have a rack we can bring one in there to install firewalls in as well as nuts and bolts and everything that is needed to make sure firewall is nicely mounted or we can install in your existing rack.
  • We can run necessary cabling or get the right people to run the cabling if the major extension is needed from your firewall to let's say your desk switch in your office, same goes for access points.

Network Security configuration


FortiGates happen to provide solid network security protection in the form of all sorts of insane mechanism that help your business stay protected.  Their visual interface of the FortiOS is warm and fuzzy, and intuitive. 

Our traditional networking experience carries over perfectly into the new world of information security and network security, helping us more intuitively understand each feature that FortiGate offers

We have been exposed to all sorts of firewalls Juniper, Checkpoint, SonicWall, Cisco ASAs and FortiGate firewalls are like a hybrid of it all.  We enjoy installing FortiGate firewalls for network security protection in many small and medium and large size companies. 

What is so unique about FortiGate?

One thing that is so unique is the fact that the FortiView shows you Risk Security score, the higher the risk score the higher the risk factor of your overall network security!  FortiGate recommends how to handle this risk by turning on specific security features.  

We like that a lot, in comparison to other firewalls where you simply must configure security mechanisms, FortiGate not only provides you a mechanism for greater Cyber Security defense but even educates you about the network security risks and gives you methods to remediate it!  Wow, that is insanely powerful.

The craziest thing that FortiGate does is it inter combines vulnerability scanning with the firewalls, meaning it shows you which client vulnerabilities are found, something that you would typically use other tools for like Retina, but FortiGates have it inter-combined.  Which means from FortiView you can have a holistic view on everything that is going on in your environment. 

Plus in the FortiView you can literally see physical topology and logical topology of your network, the more Forti devices you get the better visibility you get the more intelligent your network gets.  Plus the other really cool feature is the fact that it actually inter-combines NetFlow visualization and how your network behaves between certain time periods for troubleshooting and seeing how your network behaves. 

What FortiGate Firewalls offer is like a huge mix of very useful features, fetched from ideas across multiple vendors!

For example FortiGate shows NetFlow data information visible for you to easily understand who is utilizing what data, it shows flows of data, of course, it's different from SolarWinds, for example, NTA traffic analyzer module, but it basically bridges many of the features from SolarWinds into it's Fortinet solution that can help you quicker identify what on earth is going on with your network!  

Note the fact that it even inter-combines vulnerability scan portion in such a  way that you can actually see what is vulnerable and what is not and educates you in the process of it and shows you high-risk security score, and showing you how to reduce it, make this vendor absolutely incredible. 

Traditional network security is extinct and is being replaced by the new type of network security, FortiGate firewalls is the way to go and recommended by our company DBA Binay Fusion as the right vendor to leverage for your cyber security communication needs! 

What we have seen in FortiGates is a great mix of features ranging from vulnerability assessment to educating actual senior security analysts how to remediate critical risk issues, by relying on custom risk security score, and what we saw is a really intuitive interface that allows you to quickly, configure your devices.

There is a big gotcha though in FortiGate World

You must know what a heck is going on when you are configuring it!  You can not just randomly dive into it without understanding license model, without understanding how multiple Forti elements interact with one another and most certainly you can not just start using it without properly understanding how to use it!  Just like with anything else... except in the world of FortiGates this learning path of trying to understand it is much shorter. 

If you are a novice user who is trying to understand FortiGates and was not exposed to the traditional world of networking, you will face pain, you will see many words that are not familiar to you, from protocol standpoint and all sorts of other features.   However, if you happen to be coming from traditional networking environment, you will have an easier time in understanding concepts. 


How are FortiGate firewalls different from Checkpoint firewalls?


Well, Checkpoint is a complex machinery, with an incredible amount of network security power packed behind it's operating GAIA system and well, it's different from FortiGATES.  How different? Well although it has some similarities, conceptually it's different. 

What similarities are there between Bluecoat, Checkpoint, Cisco ASA, Juniper Firewalls and FortiGates?

Well, the policy interface of being able to drag and drop rules is similar.   You can still create objects in FortiGATES just like in Checkpoint.  FortiGates can be managed centrally by FortiManager in Checkpoint world it can be managed by SmartDomainManager.  What we found is a central part of management is better for Checkpoint then in FortiGate,  However, Fortigate concept is slightly different it uses concepts of zones.


If you are familiar with Juniper firewalls you will have a better understanding about zones.  Think of FortiGates as a great mix between Checkpoint, Juniper, and Cisco and SolarWinds Orion, packed with features that are very intuitive and seem to be less complex than in the world of Checkpoint or other devices.   In comparison to other vendors, we like FortiGate the best.  No offense Cisco, and no offense Checkpoint. 

FortiGates have concepts of VDOM similar like VRFs in the world of Cisco, you can create virtual firewalls and even configure zones and throw them in separate VDOMs.  This concept is similar to multiple contexts on the Cisco ASA,  What we liked about FortiGates the most is its flexibility to enhance security using multiple security features ranging from IPS, Application Control, Web Filtering and even providing explicit proxy capabilities in addition to transparent proxying sort of like in the world of Bluecoat.  

Plus the way it presents and identifies security information using Forti Cloud to help you reduce risk is also helpful and factors into the equation especially as more and more companies beginning to migrate to FortiGATEs.

How are FortiGate firewalls different from Software Defined Networking concept


Technically FortiGATES are the form of SDN, not the type of SDN that you are thinking about such as OpenFlow or anything like that but it's own form of SDN, there are multiple forms of Software Defined Networks that make up company's network environment.  

The arrival of SDN will slowly end up causing many traditional network consulting jobs going away, however actual IT consultants who can network multiple concepts together to provide better security will stay.  (you can learn more about our SDN findings here) Tutoring Services, LLC DBA Binary Fusion made a research that discovered what the market trend is and how it all interconnects to cloud, IoT and SDN, based on our finding Cyber Security industry will explode in the nearest future with extremely rapid speed in all sorts of innovative technologies coming into play. 

FortiNET is one of these innovative technologies, that is in the intermix of SDN technologies that can help companies small, and medium and large size businesses minimize complexity and provide better cybersecurity defense mechanisms. 

Based on our research there is no better cure for secure network then education, and Fortinet vendor slowly bridging the gap in both sections of not only giving you device to administer but giving you device to administer to get the view of holistic global and inner network from multiple angles and even educates you for how to reduce risk factors.   Our company Tutoring Service, LLC and consulting division sector DBA Binary Fusion proposes the following long term Cyber Security solution that can help America fight war on Cyber Crime, find out more what that solution is here.

Based on our analysis of what Fortinet can do we give this company high ranking in being the "#1 most innovative Network Security company"  declared by us DBA Binary Fusion consulting division and educational company Tutoring Services, LLC.


Learn more about how Tutoring Services, LLC DBA Binary Fusion fights Cyber Crime by using power of Education.



Software Defined WAN Networking Integration with FortiGate

Often many customers want to migrate their old school internet router connections to SD-WAN appliances while still being able to provide a high level of network security for your perimeter based environment?  

We help companies accomplish that task, and can analyze your particular environment, ensure that FortiGate firewalls still present for your north and east traffic, help you interconnect your local networks properly inside DMZ, WAN DMZ, external Internet, providing the highest level of perimeter-based security, while handling SD-WAN appliances for additional resiliency. 

If you need to migrate your DHCP, DNS, or configure multi-factor authentication or configure logging and URL filtering or make sure that you have adequate remote access VPN solution, we can help you tackle your needs.  

Contact us for your first FREE initial consultation and request a quote!  We will work with you to secure analyze and design your network!  


Top Notch FortiGate Training and Consulting

Looking to get more than consulting?  Looking to get trained in addition to being consulted on implementation and design of your FortiGate firewalls?   We got you covered.  Our company DBA Binay Fusion is under the umbrella of a parent company Tutoring Services, LLC specializing in providing online tutoring services directly for network administrators, cyber security professionals, students attending colleges and universities or existing company  IT administrators, network engineers, IT directors, IT Managers and IT generalists.

You see with the introduction of SDN, automation, coding, and cloud many of traditional roles in information technology simply faded away.  Our company managed to survive this transitional revolution, all thanks to our innovative marketing tactics that we happen to specialize in and all thanks to our educational approach to providing more than just consulting or alternative to consulting training. 


Online Training for companies who want to learn more about FortiGates

We provide online training for System Administrators and IT Generalists, you see many small, medium and large size businesses are closing their doors to workers who are simply IT experts, simply because many companies are not structured to be IT, experts, only.  Therefore what many companies do is hire their existing workers who perform other business critical roles and make these type of employees wear multiple hats. 

For example in some companies someone who happens to be an account also may very well be in information security sector, you can read why that is here in this article that is dedicated specifically for accounting industry folks out there who have one foot in IT and another foot in accounting and happening to be wearing multiple hats and running small or medium businesses.

Such level of inter-combination of skills where employees must wear multiple hats created a shortage in actually more narrow oriented IT Security professionals who have their mind mostly set on the technical concepts rather than wearing multiple hats.

So think of our company Tutoring Services, LLC as the division who provides training services for these type of employees and individuals who managed to horizontalize themselves way out of IT Security rules into the realm of hybrid type of employees, who simply need to infuse their brain with Cyber Security Training without companies having to hire full-time IT security engineer.  Believe it or not, there are many companies like that.

Remember the good old days when you attempt to go to business school and people ask you, you are going into business?  Then you say yes... and they say business in what?   This is no different, in this new world past traditional networking, you can not just say you are in IT, simply because many businesses will need IT, professionals, less and less....   This creates what so called shortage of actual IT professionals who happen to know how to provide training in IT to fulfill the demand of many other IT Generalists and less specializes in information security type of employees. 


So how does that differentiate our company DBA Binary Fusion and Tutoring Services, LLC from others?

We managed to position ourselves ahead of others, by networking multiple types of service delivery mechanisms from the start of the business and gradually transitioned ourselves past traditional networking era and now offering companies who are in need of consulting in information security sector, ways to get that level of consulting while also being able to get that training that so many companies need. 

However, what truly differentiates us from others is being able to deliver IT consulting service and then reinforce it with training in Cyber Security sector or Project Management sector. 

This type of methodology where we inter combine consulting + tutoring creates a high level of effectiveness from the perspective of your company being least likely from getting hacked, minimizing long-term costs and not only that but also not having to hire dedicated IT information security professionals by simply being able to reuse your existing IT Generalist staff. 


Our company can help you train your staff in Cyber Security and FortiGates Administration

So whether you have lawyers or accountants in your office or project managers or any other professionals we can help you convert them into information security professionals and get them to the level of being able to administer Cyber Security defense systems, whatever these systems are, whether it's FortiGate firewalls or SDN infrastructure of any other kind, whether it's Checkpoint firewalls or some type of Layer 2 hypervisor security mechanisms, whether it's managing DLP, IPS, Web Filtering blades or Social Media blocking or inter combining your project management skill sets with information security skill sets all in 1 brain to achieve high level of cyber security protection for your company without having to cough up expensive amount of money for dedicated Cyber Security Engineers.

Note many companies still must have Cyber Security Enginers, and there is no brainer for their existence, but who we are tailoring our tutoring service to is to companies who happen to missing that extra level of cyber security effectiveness in their organization and want to go beyond simple layers of consulting, and want to reinforce consulting that they are getting with the training in Cyber Security or separately.


Clarification for the type of IT consulting service we provide

Many companies get confused when contacting us in regards to consulting, thinking that we will do everything for them, in our case... we provide consulting... and different type of consulting service... consulting service where provide 100% of assurance in what we are going to deliver, identified in the service level agreement prior to any engagement with the customer or less than 100% of assurance based on the workflow of how the customer wants it done. 

In either case, our level of assurance in the service can be improved regardless which option customers chose, by purchasing dedicated blocks of hours. So if let's say you hired DBA Binary Fusion and we didn't deliver 100% of what customer was hoping to deliver then be prepared to buy another block of hours for us to be able to provide any other consulting service to increase that level of assurance.

Our IT consulting services that we provide are no different then the services lawyer provides if lawyer starts defending someone and helps the customer, does customer have to pay if lawyers lose the case? 

The answer is YES. that is the main reason why lawyers go to law school, that they can make money  even if the case is lost and not have to worry too much about service delivery in case if they fail to deliver with 100% and if they do deliver with 100% they make their clients follow their advice and work hard for the money that customer pays them. 

This is no different our service model is unique, and our consulting model is unique. Anyone who offers 100% assurance in their service without having a clearly defined service level agreement is either a crook or a liar.  No honest consulting business will ever provide 100% guarantee or assurance without having formalized Service Level Agreement. 


FortiGate Consulting Service delivery model explained

Many companies prefer to get 100% assurance without wanting to provide the right level of payment, our company quickly identifies such type of customer during an initial conversation between DBA Binary Fusion and the customer. Some companies ask us for a quote just so they can compare it with others and chose cheapest one. 

This trick doesn't fly with us... We don't provide the customer with any quote until we come up with service level agreement.  If the customer doesn't want to deal with Service Level Agreement and just want a quick fix or quick deployment, we can do it (contract still must be signed), but it will not be 100% guarantee and most certainly will not be done with 100% assurance.  

We can still provide a high level of assurance in case if we do not finish our work within confined period of time that was originally estimated, but we will not provide a high level of assurance that it will be done within the amount of estimated time. 

We can help you make sure it gets done if it doesn't get done by having you buy an additional block of consulting hours in case if we do not make your firewalls work within the confined time period, however, this would be additional expense by your company for an additional block of hours.


Many companies that ask us for help focus on the underlying service delivery focusing on the technical aspect, and how much time it would take, rather than focusing on the complete picture of how much really time it would take to get the consulting service done.

We show such companies the truth and reality of how much it would really take to be done professionally,  Some companies agree our approach and some don't.  Our approach is simple


Our service delivery values

We secure, analyze and design your network, the only way we can do that is by following our values of professional service delivery.

When installing FortiGate firewalls or engage in any other project we follow the following formula.

1. Plan + Prestage + Execute + Post Support    = 100% assurance in service

As part of this formula there are many other phases, of testing, pre-testing, post-testing, delivering equipment on site, getting quotes, coordinating what customer needs and making sure that proper level of service agreement is setup, as well as making sure that we do not deal with customers that do no have vendor support  (no offense but we cover multiple technologies, not just FortiGates so we can't be experts in everything, so dealing with customer that has or willing to get vendor support as part of the quoted contract is a must, without it we do not touch the project). 


What was described is 100% assurance that the service will get done right, this level of assurance didn't just come from where it came from years of understanding how service delivery process works, and how project management works and how everything combined in the world of information technology works.   In fact, if you want to go and learn how project management works go here and watch how we teach thousands of students how it works and help many students learn how it works.


       However that is beside the point, what the point is here, we are professional experts, and when someone tells us to do it their way, we can do it their way, but it will not be with 100% assurance (unless of course their way follows best project management practices and ITIL) and if customer doesn't want 100% assurance then our service delivery model is based on best effort, just like QOS packets in the switch based on the best effort unless you set up QOS (think of that QOS as service level agreement between us DBA Binary Fusion and the customer, no SLA no contract, no contract no work) 




           Many customers cry and say yes I want 100% guarantee, our response is... want 100% be ready to sign SLA contract agreement and follow our advice, if you want less than 100% then be prepared to pay on hourly basis based on our best effort, if we do not deliver 100% of service then you can buy more block of hours and have us get you close to that level of 100% guarantee.  

The best way to achieve 100% of assurance and guarantee is to follow our formula what we prescribe to companies who are looking for our IT consulting service, like a doctor prescribing prescription to their patient, or like a lawyer who is providing advice to their client. 


Use it or lose it block of hours consulting model

The best way to ensure that there are no problems down the road, is to buy use it or lose it block of hours that we sell, where you can buy discount packages, for 10 to 20 hours per month or more and if you don't use these hours and don't call us for help then you lose them.  Training needs to be coordinated at specific flexible for our hours, not some random hours.   


Portion of the hours can be used for maintenance

         We can also use portion of these 10 to 20 block of hours reserved for maintenance of your Cyber Security infrastructure, that maintenance can be anything from reducing number of vulnerabilities on your network, adding new levels of cyber security levels of protection, turning on Forti Learn mode on your traffic analyzing that traffic and blocking employees who are wasting time or not being productive after realizing what needs to be blocked, helping your company save money. Portions of that time can be used to reviewing security controls to make sure that you satisfy security controls of your internal audit, creating a ticket with vendor support and addressing risk factors identified during your internal audit, or assisting with the internal audit. 


Portion of hours can be used for training

Other portions of the hours can be used for training if for example, you need to learn how to let's say create a new policy of FortiGATES how to block all sub-domains of some website.  If you don't request the training within these dedicated 10 to 20 hours per month you lose these hours and we get paid for all of these hours.  Some may say well that is not fair.  Our response, sure it's fair, as long as you control the block hours and don't buy more than you need. 

This forces you into knowing what you need and how much you need rather than randomly calling every single hour for help.  This forces you as the customer knowing what you need and what you have and why you need it. 


Why our model makes sense not only for us but for your company who needs IT consulting service

When you start knowing what you need and how much you need, and why you are buying these block of hours that is when you start creating a secure environment and that is when you start realizing what is really needed vs what is not really needed. DBA Binary Fusion didn't come up with this concept out of randomness, it came up with the concept based on overall simple fact. 

The fact that you as the manager or IT generalist or C-Level execs must know what you want, if you do not know what you want then you can buy block of hours to help us let you realize what you need and want, however not buying these hours and expecting quality of service beyond your initial project engagement is simply not realistic.

Our company DBA Binary Fusion and Tutoring Services, LLC defines the standard of IT consulting services delivery based on our values, and every IT consulting company in American realizes these values and follows the same values, and if they are not then they are simply playing dangerous game of risk, until one day this risk factor will catch them and result in non-happy customers.  Instead of selling lies to others, we sell the truth, this what makes us unique, and this is what makes different in comparison to any other IT consulting company. 


Many consulting companies who analyze our business model also adapt it and follow it.

Some consulting companies may look at our business model and say, well customers don't like this model where customers use IT consulting hours lose it based on a predefined number of hours. 

Our company realizes that, but based on our analysis this is the best business model and is not only best for us,  but also the best for the long term effectiveness of the company who purchases our IT consulting services, not because we are mean or because we are trying to piss off customers, but because it's right for the long-term cyber security level of effectiveness for your company and most certainly valuable for our company. We do not want major cyber security incidents in America and our goal is to reduce and minimize Cyber Security related risks, and the way we do that is by positioning our customers in the right direction from the very first level of initial engagement. 

We also provide long-term cyber security risk reduction mechanisms for entire America by showing how to reduce cyber crime, to better understand our proposal visit here, this is a career advice for CPA exam professionals, but it shows how we leverage this industry to interconnect entire America to a passage in reducing cyber crime.

DBA Binary Fusion and Tutoring Services, LLC is one of the most influential leaders in the world of education and Cyber Security

Plus we have many other customers if we followed the model where we only provide you hours that you would spend and only pay for what you spend, then we would be able to service other customers, this strategy places the limit placeholders and makes customers think twice before contacting us and asking for our service model. 

This model is the number 1 business model leveraged by many consultants around the world, and most certainly have been adopted by our company DBA Binary Fusion.


Maintenance support delivery is within the block of hours.

Maintenance we can provide regularly (within the block of hours) and that also includes beyond just analyzing cyber security threats, but for example adding new VPN tunnel or turning up new ISP, or installing new UPS in your office, or installing new FortiAP, or running a cable, or adding security lock on your door that you can control remotely, or adding new switch on your network or adding new ISP, or upgrading ISP from old circuit to new one, or configuring additional security services for DLP, IPS, Application Control, or setting up DHCP or turning on additional WIFI to eradicate levels of interference or doing wifi site survey, or contacting ISP to troubleshoot your issue, or adding new security device or making sure that if your device breaks that we can help you replace it and talk to the vendor to have it replaced. 

This is what we mean by using it or lose 10 to 20 hours (and hours can be purchased separately and for more than 20 hours).  Something that we can provide post installation of your FortiGate devices.   


Our company helps you reduce risk by networking together other IT consulting companies in the are of CT, NY NJ, and NYC

We also use stacking of companies capability where we can provide a higher level of assurance in our service by engaging our partners from the start of the original FortiGate Implementation project, where our partner gets involved and in case if we can not help you, you would have a 2ndary company who can help. 

These stacking of companies capability is the feature that we provide to companies who want to increase their level of assurance and resiliency in the service delivery that we are offering.  Just like stackable 3850 switches, we offer same functionality by stacking one it consulting company + another. 

Many people who read this service model description article asks us, how on earth did DBA Binary Fusion come up with all of these insane ideasGo here and take a look how, and who knows maybe you will learn a thing or two in the process of reading how.


We are all about business and providing quality service

After you learn a thing or two, come back here and request a quote if you are interested in our consulting or training services or both.    Our company is all about business first, and have strict guidelines and filter out serious customers from nonserious using advanced pre-screening mechanisms during our basic email conversations. 

Therefore when requesting our service, please remember that we only work with customers who are serious about their projects, and be prepared to receive huge emails in your email box with our responses based on your requirements, in fact sometimes these emails are so huge, that you will get an instant headache reading them, the main reason for that is because our service is high quality. If you want low-quality service, then the response of low-quality service = short emails, leaving you guessing. 


When delivering our service we do not leave you guessing and tell you the truth how it is.

We do not leave you guessing we tell you about every single thing that comes into our head from the initial level of engagement, in such a way that infuses your brain with your own questions of whether you even need our service or perhaps can carry it out on your own.  Many companies who were not serious and wanted quotes from us, ended up regretting for attempting to even get quotes, simply because we made their brain spin from the amount of question we threw at them during our initial engagement and service delivery planning before we take any project.


Of course, we don't do that with everyone we do that only for the companies where companies tell their employees to get 3 alternative quotes and contacting us only just to get that quote without actually having any intent of hiring us.  We quickly decipher who these customers are, in fact as part of our business model, this trick that many companies use simply doesn't work on us because we provide high-quality service, and as part of our values, we literally go through every single detail with the customer and flooding customer with questions.  

Also, we make the customer pay for out time by adjusting the hourly rate precisely to reflect our time spent, based on the conversations in these emails this is what offsets our expenses.  Some customers say it's wrong, well if it's wrong then don't work with us, work with someone who doesn't pick your brain and place yourself in a higher risk of getting hacked by not following best Cyber Security and Project Management and ITIL Practices.


Our company is the first company in the world to provide consulting service in such a way that is right not only for you and us but for America

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and no we do not tell you fairy tales, how great we are, we tell you the truth and reality, and truth and reality is expensive.  If you want to have a nice video of a man in the suit telling you how great we are providing our consulting services, then this is not us.  We are all about the truth and that truth is the main reason why other companies love doing business with us. 

Not only because we are in the consulting sector but also because we are in marketing educational sector and can even help your company get client leads.  Want to see how we leverage our marketing solutions for many thousands of educational companies and how we can help your company increase client leads? 


Find out how view an actual example that is tailored towards educational companies, and perhaps by reading it, you will understand where we coming from... our values, our mission, our goals, of helping America reduce risk from Cyber Crime and helping education stay affordable visit this link for more info to see how we do this in the world of education.  Of course, you may say I don't care what your values are I just want the quote because my boss told me to get the quote, 

If you just want the quote we can give you the quote, after picking your brain and making sure that what you are getting is indeed what you need, because that is what IT consulting service is all about, gearing you in the right path (unless of course, you want to increase your chances of being hacked). 


There are too many cyber security incidents been happening in America and we do not want to be contributing to these incidents by following non-best practice for cyber security and doing quick installations here and there, regardless of how much money you pay us, because our values come from the truth, passion reality and what makes sense for America in long-term, and if we have to deliver our message to everyone in America and outside of America to follow the best Cyber Security and Project Management practices, we will. 

This is no longer just about providing IT consulting services, it's about providing them the right way that is right for America and for Americans in such a way that protects our country and minimizes cyber security risks. 


If we have to help other companies internationally as well to help them get secured, we can but we follow best security practices and project management practices, and what's best costs money. 

If it's second best, then we provide less assurance and less guarantee.  Just like we tell the same thing to parents and students in America who go through the concept of education if you want what's high-quality be prepared to pay if you want less quality then be ready to pay less.  In case if interested how we managed to convince American students and parents to understand values of high quality vs low quality in the sector of mathematics check out this link.

Just like we managed to convince parents in the difference between quality in and quantity, we can easily convince you in why doing things the right way matters.


However if you actually just want to get a quote for either consulting or tutoring or both.. or perhaps for consulting, training and hardware and software quote, then contact us by getting a quote from top right corner, or from the bottom corner using chat messenger to initiate conversation with us and describe your FortiGate challenge, but do not expect us to do break-fix life, if you do expect us to do break-fix life, then be ready to pay for live support. 

Also FYI do not trust anyone remember that there are many people on this planet who will fool you and will tell you the can be your Cyber Security experts simply by telling you they can help... do not trust anyone remember that, unless of course you are working with the company that can be trusted (just as you can trust packets to be delivered from one end of the vpn tunnel to another through phase 1 and phase 2) based on the values that they follow and based on the trust mechanism they have created when enrolling people to be part of the network.  In case if you are wondering what these mechanisms are checked them out here to see how we created similar trust mechanism for the educational industry when it comes to enrolling people into our network.


Also one good thing about us is that we actually know multiple firewall related products from different vendors so if creating a VPN tunnel or anything interoperable is the type of question you have to feel free to ask and be ready to pay not per question, but per service that we deliver, and even if we do not fix it still be ready to pay for our consulting time. 

Our time is money, we can equally be providing lessons in Cyber Security and making that money, as oppose to providing IT consulting, and have less stress then in consulting (but we also realize there are many companies who need our help so we provide that help but at the price the price that we are in the position to charge in big chunks, simply because there is a huge shortage in Cyber Security professionals and last time we checked traditional network consulting was going down the drain).  

What we discovered being taught in schools is mostly coding, well coding doesn't place you in the realm of being able to understand how packet flows from where to where and what layers it goes through. 


What makes us different is the knowledge from traditional networking, which others simply can't get, unless of course they revert the clock and learn traditional networking (but since that is not where market is at and since it's mainly extinct, this obviously won't be happening, which places our company into unique incredible money making opportunity position, and if we have to do it right and preach our ways we will, because we do not see anyone else doing it at the expense of how we are doing it). 


Consulting = higher stress than simply training, therefore understand that, learn to understand that and contact us if you need help.   Plus another reason why it's a good idea to use us for your company is because we can handle any area of CT, NY NJ, and NYC, greatly supplementing your team, regardless if you are in California or overseas. 


Conclusion about our FortiGate Implementation service

Initial article started with IT Consulting and ended with rapid explanation behind our values, what you see in this article is similar to how we respond to any of the emails that you throw at us by first analyzing you as the customer, and filtering you out if you happen to be the right type of customer for us or not. 

We have the luxury to chose, while others can not,  all thanks to the innovative marketing tactics designed by the very same man who created this site, by the very same man who is referred by many  students as the Mark Twain of modern educational advocacy era, by the very same man who is a certified math teacher for the state of CT, author, advocate leader in the world of Cyber Security, founder of Tutoring Services, LLC DBA Binary Fusion and other companies in the mix, and the same man who proposed long-term solution for how to reduce cyber crime in American and the very same man who made a huge contribution in getting existing educational companies on the right track or providing value to American society and providing high quality service educational options, and the very same man who is the Going GREEN Activist for environment safety and affordable education and the very same man who is telling you how to configure your FortiGate devices.   Want to learn more about this man? 

Find out here and follow his blog to see how he inter-combines and networks different concepts together and how single man managed to create big shifts in industries using his marketing power, and how reading his story can catapult you in the right direction of becoming better person, discover how this man jumped from traditional IT networking shift to connecting people and concepts and opened up pathways that can help you in the future become very powerful human being and obviously help you transition yourself away from Traditional IT networks in the world of Cloud, SDN, IoT and Beyond..


What's next? How to get a quote?

If you do not care and simply want the quote then tell us what type of FortGATE implementation you need or you can simply respond to us from the bottom right corner chat window or contact us by email.

If you are a marketing company or another company who has a cyber security product contact us to help you get it marketed to thousands of businesses. 

We publish our solutions and findings in our books, and multiple inter-combination of websites, in the form of reviews, suggestions, clarifications and methods that can help your company end up being found by other customers, the very same customers who are reading this very same page as we speak and the very same customers who may see the value in your Cyber Security product and end up contacting your company to buy it and our company to help them set it up, and make America more secure.