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Looking for IT Network Consultant in New York or Tri-State including CT and NJ, and New York? We can help we are the team of Cisco Certified Network Professionals specializing in IT Network Security and Network Design. We can troubleshot your company’s network and provide long lasting scalable IT network solutions, capable f not only addressing your needs but also helping companies provide the best return on investment.   Our IT Network Services and Solutions are designed for companies of different sizes and different industries, ranging from startup companies of 5 to 10 users to small, medium and enterprise level companies in Financial, Healthcare and travel industries.

Our methodology is to design well performing network for your company by focusing on the existing IT infrastructure and identifying the weak links and proposing solutions of how to address such weak links. We provide companies with comprehensive business connectivity risk assessment report and help IT Managers and IT Directors as well as CTOs, CEOs; CIOs build a road-map for what type of issues should be addressed first. We don’t just solve your IT problems, we help you build solutions for your company which would work in conjunction with your existing IT environment. We help your company achieve best user operational efficiency, by providing range of IT Network Solutions ranging from VPN Design for business to business connectivity partners, LAN segmentation and Network Virtualization solutions within hosted and non-hosted environment dependent on your level of compliance within your company’s environment.

Our IT Network Security Services include Messaging Security involving instant messaging logging and archiving, Web Security involving web page tracking, firewall security involving full gateway level anti-virus, IPS, Anti-Bot protection, Network Access control security involving internal and guest user access as well as combination of various IT Network Solutions helping companies conform to their IT Security policies.  We also do realize that there are different types of companies out there, such as medical, dental offices,, financial, travel agencies, etc.. This is why we have variety of IT Networking solutions to offer. We work with local contractors, and vendors in the tri-state area and across the coast, taking the headaches away from the IT Managers and IT Directors and ensuring that our IT network design services are accommodated in the best coordinated fashion, using your companies change control procedures and methodologies and adhering to your company’s environment.

 Our IT Network Consultant Services include:

  • IT Network Core Design Services In NY
  • IT Wireless Network Design Services In NY
  • IT Metro-E Services In New York
  • IT WAN Services In NY
  • IT LAN Services In NYC
  • IT MPLS (managed/unmanaged) Services In New York
  • IT VPN Design Services In NY
  • IT Business Continuity Services in NYC
  • IT Network Security Services
  • IT Collaboration Solutions in NYC
  • IT VOIP and Voice Solutions
  • IT Office and Datacenter Relocation Services in Tri-State Area


We don’t just help with IT network design of your existing infrastructure; we help with every aspect of IT network design implementation and documentation identifying what goes on where and how, creating layer 2 and layer 3 diagrams identifying every aspect of network traffic flow.

Whether you have prod, and DR site or combination of multiple datacenters and need integration of remote offices within your data centers or simply need help in deciding whether or not IT network design that you are gearing towards will satisfy your company’s business requirements we are the IT network consulting company that you can trust. Many of our customers have complex non-redundant VPN tunnels which no one can figure out how they operate or work, we can demystify the mystery around VPN tunnels and propose IT DMVPN design or any other type of VPN design which can accommodate your business requirements and still be compatible with your core network backbone.  

We Service the Following Areas:

IT Network Consulting Services in New York

  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
  • Fordham
  • Long Island
  • Tarrytown

IT Network Consulting Services in Connecticut

  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Fairfield
  • Stratford
  • Trumbull

IT Network Consulting Services in New Jersey

  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
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