IT Recruiting and Staffing


We Recruit, Train and place Binary Fusion IT Consultants into companies in Manhattan NY or around tri-state area of CT, NY, and NJ.  

Our company is split across multiple divisions

Division #1 IT Consulting. Solutions & Services  

Our IT Consulting division designed to provided information technology consulting services for the metropolitan tri-state area of CT, NY and NJ

Division #2 IT Recruiting and Staffing

Our IT Recruiting and Staffing Division is responsible for searching and forming relationships with different organizations in CT, NY and NJ area Manhattan NY and Metropolitan area.

Division #3 IT Training  

Our IT Training division responsible for providing training to our Binary Fusion IT consultants.

Division #4 Research and Development

Our Binary Fusion Analysis research Labs and development division designed to research latest trends across industries in the field of Information Technology and infuse these trends into our Fusion Track accelerated training program. 

Industries we cover across all 4 divisions:

  • financial
  • entertainment
  • education
  • law
  • accounting
  • insurance agencies
  • travel agencies
  • professional LLCs

What can our IT Recruiting and Staffing Division do for you?

We can help you get the right type of talent for your organization.  

Why chose us?

        The reason why it makes sense to chose us for your IT recruiting & staffing needs is simply because we don't just recruit candidates and place them like other companies do, what we do is much more.  We actually recruit the right type of talent, convince them to join our Binary Fusion IT Training Center then convert newcomers into our Binary Fusion IT Consultants by training them.  We have created Fusion Track IT accelerated training program explicitly designed for recent college grads or college students who are about to graduate college.  

Our IT Accelerated program is designed to infuse student's brains with hands-on training in and theoretical knowledge based on instructor-led classes locally in Manhattan NY and online.  Our IT Accelerated training program is designed to produce similar level caliber type of talent (our core advantage that typical IT recruiters simply can not compete with).  Similar level caliber type of talent that is consistent across our candidates (due to the same training program our Binary Fusion Consultants go through before being placed into the company in Metropolitan area).  

  • The very same type of talent that is produced from the well-researched trends that are identified by our Binary Fusion Analysis team and infused into our training program.  
  • The very same type of talent that is infused with more than just technical hands-on skills that are identified across major industries, but the type of talent that is infused with professional quality assurance type of skills in project management, soft skills, business analysis and other commonly identified skills that are complete must for recent college graduates to have.  
  • The very same type of skills that are not commonly infused into student's brains in college or university, yet strongly needed by small, medium and large size companies in Manhattan NY, or metropolitan area of CT, NY, and NJ.  



Find out how exactly we train our Binary Fusion IT Consultants by following this link to see why we are better than just regular IT Recruiters.

Our IT Training  Binary Fusion division is responsible for Training recent college graduates and providing them with not only theoretical knowledge but hands-on training in the specialized IT field of QA Software Testing, Cyber Security, and IT Networking.