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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in medium business network consulting services for companies ranging from Law Firms, Dental offices, Financial, Health Care, Manufacturing , Education and other industries. We can help medium businesses by implementing robust IT Network Solutions suitable for medium size company’s network consisting of 25 to 250 users. With advanced expertise in Cisco IT Networking we can help medium businesses take control of their company’s environment. Our expertise is rolling out IT networking solutions from start to finish. We provide IT managed services for medium businesses in states of New York, CT, New Jersey, where we can sign you up on monthly plan and provide you with IT network support. It’s difficult to have full time staff in your team who can do simple network tasks and barely use that person for the rest of the year, financing and budgetary reasons simply won’t allow it, in such situations why not contact us premium medium business network consultants who can implement IT network Solution, whatever it may be internet line delivery, internet redundancy, core switch migration, firewall rule implementation, web security solution integration or unified voice and video communications solution, we can help.

“IT Medium Business Network Consultants helped us recommend proper ISP carrier and saved us tons on bandwidth!”

Medium size businesses typically do not have the same type of budget for enterprise level IT network solutions, and we realize that which is why we have partnered up with multiple vendors, to provide such solutions. Our IT Solutions Vendors that we are partnered and work with are Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, Enterasys, Microsoft, SolarWinds and many others. Additionally we are partnered with service bandwidth providers such as MegaPath who we closely work with in providing circuit delivery to medium size businesses. Whatever your bandwidth need is we can ensure that you get your circuit properly delivered in your premises for fairly moderate price which would be much more affordable then AT&T or other Vendors such as Verizon or Cogent and will help you save money and provide best ROI for your long term commitment. We realize that delivering lines from multiple service providers is the essential requirement for many companies to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, which is why it’s imperative to work with a knowledgeable IT Network Consultant who gets to analyze your existing network infrastructure and provide recommendations with which circuit provider go with as your primary means of connectivity and at the same time affordable and compatible with the 2ndary circuit provider vendor.

For example much medium business may simply want 2 lines ether channeled together and if one line fails the other line should take over. Seems like a simple task, yet be aware that if you chose wrong 2 providers to accommodate your requirement you may end up with a circuit that goes through the same local pops or may not be compatible with another, simply because one circuit could be layer 2 and the other layer 3 or one circuit can pass some traffic but not all. To avoid such headaches let us not only help you recommend the circuit service provider for your bandwidth needs, or for your backbone connectivity needs but to also help you implement solutions over it in such a way that your connectivity medium business requirements are satisfied.

So what do we offer? We offer medium size businesses convenience of choosing the right provider at the affordable cost. Our Network Consulting bandwidth backbone services are affordable and practically unbeatable for the tri-state area region. Take a look at the table below for Ethernet T1 circuit pricing, as oppose to other carriers we offer much better attractive pricing and can even accommodate Ethernet with Voice bundled package for medium size businesses with crystal clear voice sound quality with simple voice management and advanced features such as visual voicemail sequential ringing and much more.

compare ethernet price

compare ethernet price

So what are you waiting for get a quote from top right corner above or call us to discuss your circuit needs!

With our advanced IT network consulting solutions for medium size businesses integration skill set and multi-vendor experience we can ensure that interoperability issues are no longer an issue, we can create custom made fully functional IT network that will work like a clock and still be scalable at the fraction of the cost of what other IT Network consulting companies can provide. Additionally we realize that medium businesses may not be able to afford expensive hosted solutions for web-security, backup or VOIP and Video Services, which is why we provide fully managed cloud hosted plans for medium businesses which come at a fraction of the cost compared to having dedicated on site equipment, which requires storage capacity, rack space, license agreement and full time IT staff. Let us take that head ache away from you and sign you up for a cloud hosted solution for your medium business.

cloud solutions

Our Medium Business Network Consultants service major metropolitan areas of NY, CT and NJ and can come directly on site analyze your entire infrastructure or propose solution remotely, providing that all the diagrams, floor plans and requested information is provided.

We also realize that many companies have remote offices and need centralization of their remote offices help to minimize on infrastructure expenses, as well as secure remote access connectivity , we realize all that and can help companies take control of their organization, and minimize their expenses.

We Service the Following Areas:

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  • Manhattan
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  • White Plains
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  • Long Island
  • Staten Island
  • Port Chester
Medium Business Network Consulting Services in Connecticut
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