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IT consulting Services for NY | CT NJ Tri State Area customers

IT consulting company in NY at your service, we are the team of professional experts handling the tri-state area, including metropolitan area of lower and upper Manhattan as well as Westchester and Fairfield counties. Our main expertise is networking your existing IT architecture, whether it requires networking your remote offices to the disaster recovery and head quarter offices or troubleshooting existing network we are the experts to contact.

Why Us?

If you looking for any other  IT consulting company in NYC you will not find one with the level of expertise that our network consultants have. We don’t just provide consulting services for your organization, we analyze your existing IT infrastructure and provide recommendation based on future growth factors, based on how information flows within your organization and based on what your critical business needs are. We handle clients from different sectors and organizations which include, but not limited to financial organizations, non-profit organizations, dental and medical offices, travel agencies and others.

Business and Data Analysis at your service

When it comes to unique business requirements to provide business continuity based on the existing infrastructure while introducing new system, the complexity of such tasks can become unimaginable. Information can become inaccessible, users may experience drops in connections and security may be breached. There is a way to minimize associated business risks, our  IT consulting company in New York can help.

We secure analyze and design your network in such a way that will allow you to stay in compliance with external and internal audits. We work with the business mergers and acquisition companies to integrate their infrastructures in the most adequate secure and controllable way.

Have multiple offices?

If you have multiple branches within NY area and headquarters located somewhere else or vice versa, we can create VPN tunnels as the primary or backup connections to allow remote offices to communicate in most efficient matter. Our IT consulting company in NY can come directly to your office or your datacenter and rack mount network equipment, troubleshoot some cabling issue or provide on demand network consulting services in NY.

Interested in finding out more why not view our service map to see what we offer simply clicks on Network Consulting Services in NY link and see what we do, we don’t just tell you what we do we show it to you visually.

Some of the services we offer include

Data Visualization Services for financial organizations or other industries.

Data Visualization Services using Sumo Logic as the core tool to visualize your entire company's environment, dissect the data and help you view the data in a presentable dynamic way.  

Imagine being able to visualize your network from business standpoint, technical standpoint and be able to troubleshoot systems and applications a lot quicker.

Imagine being able to see your data visualized in amazing looking dashboards that help you better understand risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

Imagine being able to correlate your data. 

To learn more visit our Sumo Logic Assessment service for financial organizations page.  We also offer data centralization service to other industries and companies, professional LLCs, law firms, real estate companies, education companies, manufacturing and other types of industries.