Video Conferencing Telepresence Network Consultants


Enterprise-class video conferencing , voice and data technologies has evolved to become solid, robust and “global collaboration solutions ,” featuring High Digital Video, crisp Audio, multi screens, integrated with built in desk microphones, providing content and desktop sharing capabilities as well as integration into standardized and compact furniture, featuring white board, projects and lightning experience allowing users to experience real life realistic conference room scenarios integrated with audio theater technologies for fully realistic conferences across long distances.

Video conferencing and TelePresence eradicates the need for extra time and expenses needed to travel from site to site and spending money on the air plane tickets, while providing benefits and high value for face to face collaboration, allowing C level executives to improve their decision making process, propose faster business processes, and initiate training across other remote offices globally.   The Return on investment is quiet high and can indeed provide competitive advantage to companies now and in future generations for many years to come.

Unfortunately, due to legacy equipment and multiple vendor involvement such as Tanberg, Polycom, Avaya involving different signaling, codecs, exchanges, it’s hard to integrate all the solutions together to ensure full interoperability. Not to mention that the IT networks required to support high sensitive video communication traffic requires careful planning, fine tuning and advanced level network understanding ranging from QOS implementation on multiplatform based environment, Firewall Security rule implementation, bandwidth control, quality control and much more. Our IT Video conferencing Telepresence Network Consultants can help companies integrate Unified Communication Solution, install, expand or even maintain rolled out solution which can help companies protect themselves on IT investments and maximize Return on Investment, by being able to integrate existing end-points with Unified Communication solution.

Rolling out the solution is one thing, but ensuring that it works globally between remote offices in such a way that doesn’t impact your network infrastructure negatively is another. Our IT Network Infrastructure Consultants can help with rolling QOS policies for your existing infrastructure, build and troubleshoot communication issues and help with rolling out resilient, secure and reliable based solutions which would help your video conferencing unified communication Telepresence environment.

Unified Communication Telepresence Integration

Our Unified Communication Telepresence Network Consultants can design entire unified communication solution, offering IT Network Consulting Services which include site analysis and prep, Virtual Hyper Visor built for UCS systems, installation, network configuration of Video Conferencing end points, multi conference room communications design, VCS control and VCS express servers integration with MCU, Voice Gateways, allowing company’s users to collaboratively work together, by being able to initiate video calls from internal network, home, mobil, remote offices all under same policies, using the same Global Address phone book directory and being able to use internal company’s standardized upon Instant messenger for compliance based purposes integrated with an archiving solution. Our IT Network consultants know how to work with all major protocols, H.323, SIP and can integrate ISDN, PSTN existing connectivity to work in conjunction with Telepresence or help you migrate from copper lines.

Additionally with the help of our certified PPM project managers we can help companies take control of the Unified Communication integration by providing on the GENT chart in Microsoft Project showing deliverables time lines, expectations, take a look at our IT Project Management Services for Telepresence to see an example of GENT chart showing sample project of what we have already done in the past, it shows the work break down structure of the project and a brief idea of what to expect.

Additionally our IT Network Security Experts can double check security implementation of the rolled out Telepresence infrastructure, for example VCS-Expressway appliance, to ensure that no malicious ports are opened on the expressway appliance. To request a quote for Video Conferencing Unified Communications Telepresence integration service please contact us from the phone number above on the top right corner

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