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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in providing companies with an alternative to in house expensive IT solutions which can quickly eat up company’s costs on IT maintenances and in house hardware failures. With our VOIP cloud computing services we help companies either to migrate from existing in-house hardware PBX based infrastructure to dedicate in cloud based voice infrastructure, allowing companies to still use their SIP compatible phones in house in conjunction with our in cloud based Telephony infrastructure.   This will move you away from having to worry about expensive PBX or PRI trunk phone gateway failures. In another words, if you have copper lines or PBX lines and you are still paying for them, now it’s time to think about migrating to our in cloud computing VOIP services.

“With cloud computing VOIP network services we managed to eradicate our telephony equipment and not worry about constant troubleshooting of the phones, this have not only reduce our PRI line costs, but also saved us money on constant hardware maintenances.”

VOIP Telephony is not the only solution that we provide as part of our Cloud Computing bundle. For companies who are in need of data backup, we can provide secure storage location, so the critical based infrastructure is constantly getting backed up on predefined backup schedule avoiding companies expensive storage backup equipment maintenances and providing ability for companies to have concrete secure backup in off site location and being able to restore from backup when the disaster occurs. Our data backup solutions provide an overview for what type of data backup solutions we offer.

Need us to build you a cloud take a look at our Cloud Build out Network Consulting Services

With our email cloud backup solution we offer companies ways to ensure that the incoming email is backed up and queued up in the event of in house exchange mail server going down. This can be very critical for companies to rely upon, our cloud based solutions reside in different data centers and provide resiliency for inbound email communications and would greatly supplement your existing architecture with such resiliency.

“Email cloud backup solution helped us to restore our emails and have the emails continue flowing when our data center fail apart, we are very happy for implementing email business continuity solution”

For companies who would like to create their own Virtual Connectivity cloud without having to rely on external cloud service providers, we provide such solution as well; we can create a virtualized in house network for companies, leveraging virtualized based VPN tunnels for the purposes of interconnecting business 2 business partners.   This is especially useful when multiple networks need to be interconnected to a single cloud in a secure fashion. With our network virtualization based cloud solution we can build virtualized network environments inside customer premises and provide managed control of such virtualized cloud, providing companies to still stay in control of their secured environment, being able to segregate their critical business connectivity into different virtualized routing/switching/firewall based components and minimize costs.

“With Network Virtualization Cloud Hosted solution we were able to slash our hardware infrastructure costs by the whooping 500% and reduce business impact risk”

Does your company have a plan for what to do when there is entire office failure? We can help your company with cloud hosting solution for virtualized desktops, allowing companies to execute their business continuity practices by leveraging our virtualized desktops solution. This is especially useful in the event of disasters effecting entire office where office employees can no longer work from within the office and are forced to work from home, in such case we can provide companies with solution for employees to connect to desktop virtualized cloud and access their PC with company’s email, soft phone VOICE phone capability and much more!

We also do realize that many companies may have remote offices and unique requirements for their web traffic. If that is the case, no worries we can help with remote offices with cloud hosting solution for Web Security where we would log and archive web page usage access and provide companies with access to web page usage history, allowing companies to stay compliant with rules and regulations of IT Security Policies. To view our full range of services view our home page flow chart service map or call the number on top right corner to request a quote.   We help companies secure analyze and design as well take control of their IT needs.

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Cloud Computing Consulting Services in New York
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