Managed Hosting Services Consulting

NetworkConsultant.NET offers variety of managed hosting services for companies of different sizes and different industries. Our managed hosting services include: Netflow Managed Cloud Hosted Service, DMVPN Managed Hosted Service, Video Conferencing Managed Hosted Service, Instant Messaging Managed Hosted Service, Web Security Managed Hosted Service as well as Disaster Recovery on Demand as a service. We provide DRaaS in New York, and DRaaS in Connecticut as well as mid-west and north east location in various data centers dependent companies needs.

NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in managed hosting services consulting, creating managed cloud hosted solutions and managed on site customer premisie solutions. We provide managed hosting services in the form of disaster recovery on demand where we allow companies flexibility of having their own Disaster Recovery data center at the low cost monthly fee and get billed based on usage pay as you go type of business model, without having to spend huge CapEx and shift financial resources on OpEx. There are different type of Disaster Recovery options that we offer.

  • Hot Backup Site: A hot backup site typically provides a set of mirrored stand-by servers that are always available to run the application once a disaster occurs, providing minimal RTO and RPO. Hot standbys typically use synchronous replication to prevent any data loss due to a disaster.
  • Warm Backup Site: A warm backup site may keep state up to date with either synchronous or asynchronous replication schemes depending on the necessary RPO. Standby servers to run the application after failure are available, but are only kept in a “warm” state where it may take minutes to bring them online.
  • Cold Backup Site: In a cold backup site, data is often only replicated on a periodic basis, leading to an RPO of hours or days. In addition, servers to run the application after failure are not readily available, and there may be a delay of hours or days as hardware is brought out of storage or re-purposed from test and development systems, resulting in a high RTO. It can be difficult to support business continuity with cold backup sites, but they are a very low cost option for applications that do not require strong protection or availability guarantees.

DRaaS VmWare Consulting

Our primary method of expertise is in VMWare Virtualization. Small Medium and Enterprise size companies can benefit from our Disaster Recovery on Demand Services by being able to reuse their already deployed in house existing VMware vSphere infrastructure and extend it’s functionality into a hybrid cloud hosted disaster recovery standby data center at the low cost monthly fee, therefore saving on expenses needed before otherwise to raise totally separate mirrored copy datacenter.

Our IT managed hosting services consulting is focused around specific company’s needs and separated into multiple groups, the groups are built based on company’s constraints, such as size, budget, criticality, reliability, scalability and other factors. Each group has different set of pricing, since every company is different have different applications, different business needs and various types of demands.

Each group can be split into size of company needing service, such as start up, medium, small, large, enterprise and can be split into what type of solution company is looking for, such as cloud hosted or non-cloud hosted solution, or combination of both cloud hosted and non-cloud hosted what so called hybrid cloud solution. Each company may have specific demands such as 24/7 response to incidents for PROD environment incidents and less stricter SLA requirements for DR environment type of incidents. In many cases companies have abstract understanding of what they are looking for but not sure which model is right for them. In fact many companies simply want Disaster Recovery solution for affordable price and hosted solution in customer premises or in the production cloud built specifically for the customer.

VMWare Managed Hosted Services Pricing Options

We are different from other companies, who concentrate on one type of service and lock themselves into offering services where customer gets stuck in flexibility options. Instead we engineer the right solution for you based on the options that you are looking for. When contacting us for pricing to analyze your requirements and possible options for the right solution that suit your company, please know that our core expertise is selecting the right solution from the variety of vendors, ISPs, data centers and that takes time, therefore our quoting services are not free, estimates are free, but not the actual pricing. The beauty about working with NetworkConsultant.NET is that we can create custom manage hosting service based model that can fit into your existing budget.

For example, suppose you are a company providing web software membership services into your existing environment for multiple customers around the world and trying to integrate connectivity between business to business partners to offload some of the data for processing to your business partners and introduce new level of revenue, but need to have a flexible way of connecting multiple sites together and offloading data. In which case we can come up with a fixed cost based model that fits within your budget with a low monthly support fee, and grows in OPex as you continue adding new business to business partners, giving you flexibility to pay more for support of the solution while you are still making money.

Which Solution is right for your company? Why not contact us and talk to our IT Network Consultants who can discuss possible options.

How can Enterprise Companies Benefit from our IT Managed Hosting Services?

In majority of the cases, Enterprise Companies already have VMware Vsphere infrastructure and in majority of the cases already have existing Disaster Recovery site, but possibly DR is not within the mandated specifications such as geographically located too close to the PROD site or not capable of defending against DDOS attacks, or simply ran out of Storage and need to offload their data to some off site location, in replicated predictable fashion by leveraging existing VMware environment or have a requirement of logging instant messages from Yahoo Chats from the existing clients but do not have in house expertise to maintain such solution in their premises and simply want to off load it to another location to ensure that the data is secure and not lost. We realize such challenges and can in fact help your company by providing managed hosting services in your location, off your location, in hybrid, public cloud, private cloud, or dedicated colocation space built specifically for your needs.

Can NetworkConsultant.NET build Enterprise company PROD site and manage it?

In many cases we help enterprise companies by building PROD dedicated colocation facility with all the needed components and interconnecting the PROD collocation space to companies premises through proprietary NetworkConsultant.NET developed over time and experience IT solutions that can minimize costs and help your company improve client services. In many cases, company’s turn to us simply because they do not want to deal with segregated components of the solutions or what so called gray areas of the solution. That is areas where no one is sure of how to handle specific customer requirement.

How are we different from other Managed Service Providers?

In simple words, many enterprises go to managed service providers directly for a specific service that they need, however given the situation that majority of the managed service providers focus strictly on what they focus, gives enterprise minimum level of flexibility. This is where NetworkConsultant.NET comes in, we can help companies build the solution from start to finish select the right vendors, ISPs, and managed service providers, integrate it all and augument the gray areas or missing links with dedicated IT Resources. We do not offer something that we can’t deliver, but we offer our research time and network consulting time to help you build the right managed hosting solution without the grief of going through 100s of companies and obtaining individual quotes and deciding whether there is any gray areas, or hidden fees.

Is NetworkConsultant.NET a Managed Service Provider?

Yes we are a managed service provider for specific sets of groups as described previously in this article. Which means we actually spent time already researching various options for such groups and can similarly deliver it as a service for Enterprise size companies. In cases where we can’t deliver specific solution as a managed service provider we would reach out to our partners and help enterprises build the desired solution.

How can NetworkConsultant.NET help Enterprises make a decision?

The truth is many companies have IT Managers to decide which solution is right, but IT Managers and IT Directors are not enough technically diverse to make business oriented decisions based on technical constraints surrounding specific solution especially if they have never seen the solution working in action. NetworkConsultant.NET has certified PMP project managers and business consultants working together with the technical experts who can interview, both your existing CIO, CTO, IT managers and IT Directors and come up with the right IT solution that would work for your enterprise organization.

Benefits for Startups and Small Size Companies using Vmware for DRaaS

We have partnered up with small data center colocation facility in Connecticut where we conduct our staging, development and lab testing for every solution that we roll out and can leverage this facility for Disaster Recovery flexible option plans for Start Up companies, small size companies. Given that the DR location is so close to us we can provide variety of services that are perfectly tailored towards startups and small size companies who would like to have affordable Disaster Recovery hosting without a huge price tag fully managed by NetworkConsultant.NET. For example we can help startups and small companies off load their Netflow data from routers and other network devices or aggregate MPLS sites to a dedicated netflow collectors in customer premises or in the dedicated privately built cloud, while simultaneously offloading data to our remote Disaster Recovery location in Connecticut that can be setup for a low monthly in a warm or a cold backup state.

Our disaster recovery as a service option in the east coast provides flexibility for startups and small companies leverage their existing PROD Vmware environment to connect with the DRaaS data center specifically built towards startup, and small company’s needs. The benefit of having Disaster recovery site that also uses Vmware is that we can ensure that the disaster recovery solution works independent of what type of SAN storage company is using in their production environment, or independent of what type of connectivity being used between StartUp companies and disaster recovery data center. We work with major connectivity protocols and can install additional equipment if needed in our premises to custom tailor solution built specifically for start up and medium size companies.

Benefit for Medium Size Companies and Large Size companies using Vmware for DRaaS

For medium size companies and large size companies we recommend dedicated backbone management service in addition to beefier storage capacity and redundant ISP links only if active/active type of scenario is needed for your DR Managed Hosting solution. Our datacenter in connecticut is mostly tailored towards start ups and smaller size companies, however in certain situations dependent on company’s constraints we can also use our datacenter in Connecticut to handle your medium size company needs.

For medium and larger size companies needing managed hosted service at our premises, we tailor our services towards dmvpn managed services model, regardless of what type solution you are looking for, whether it’s application hosting, web security hosting or Instant Messaging logging and archiving based hosting. Simply because in order to manage a hosted service and be responsible for it, there needs to be robust, dynamic and scalable level of connectivity between the customer and our disaster recovery site, allowing to maneuver with multiple ISPs and direct the network traffic based on the managed hosted solution that we are building.

After all having DRaaS and leveraging VM is only part of the puzzle of the successfully managed hosted solution, which is why we offer DMVPN managed hosted services for companies who can rely on us for controlling traffic patterns when disaster happens, dynamically, manually and semi-automatically. We do not support any other type of connectivity when offering our managed hosted services, for medium, and large size companies, unless companies are ok with having connectivity issues to their managed hosted service and ready to take a business continuity risk. So why not contact us from the number at the top right corner to request a quote for our service and see which managed hosting option is right for you?