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checkDBA Binary Fusion offers IT solutions for public accounting CPA and financial services firms in CT NY and NJ metropolitan area helping companies who need to stay connected and responsive to their accounting clients.  Our company provides IT consulting services for small and medium size and large size accounting and CPA firm businesses, by providing onsite technical IT consulting Integration support for Accountants and tax auditors, ranging from ensuring that your company’s local network is ready for tax season and that your client’s data is protected using wireless and wired network connectivity to cloud integration and marketing.  



IT Relief and Security for busy CPA professionals





checkWhen a CPA firm can focus on being a CPA firm and nothing else, it’s a wonderful thing.  Technology has reached an edge where it’s impossible for typical 10 to 100 user and up small accounting firm to keep up with the latest trend of IT networks, reliability of system communications, security, while staying within a reasonable budget.  This is where DBA Binary Fusion comes in to assist Accounting firms by providing them IT consulting and integration services for their applications to work efficiently. 



Cloud Migration for Accounting Firms





checkMany IT Accounting companies prefer to simplify their infrastructure by outsourcing the majority of their business needs into the cloud, however many Accounting CPA financial companies have other existing software that is present at customer’s premises, especially if it’s a smaller accounting firm, and the harsh reality of it all is that, existing company’s infrastructure that is currently present at accounting firm premises will need to somehow connect to the cloud, at least in the nearest future, until the majority of the infrastructure gets fully migrated into software-defined networking world, but until then the process of running CPA firm can be quietly complicated, especially for firms that are in this hybrid cloud-based mode.




Accounting applications and Cloud consideration





checkMany of the applications you can turn up in the cloud nowadays, such as Quickbooks, Engagement CS, CaseWare, Outlook, ProSystem fx Engagement, ProSystem tax, Lacerte, Practice CS and many others, however some of the applications require solid connectivity needs for some functions to properly work, in addition to that communication from cloud applications to onsite premises-based types of applications needs to be secure.   Regardless of cloud or no cloud, and regardless of what size your firm is, it’s hard to provide the necessary protection for your business these days with so many pathways of the possible breach between local applications on customer premises and cloud-based applications, not to mention the uncertainty factor of whether the application you end up running in the cloud is properly secure.



Our company specializes in integrating Accounting firms into the cloud without breaking the bank.  Our company DBA binary fusion can either build the cloud for your existing firm or place your accounting applications in the cloud behind. 

  1. Enterprise-Class Firewalls

  2. Multi-Vendor Anti Virus solutions

  3. Retina Vulnerability Scan

  4. Bio-Metrics

  5. SSL or TLS Encrypted Web Traffic

  6. Web Filtering solution and more.



checkBy working with use we can help you migrate to Azure or AWS and ensure that your existing local applications at your existing data centers or local customer premises facilities are properly integrated and inter-connected.   With our custom VPN solutions specifically designed for your CPA and accounting firms' need, and our overall area of specialized expertise in the Accounting industry and information technology consulting and network engineering, we can help your firm focus on being CPA rather than worrying about network outages.  We can ensure connectivity to the cloud we can ensure resiliency is present to the cloud in such a way that your existing applications that are currently located locally can properly connect to the cloud-based applications, without disruption. The cloud environment works ideally for these CAP firms that wan more mobility and to outsource their IT to a vendor with experience managing Accounting IT.  DBA Binary Fusion happens to be that company.   



Here is what we can do for your Accounting firm.


  • CPA Firm Tech Assessment

  • Accounting Software

  • Paperless

  • Small Business

  • Internet and Network Security

  • Disaster Planning

  • Strategic Technology Cycle

  • Consulting Team


Majority of the software can be ran in the cloud, so let’s face it why spend your valuable time on upgrading your local infrastructure when you can simply rely on the cloud and help of the IT consulting company that can get the job done. Often CPA Accounting firms have Certified Information Technology Professional or what so commonly referred as CITP, basically a CPA who has undergone the necessary accreditation from the AICPA in order to be deemed technologically competent in a range of business technology practices. Our company DBA Binary Fusion can work with CITPs to establish IT Architecture and design, technology strategic planning, IT wired and wireless security.




Remote spoke offices from east to west coast Network Connectivity Integration for CPA firms



checkOur company can also help your offices on the west coast and east coast get properly centralized, by providing network connectivity solutions that is feasible and won’t break your pocket. The need for interconnectivity between accounting firm offices for the purpose of collaborative communication with custom created whiteboards specifically to collaboratively work with other auditors and accountants (request a demo), video conferencing, and voice may also be gradually migrated to the cloud, however before that happens, CPA firms still need a method of communication and collaboration between one another.


       check Our company DBA Binary Fusion can help your home office, auditors, and remote offices as well your Law firm, and other 3rd party partners to properly get connected with each other in a way that is economical, helping your existing devices such as apple and android and windows phones and tablets be able to communicate with one another effectively.  We use a variety of IT interconnection types of technologies that we can integrate together with the local devices, from a variety of vendors ranging from Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortigate, Sonicwall you name it. Contact us to request a quote, where we can evaluate your existing CPA and accounting firm and ensure that your existing offices are integrated with one another.



Information Security Policy Review and Security Awareness Training for CPA firms


checkFirm personnel are often the weakest link in the IT security chain, especially when it comes to clients bringing their own devices in to company’s firm or simply browsing the internet from day to day.   Does your accounting firm lacking IT security policy or Policy awareness?  Why not let us help your company build the IT Policy and design awareness program for your users. In today’s world, risk of employees spending time doing unproductive tasks can result in underperformance of your firm, educating your users is essentially the key in reducing IT security risk from ransom attack and various types of security threats that exist out there.    

checkDBA Binary Fusion, will then educate your personnel on the updated policies and provide a security briefing on today’s most common security threats and mistakes make to minimize the risk of your firm becoming nothing more than a number in the overall statistics. This program will include recording of Webinar and setup and configuration of phishing server.  Our company specializes in educating accounting firm users by creating specific based tactical phishing campaigns specifically to lure your accounting firm employees into thinking that the threat targeting your users is legitimate based on the most common tactics leveraged by hackers in the Accounting and CPA industry. Then when users click on the what so seemed legitimate phishing request, without fully realizing that the request is fictions, then at that point user would be sent to training portal.  

As part of the Employee Security and Policy Awareness service we would work with your personal, to update your company’s IT policies taking account into evolving technology such as social media, remote access, admin user restriction rights. 

Reinforcement of IT Security Policy and user awareness through phishing campaigns 

checkAdditionally we will educate your personnel of ongoing threats and any user who fails phishing campaign would be directed to the web recording webinar page, educating users. Campaigns can be done based on semi-annual basis, reinforcing your employees’ knowledge of the surrounding security threats while reducing risk.  DBA Binary Fusion’s parent company is Tutoring Services, LLC we know how to make education click, and have variety of web portals that we have created in the past to satisfy actual business needs.  

checkWe can pass that experience into Accounting industry to help accounting firms gain solidified exposure to the IT security risk training for employees while simultaneously reinforcing user’s understanding of such threats through customized phishing campaigns specifically tailored towards Accounting industry. Request a quote for more info.  Note phishing service and Training Portal module integration and implementation are separate services and charged separately. 

IT Security Assurance for Accounting CPA firms


checkDoes your Accounting firm struggle with existing Information systems not keeping up with security trends? Is your customer’s information well protected? Our company DBA Binary Fusion can perform independent Infrastructure Assessment and Security Assurance review for your existing business processes and your local office, whether you are located in CT, NY NJ, PA or MA or in the west coast.  

  • Our Security Assurance process include

  • System and Software Patching Review

  • Firewall rules review

  • Web Proxy rules review

  • Network Infrastructure Resiliency Review

  • External Network Penetration Scans

  • Internal Network Penetration scans

  • Wireless Infrastructure Review

 Our auditors can review your existing infrastructure on yearly basis to ensure that your law firm is not exposed to serious IT security breach risks. We would work with your existing IT team and Local Business managers, network engineers and sys ops members to ensure that the systems are properly secured. For more info visit



Web and Firewall Security Solutions for accounting firms


If your environment happens to have firewalls and multiple offices, often it’s difficult to understand exact nature of communication flows within your accounting firm and how exactly your users are protected from malicious threats of the outside world.




checkOur company DBA Binary Fusion can help your Accounting firm formulate Firewall and Web Security strategy to ensure that your firewall devices are properly protected thorough Security Managed services by major vendors such as Symantec, as well as ensuring that your company’s web traffic properly flowing through the centralized gateways either at your PROD or DR locations, to ensure your web security traffic is properly captured for compliance purposes and to better understand what your internal employees are doing on your network.



Wouldn’t be nice to get notified if there is any suspicious activity happening on your network and ensure that your accounting firm is doing it’s due diligence from protecting clients data, minimizing chances of your internal systems being compromised?




checkDoes your accounting office has headquarter offices, how exactly is your headquarter office protect from spoke sites? If you are pondering about any of these questions don’t hesitate to contact DBA Binary Fusion where we can conduct IT Security Assurance for your small site spoke offices, deploy security solutions that would alert your internal IT team if there is any security issues within your network.


Is your Accounting firm properly Network secured?





Our company DBA Binary Fusion can help your CPA and accounting firm take care of Network Security, where we can help you secure analyze and design your network, help you pick anti-spam solution, run vulnerability scans on your existing applications, perform external and internal network penetration testing to see what systems are vulnerable.




How Vulnerable is your Accounting firm’s network?




checkAfter all anything can be vulnerable ranging from printers, to routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless access points, CCTV systems and even external connectivity. In addition to it all accounting firm employees can be running insecure protocols or accessing malicious sites. Knowing who where and how everyone connects can help your law firm reduce downtime, business associated risk and best of all improve your company’s performance. Often many of these network security components may not be even looked at if your accounting firm applications are running in the cloud rather than in internal premises.



However that is not the case just yet with many of the accounting firms still running either proprietary applications or some type of internal infrastructure, ranging from WIFI devices, printers, routers, switches, or basically anything that is on the company’s network.  




checkAlthough it may be not such a big deal in many cases to review vulnerabilities for CPA firm that has most of the applications in the cloud since that’s mostly handled by cloud providers, it can still make sense to do at least once in a while for whatever existing infrastructure that is still present in your environment. Our company DBA Binary Fusion can provide such network security review service at least annually for Accounting and CPA firms. View our network security link for more info.  



Marketing Solutions for CPA firms




Does your company seem to struggle obtaining new accounting clients?  Our company can help with that as well, we can carry over our marketing expertise from educational industry into accounting industry.   We have robust methods to help you get clients ranging from PPC campaign, web development and SEO. 





checkWe have created specifically designed networks in educational industry targeting clients in variety of geographical regions, take a look at examples of our websites we created.,, with core emphasis of obtaining clients, similar tactic can be leveraged to help accounting firms obtain more clients especially if your law firms are spread out geographically in different regions. We can show how you can setup similar strategy across variety of cities and areas to target your audience. Our company DBA Binary Fusion doesn’t just specializes in IT networks but also specializes in marketing networks. Contact us to discuss your accounting firm business marketing needs, today.



IT Wireless and WIFI Survey | Design | Security and Solutions for Accounting Firms




Accounting firm managers should remember, it’s not just the data on your network, but the usage of your network in general which can leave your company at risk. A rogue user can surf to sites which are not what you’d want showing up on your ISP logs, to put it mildly.




IT Wireless Network for Your Law Firm


If you are accounting firm manager, you will probably be perplexed with so many acronyms that exist in wireless industry.


  • WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy

  • 802.11 and EAP – A wireless protocol (standard) and Extensible Authentication Protocol

  • WWANs – Wireless Wide Area Networks

  • WPANs – Wireless Personal Area Networks

  • WPA and WPA2 – Wi-Fi Protected Access and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, the current standard


    Each of the methods of wireless security differs (and many acronyms not even mentioned in this article), some are bad and some are good. Our company DBA Binary Fusion can help your CPA/Accounting firm make sense of these acronyms, perform IT security audit, wireless site survey, come up with a guest wireless network and make sure that your accounting firm has IT policies in place for your end employee and guest users. 


 Some Accounting firms chose passwords for basic wireless security, however often it’s not enough and double factor authentication is required. Passphrases, instead of passwords are ideal. Two-factor authentications (something you know, like a password, as well as something you have, like a cellphone/SMS message) is becoming a popular way of accessing Wireless Networks instead of a password.



Does your CPA/Accounting firm has adequate Wireless network coverage?


checkAre your employees struggling with connecting using their IPADS, or IPhones to the company’s network? Do you want to create a secure environment for your visitors who are visiting your law firm, medical office or accounting firm?   Our company DBA Binary Fusion, can help your local Accounting firm IT Teams design wireless network, secure it, analyze it in the context of your existing applications that your auditors, employees, and tax professional use within your CPA firm and ensure that you are fully connected through IPAD or Surface Pro or other wireless devices such as printers and cameras within your local network in a secure manner.    


check If you have no IT team or limited IT team support even better, our company can be great supplementary resource for your one time project needs.  With so many devices on the network it can be hard to obtain consistent speeds; there are many factors that can be involved such as co-channel interference from other wireless sources, low signal attenuation strength, or simply over loaded wireless access point that can’t service more than specific amount of bandwidth.  Having spotty, network of floor leaking behaviour type of wireless network or dropping network connectivity type of WIFI network is never a good thing, especially during busy tax seasons.




checkAdditionally, we have expertise in Wireless Site Survey, where we can come up with the exact placement for your WIFI devices inside single or multi floor-based environments, enclosed buildings.  Maximizing wireless connectivity for your employees and providing a guest network for CPA accounting firm’s customers can definitely be something considerable to implement.  View our Wireless Site Survey section for more info.

checkWe can design your wireless infrastructure; make it manageable through the cloud or on-premises and pick most optimal location using wireless design software.   Using inter combination of our wireless consulting skill set and industry design tools for wireless networks we can craft up solidified layout within internal premises of your accounting firm, providing your users with adequate wireless connectivity, and allowing accounting firms to leverage in their company’s network not only data connectivity over wifi, but also Voice over wifi. 

 We can create a wireless network and provide the following WIFI services for CPA firms

  • Allow your Tax Auditors and Tax collectors use IPads or signature readers to work over WIFI networks.

  • Allow wireless guest network connectivity

  • Has most optimum throughput speed for your Accounting firm’s application needs.

  • WIFI Security

Regardless of what Vendor device your CPA company use for your wireless connectivity our company DBA Binary Fusion can help your CPA firm, configure it, deploy it and provide a suggestion for your internal IT team on how to address it or help you manage your wifi accounting firm security needs remotely.  


Wireless Intrusion prevention systems used by Accounting Firms








Airtight Networks


Aruba Networks






DBA Binary fusion can work across a variety of vendors and can conduct not only wireless security for your accounting firm but wired security as well, helping your CPA firm protect your customer's personal information.



Top Wireless Security Questions Accounting Firm Managers should ask themselves.


  • What systems or policies have your firm put in place for securing wireless networks?

  • Have you experience a loss of client data or been exposed to malware on your wireless local area network?

  • When was the last time you had a security assessment performed on your Wireless LAN?

  • How do you ensure your customers safely and uniformly browsing the web over wireless using similar application and url filtering controls as your wired-based users?


If you pondered about any of these questions or simply would like our company to conduct a wireless site survey especially if your firm is in the process of moving into another location to bigger office space, then don’t hesitate to contact DBA Binary Fusion to request a quote. 


Internet Network Circuit Migration for Accounting and CPA firms


checkIf your existing ISP connection is too slow, and requires connectivity to remote offices either located in the east or west coast of the USA or other offices, geographically dispersed,  or perhaps your company has a smaller office in a remote location where no IT personal is present, then don’t hesitate to contact DBA Binary Fusion to let us help your company get migrated to faster lines, provide cable extension, cable wiring install wireless devices, and also connect your existing office through IPSEC tunnels to the cloud or MPLS/DMVPN sites.    We are experts in a variety of systems and technology integration gurus, who can help your Accounting firm smoothly, migrate to faster speeds.  Request a quote today.



IT Network relocation Services for Accounting and CPA Firms



checkIt’s often difficult to move to the new office, especially when the office has new layout. Moving IT infrastructure from one office to another can be quiet a challenging task. In fact often in many cases, it’s not needed to move absolutely every piece of infrastructure from your office to the newer one, simply because many components of the infrastructure may be easily migrated in the cloud, minimizing your efforts of having to maintain systems or hiring expensive IT consultants to troubleshoot difficult on site systems.


We can make sure Accounting and CPA firms have redundant connectivity


checkOur company realizes all that, however with new office roll, it’s important to ensure that internally users are connected properly to your core switches and to ensure that ISP connectivity is as redundant as possible, and to ensure that your office has adequate WIFI coverage, as well as to move the actual necessary infrastructure network devices from one location to another, and in addition to all that assist accounting firm with decision making in regards to what is necessary to move and what is not.


checkOften Accounting firms needs to understand exactly what is used and what is not used, what applications accounting firm users currently connect to, and how, and through which circuit. This is often a huge headache especially in situations where the accounting firm has complex data center rack equipment with not properly documented diagrams showing where is what, how everything is connected.


checkIt’s not easy to do the move without know what connects where and how, and it’s not easy to even understand what can be moved and what cannot be moved without properly analysing multiple factors that exist in the existing office space vs new office space. Our company DBA Binary Fusion can assist companies in CT, NY and NJ or even companies who are moving from west coast to east coast with strategic planning.   For more info about IT Moving and Relocation Services in CT | NY and NJ visit this link.


Data Cabling for Wired and Wireless Systems


checkWe can ensure that building has proper connectivity brought into your new office, and ensure that cabling is properly extended for your internal wired core switch to user switches and to wireless access points and other systems. We can help you analyse, secure and design your internal network and help you connect wired and wireless systems for your accounting users, ranging from voice, video, data, CCTV, Wireless Access Points, Network Access security systems and more. Contact DBA Binary Fusion for a quote. For more info about cabling services  for accounting firms  vist here Cabling Services for Accounting and CPA firms


We service CPA Accounting Firms in the following area

Major Metropolitan Tri-State Area of CT, NY, NJ

Bergen County NJ IT Solutions including cities of Paramus, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, River Edge, Edgewater, Fort Lee

Passaic County including cities of Clifton, Passaic, Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken and other cities in NJ state

Westchester County NY IT WIFI solutions and services 

White Plains, New Rochelle, Mount Kisco, Rye, PortChester, Yonkers, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck

Fairfield County Including cities of STamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, Wilton, Westport, New Canaan

Hartford, New Haven, Cheshire, Hamden

Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Rochelle,

New York and NYC


checkNeed remote services for other locations? We can provide IT consulting services for any other remote area as well. Locatted outside of this area perhaps in West Coast California? Have a remote accounting firm in east coast? DBA Binary Fusion can be your hands on eyes and brain on site in the east coast.  Contact us today for your IT consulting needs.