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Let us answer any IT networking question which you have in mind! Our IT Experts  in Westchester county NY  is the team of IT Cisco Certified, Microsoft Certified computer and network professional servicing tri-state area, including metropolitan area of lower and upper Manhattan, Fairfield Connecticut and Westchester counties.  If you are looking for IT Company who can help your organization create a better network, we are the company to contact. We can help companies secure, analyze and design their networks as well as provide custom IT solutions and services, hosted or offsite.  As part of every project that we cover, we follow the professional guidelines.

Our IT Network Consulting Company can help businesses in Westchester County NY succeed, by simplifying existing IT communication processes within company's network infrastructure, coming up with better strategy, reducing CAPex and OPEx costs, and minimizing risk.  We can help small businesses and medium size business strategize and discover, simpler network solutions then any other competitors may offer. Contact us to Request a quote.

Our IT Consulting Company in NY Can help companies in Harrison, Larchmont, Mammaroneck, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, New Rochelle, White Plains, Port Chester come up with the plan and design of a new robust IT Network, or cloud solution, that is within affordability reach of an avg size company in Westchester Count NY and surrounging counties. Contact us to Request a quote.

We can help law firms, real estate, professional LLCs, Finance Agencies, Doctor offices, dental offices small, large and medium businesses tackle their IT Network challanges by carefully implementing, integrating and executing IT Upgrade Network Refresh, Collocation, Network Virtualization, projects by leveraging best vendor practices.  Even if you have an existing project plan or design and can't seem to get approval from upper management, we can help you implement it and get that approval for infrastucture project.  

For every project that we finish we offer optional managed services to help your company manage cloud hosted solutions, local network infrastructure, including company’s VPN routers, Servers, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Accelerators,.  


How does it work and what IT Network Consulting Services our company offers?








          We offer Many others IT Consulting Services to view full list of services visit our service map below


Visit our homepage to navigate through this service map and decide if what you find is in your interest.


Our range of IT network services in Westchester County New York can be anything from integration of MPLS backbone interconnectivity between remote offices into central offices, data centers and business continuity sites, integration of DMVPN tunnels running over EIGRP, OSPF. Integration and isolation of remote company vendors for business to business partners connectivity into dedicated Virtual Router Forwarders used in conjunction with virtual firewall contexts, SVIs on the switches and zones on the firewalls. Isolation of VPN and internet across different resources, Active/Passive Failover integration for PROD and DR VPN sites in a way that Passive routers would become active if there is a routing failure or a router failure, even making interoperable tunnel work.  We work with customers who have different topologies, who have layer 2 based networks and layer 3 based networks or combination of both.


We can completely architect your entire solution from scratch leveraging intercombination of Network Security vendors such as Bluecoat, Checkpoint, Actiance, Symantec, Juniper, Palo Alto infrastructure devices plus more.

Firewalls Platforms We work with and have experience with.


If your organization, law firm, dental office, healthcare, accounting company, educational company or professional LLC is running any of the following platforms we can help your company leverage our services to deploy robust solutions.

Here is just some of the platforms we have experience with.


ASA 5500 series, Checkpoint 2200, 4400, Juniper based SSG series firewalls

Remote Access VPN Solutions and Double Factor Authentication Services


Does your company wonder how to interconnect company’s users from home to your company’s network?  Does your IT Engineering team have a project on the line to deploy robust method of authentication in combination with remote access VPN?

Our IT consultants, can help companies in Westchester county New York come up with such remote access solutions.  Couple of projects that we worked on include Remote Access VPNs, leveraging Java based SSL Extender client for corporate users being able to log onto the network through 2 redundant VPN firewalls across PROD and DR, in such a way that a single URL is provided to the user, where user connects to and on the back end transparently connection gets passed on to either primary firewall or secondary VPN firewall.


Active Directory Remote Access integration with RSA appliance Services

We can cook up solutions that would allow access to regular users in your company based on Active Directory user and permission settings, to gain access to specific resources.   Example of projects we work with include, making Remote Access VPN work with RSA Secure ID appliance for double factor authentication, integrated with Identity Awareness and LDAP based authentication Kerberos schema to allow, secure level of communication for corporate user across 2 different vendors, leveraging 2 different methods of connectivity.  

Multiple VPN options for Remote Connectivity leveraging Single Sign On

For example there are so many different type of VPN options, which one is the best option for your company.  As IT Director or Project Manager in charge of a complex project, your goal is to deliver transparency to the level of operations, flexibility and ease of use, as well as redundancy.   You may also need Single Sign on capability without having to put passwords multiple times, regardless what you needs are we can help

With our superior IT Checkpoint Consulting Services we can deliver for example Mobil Access VPN connectivity for remote users through dedicated customer portal leveraging port 443 SSL encryption to protect your company’s users to let’s say for example connect to Citrix, and reduce the level of user unfriendliness when it comes to loading Java applets or anything not intuitive that would result in users not knowing what to do.   

While simultaneously providing additional mechanism to allow user for example to connect through RDP using SSL extender client from checkpoint vendor in case if 443 Mobil method of access does not work.  Leveraging 2 methods of access, and providing simultaneously redundant interconnectivity two 2 VPN firewalls, one in PROD site and one in DR we can achieve such level of redundancy, user friendliness and flexibility. Note SSL extender is just an example of Checkpoint Product line for remote access clients we also work with other SSL VPN clients such as Cisco AnyConnect, Checkpoint Endpoint VPN client and many others.

DBA Binary Fusion helps companies secure their IT Networks for Contractor and guest user Remote Access


One of the main questions we get quite often is how do i secure contractor who needs specific access to company’s share drive from home to specific share for example, and to specific services.  Or how do i make this connection work in the event if primary firewalls is down that the 2ndary takes over.  We get questions like that quite often, and luckily we have solutions for these questions.

Example of VPN Authentication for Remote access authentication project, may require complex tasks such as importation of certificate, integration with RSA appliance, defining workflows, of how it all works providing documentation to IT directors and users.  These tasks are not easy to do especially if this is something that IT directors never worked on, but need this level of service as mandated by compliance.   Other examples may include internal company’s user bringing their own device and want to log onto the wireless network. Regardless of what your IT service needs are we can accommodate them.

Just talk to our professional IT Network Consultants servicing Rye, Port Chester, Purchase, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, New Rochelle, White Plains, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Harrison, Rye, Yonkers, Chappaqua and get the quote in the right top corner to allow us to help you get ahead of your projects. Note even if you need splash page, or web page replacing default vendor page with your own company logo and modification of disclaimer message we can also help with that, we have Web development experts who can assist with such tasks.


ITIL and Change Control Practices and IT Managed Services for NY Companies




We use best ITIL and change control practices to deliver solutions and can make sure that your solution is well documented and not just documented, but reinforced with advanced level of network monitoring and alerting.  Something that we can also setup for you, not based on what IT Director tells us what they need, but based on what we identify as risk factor, and based on what we think can be missing link at the point of failure and is in fact critical component that make sense to monitor, and not only monitor but monitored with advanced level of alerting notifying the user of what the issue, what steps to follow what to check, as oppose to like many other companies set up alerts to simply show what’s down without any explanation what any of it means.

External Vulnerability Assessment and Network Penetration Testing for Residents of New York and Connecticut


Attention to companies in Westchester County New York, Fairfield County CT did you know that majority of companies out there simply do not follow best practices of scanning their external networks on regularly basis to see if there are vulnerabilities on their network?  Did you know that being negligent to your network infrastructure can impose risk that may cause some companies thousands if not millions of dollars.   Why not get the help from DBA Binary Fusion IT consulting company servicing NY, CT, PA, NJ including major tri-state area cities, who can conduct this assessment and help your company be more secure?

Did you know there are tons of Bash vulnerabilities, and other vendor and operating system vulnerabilities, that can exist and you simply may not know about it, but in fact at risk?

Let us do that External Vulnerability Assessment as the 3rd party company who can do this audit, we have professional IT Network Security experts with experience and completion of Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management training as well as major vendor IT networking technology certifications and veteran technologists who can help companies in Westchester County New York scan their IT Network and see what issues lurking around, provide report and not just provide report, but provide, solutions to remediate identified issues found.   This service is especially useful for PPC compliance companies accepting credit cards or have any external web servers.  We offer external vulnerability assessment services that are designed for small, medium, enterprise and large size organizations.


VMware Vsphere Plus Nexus Switches integration IT Network Virtualization consulting Services for larger size hedge funds, real estate, law firms and healthcare companies in Westchester County Area


If you are running vmware within your environment chances are you heared of Nexus switches that can interconnect to vmware infrastructure where virtual switch from Vmware can be outsource to Nexus switch, to allow for level of separation of responsibilities between system and network engineers, allow more level of flexibility and throughput.  Our Company can provide robust Vmware consulting IT network in one shot to help organizations stay on top of their  virtualization needs. We can help companies set up Recovery plans as well leveraging SRM deduplication technology to migrate devices that are not heavily SQL intensive and database processes intensive to remote sites.

Disaster Recovery on Demand as Service for Westchester NY CT and NJ clients for small businesses and medium business running VMware Essentials

Have a PROD site?  No money to build DR site?  We provide service where we offer companies to have Disaster recovery on demand, where if your company has VMware Vsphere Essentials Plus servers installed and need to have a backup site to migrate your VMs in case of disaster, then we can provide that as a service to companies, in Port Chester, Scarsdale, Harrison, New York, Westchester County, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye, Yonkers, Mount Vernon.  No need to spend money for expensive on going DR sites, unless of course company has needs for Active/Active Disaster Recovery site environment.  If you are a small or medium size company and simply want to have disaster recovery on demand option we can help, contact us to request a quote.

VPN Design, MPLS Design and Netflow Analysis for small and medium businesses and enterprise level companies


Need your VPN designed, integrated with MPLS, create methods to track outages? Why not let us help you with that.  We can create custom MPLS integration solutions, using Get VPN, DMVPN, where we can run EIGRP traffic over the top of your MPLS provider, we can even pass traffic through BGP in such a way that connectivity through firewalls is redundant and firewalls not causing dynamic services to fail.  We can setup in house netflow analyzers in customer premises or if customer is on the budget host them at off site with dedicated VPN tunnels, regardless of what type of platforms customer has, we are able to connect it.  We work with interoperable VPN devices and can make connectivity work and have VPN tunnels stable and redundant with combination of existing MPLS service or help companies obtain MPLS service or create one ourselves for the customer.  Our netfllow analysys service can help companies identify bottlenecks in the network.  Contact us to request a quote for our Netflow Analysis service or for MPLS managed or DMVPN managed services.

Web Security, Application Logging and Archiving Services for Compliance Obligated Based Companies

Need to monitor your http traffic?  Have a bluecoat appliance, perhaps sonicwall within your environment?  Can’t seem to figure out how to log all http internet traffic?  Why not let our experts help you with configuring necessary services, on Bluecoat appliance or Checkpoint or Websense to have your traffic monitored.  We can setup proxy even off house to monitor your internet traffic in central location if hoisting appliance in your premises is an issue.  We can also log messaging applications such as yahoo, monitoring chat transcripts, blocking facebook, or any other social media applications.


IT Backup and virtualization Server solutions for small Educational firms, Dental Offices, Real Estate Companies, Financial companies in White Plains and New York Area



Do not have expensive vmware infrastructure, small business?  Can’t seem to figure out what solution you need?  We have proprietary business solution that we can come up in customer premises as hosted solution that can do backup of company’s servers to another server that runs virtual images, using virtual hypervisor without the outrageous cost of VMware solution.   Our virtualized solution that we can build, would satisfy the following.

  1. It would allow virtual machines to exist on the server

  2. It would allow to have same virtual IP address if one server goes down, where other one takes over, similar to how vmware works with concept of vmotion.

  3. We would still be able to point traffic to the same IP to this server and if physical server fails it would start running from another server.

  4. We would have ILO management connectivity configured to allow remote access.

  5. We would still be able to do backup using integrated virtualization with backup solution combination of both in one to an external NAS drive to remote location, that cost fraction of the price for any other paid solutions from major vendors that you will find such as Vmware, Zerto, Hyper-V etc…

Our IT virtual solution can come with monitoring setup without paying for expensive monitoring system, and have dedicated resources monitoring your infrastructure for small monthly fee, as well as providing network support if something breaks.


Why is virtualized solutions important for small companies?

Simply because it’s hard to compete with big companies who have more capital for more advanced solutions, so why not get a quote for our solution today and see how we can help your company in Westchester County NY deploy this solution

This is especially useful if your company runs some advanced front end web servers, our IT network and Unix consultants can beef up this virtualized solution, setup monitoring and documentation and have you up and running in no time.

Scared to migrate your Solar Winds, Linux or Exchange Server to new server?  

Have proprietary CRM systems running on your servers?  Can’t migrate it all without doing user testing or thinking about user testing, or want to be sure that server gets migrated correctly and functionalities are working as intended?  We have server migrators, and system upgrade experts that can help companies move their servers from old infrastructure physical environment to virtual.   Regardless if you have an old Joomla site, or custom CMS or patient records that needs to be moved carefully in secure fashion to another server, our Experts can help with such tasks.


Network Slowness, Troubleshooting Assistance Site Survey,  Network Analysis and Route Monitoring Analysis Services


Is your existing Internet slow?  Can’t seem to figure out why?  What’s causing slowness, why is slowness happening what can be done to deal with this problem? Our IT Network professional experts can decipher the reasoning behind why your connectivity is slow, our database experts can decipher why SQL or Oracle Query records are slow, and our business continuity experts can figure out when something failed how and why with predefined configured IT solutions for your business.   Our services include netflow analysis, network slowness analysis, route monitoring analysis, that can help us decipher if the issue is with ISP due to localized system infrastructure.  

Our it experts can figure out what is causing traffic drops, can review wireshark captures for proper signaling between machine communications.  If you are located in Westchester NY in cities of Rye, Harrison, White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Sleepy Hollow, Mount Vernon then you may have have MPLS circuits or T1 circuits or ethernet circuits from multiple ISPs such as ATT, Comcast, Cogent.  Our IT ISP subject matter experts can troubleshoot issues on these networks can setup necessary tools to help IT directors and engineers how to troubleshoot such networks and cand setup advanced level of alerting to notify of critical issues.  Our IT consultants can also conduct Site Survey and see what effects communication traffic, regardless if it’s wireless or wired based infrastructure.


Affordable Wireless Site Survey Predictive Westchester County New York


Looking to troubleshoot why wireless network is behaving weird?  Seeing drops? Or simply want to have your office installed with robust wireless solutions that would work with your Active Directory environment and ISE posturing mechanism with best BYOD policies and procedures implemented inside the solution as well?  If you answered yes then don’t hesitate to request a quote,   We can troubleshoot issues using oscillators, special software tools.  We work with Cisco wireless access point solutions using Clean Air technologies, but we can also roll out bridge wireless communications between buildings and help your college campus get interconnected, or have 2 office buildings get internet conned if running fiber is not an option.  View our Wireless Site Survey for details of what type of surveys we provide for NY Westchester County Residents.



Web Development/Design and SEO Services as well as app Development


Looking to come up number 1 on google or at least increase chances of doing so? Contact us to help you with your business needs, we can analyze your existing site, provide recommendations of what needs to be fixed, adjust content and best of all provide road map of what needs to be done to ensure your business moves off the rails, if it’s stuck and not receiving clients.  We have created websites for ourselves, not like other consulting companies created for others, but we in fact created sites for ourselves.  View our sample sites in Westchester County NY examples include RyeTutor.com or for Example www.TutoringServices.com or other sites such as UsedCollegebooks.NET   


We have custom CMS based platforms also for recruitment businesses, learning centers, and can custom tweak existing platforms to suit your business needs.  Additionally we have app development division that can create Mobil Apps.  Contact us to request a quote.


TIcketing and Documentation Portal Turns up for Small and Medium Businesses in NY


Want to become a business that have a ticketing system integrated with documenting system all in once where you can reference in tickets documentation, and reference in documentation tickets?  We are experts in Jira/Confluence and can help companies roll out such ticketing systems, integrate them with email, create custom work flows and ensure your policies and procedures are enforced by the ticketing system.  We can have this setup on virtual based solution that we also provide, and have it monitored as well. Examples of what ticketing system can do for you, is being able to create tickets assign tickets to other team members, add pictures in there add flowcharts, test web code add screenshots into tickets.  Handle customer processes much quicker.  We can integrate custom fields and created customized alerting to other team members.  Regardless if you need company’s portal site with your employees listed on the site or ticketing system or documentation system we can help.  Visit our sample of web sites we created in our industry education section for examples of what we created.

IT Solutions for Training Providers and Learning Centers

Are you learning center or training provider and need some sort of software solution to recruit candidates, to refer them to clients, collect payment, send out invoices allow users to create discount packages, and have full control of your employees in a customized portal?  View some of our solutions shown here example of CallMyTutor.com customer relation database system that does just that.  We can customize solutions educational organizations based on what they want, for example.  If educational organization such as school want to have all teachers specializing in specific subjects teaching specific class all entered into portal in such a way that school administrators can see every teacher, what grade they teach what class they teach, what subject they specialize, see tests that they have administered to students and their scores, and see what scores student received on the tests, or for teachers to be able to create tests and school administrator seeing how many classes passed it, we can make it work.

Let us know what’s on your mind and we can code it, we can develop it.  How we know all that? Simply because we did it ourselves for ourselves already, not for others.  

      So regardless if you want us to integrate some CodeIgniter framework or custom CMS into site or create custom application that does specific task, we can implement this project from scratch.  Or we can evaluate existing business processes and see where they can be improved and enhance systems that customers may already have in their premises.  Example given above is for educational organizations, however if you are law firm, Real Estate company, modeling agency, contracting firm, accounting company, financial organization, healthcare or any other professional LLC company in Rye, Chappaqua, Greenwich, Harrison, Yonkers, White Plains, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Mount Kisco, Pound Ridge, or any other city in Westchester county New York, we can help with custom unique solutions tailored towards your business.  We have User design experts and project managers ready to tackle tasks simply request a quote and we can provide evaluation of your business and see what can be improved and how it can be improved.


IT Solutions for Law Firms in Westchester County NY

Does your law firm need computer help?  Is your network slow? Do you need to upgrade your computer network or want to allw lawyers to connect to office from home? Our company offers IT Network Consulting Services for Law firms in Westchester County NY.   To view what  type of IT solutions and services we offer for law firms visit here.  We provide IT Network Support for law firms and IT consulting.  When you're looking for IT support services for your law offices, look no further than Binary Fusion. With more than 30 years of combined it consulting experience we help small and medium law firms and attorneys, we understand the unique technological needs and IT computer and Networkchallenges facing the legal industry.  We help companies in Westchester County NY.


Our Service for Law Offices is different from other companies.

Our IT Network Consultants in Westchester County NY provide unparalleled IT technical consulting and network support services to law firms in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Port Chester, Purchase, New Rochelle, White Plains, Elmsford, Bedford NY, of all sizes, from large international firms to small 1 attorney offices. Whether we're in your office or providing help from a remote location, our goal always remains the same: to relieve you from the IT computer problems, hassle of IT support and improve quality of your network, so you can concentrate on running your law firm.

  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Remote Access for Attorneys on the go
  • Network Upgrade and Refresh
  • IT office Move
  • Cable Wiring for small and medium businesses
  • IT Web Security to track which pages your staff navigating to
  • Custom Backup solutions for sensitive data
  • Phone and Video conferencing integration
  • Law firm IT support services
  • Managed services for law firms
  • Computer support for law firms
  • Law firm IT services
  • And lots more!




Reliable and Professional IT Security Solutions For Companies in Westchester County New York and lower and upper tri-state area


Our professional expertise are in IT network solutions, security solutions and technical business continuity solutions, we can help companies located in Westchester County NY or nearby cities such as Port Chester, White Plains, Scarsdale, Rye, Purchase, Port Chester, Mount Vernon, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, as well as nearby fairfield county CT companies in various industries such as dental, educational organizations, colleges, schools, universities, law firms, financial companies,  network their existing infrastructure and provide IT networking solutions that can last for a very  long time. We can answer any IT networking question that you may have and provide you with the best recommendation for your environment.  


What differentiates us from other IT System Consulting Companies in Westchester County NY

We are Reliable


            We are Professional


We are not just Networkers We Are Business Owners Too

If you are looking for any other IT Expert company in Westchester County NY you will not find one with the level of professional expertise that our IT network consultants NYC can provide. For the following reasons: We are Local IT Professionals servicing Tri State area and inner cities of Westchester County New York.  We have flexible pricing, project management resources. 

We are Technologists Oriented Subject Matter Experts not just Networkers!

We do not just specialize in IT Computer Networking, we specialize in solutions which may involve integration of complicated CRM system or building custom CMS solutions, web applications or any other complicated web development functionality,   We know what it’s like, because we have designed such complex web development and integration solutions for our selves, and would like to pass on the knowledge to companies looking for solutions that can improve company's revenue.  We can secure, analyze and design your network and integrate it with other IT elements to simplify and automate functions of your organizational processes.

We have over 30 years of combined Experience in IT computer networking, we are professional business owners just like you and not simply Techies, we are Cisco and Microsoft Certified. We work with different types of organizations, small to medium to enterprise. Additionally we can work with multiple vendors, not just Cisco and Microsoft.  We can troubleshoot customer’s existing  infrastructure, which means we are one stop shop.  Meaning we are not just consultants but we are the Managed Service Providers who can work with your company and coordinate resources and network solutions to get the job done.


Great Selection of IT Subject Matter Experts at your Service

Other consulting companies in Westchester County simply either can not offer the same level of expertise that we can due to specializing only in one specific field, with no overlapping fields, or being able to provide services, by overcharging customers.  We are here to provide long term solutions and solutions that fit customer budget.  We are not here to sell you hardware or software, we are here to help you make the right decision when choosing your vendor, for your small or medium size business.  We have great selection of IT professional experts who work with us who can get the job done and help your company stay on it’s feet. Contact us to reqest your IT expert to help you with your project.  Request a quote.


Pricing And Affordability for Westchester County New York Residents    


We have custom quote prices for specific projects, we have ad hoc network monitoring and support prices.  We don’t charge you arm and a leg for service that can be done for cheaper price, we are all about helping customer with long term goals, setting up solutions, and services that can help companies prosper.  Interested in having us complete your IT Project, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can get IT Project done.  We are Business IT Network Security Consultants who can evaluate your Business goals process and procedures and help your company get aligned with your business strategies.


Our Strategies and Success is determined by our Experienced Staff

When we make System or Enclave changes to your environment we make sure that it is well coordinated with your existing IT Department heads,  IT Vendors and local contractors.   We make sure that customer gets the top quality network consulting services. We are aware of change controls practices and procedures in major organizations and can sync up our course of actions based on policies and procedures of the company.  Regardless if it’s a small business company, medium size or enterprise.  

We all know how difficult it can be designing IT network from scratch or adding additional Video Conferencing Application Layer gateways to accommodate your video communication needs for communication between 3rd party contractors or remote offices across existing MPLS backbone , or having your Cisco Switches replaced with powerful Nexus core stackable switches, while preserving existing functionalities already residing your existing switches. Why not have some of these challenges handed it over to us.


Our Unique approach for Clients and Companies in Westchester County New York looking for Information Technology Solutions and Services


    Our main approach is to listen to clients needs, perform business continuity analysis to see what is going on with the network.  Conducting Risk Assessment and ensuring that risk factors that may impact customer’s performance are identified.  Examples of that can be, obtaining information of existing infrastructure, realizing what security risks are highest and helping companies remediate such associated risks.  We realize that there can be routers, switches, firewalls, proxy appliances, accelerators, load balancers, servers, nas drive appliances, and many other things lurking around inside companies infrastructure based assets.  

Having grasp of every resource and being able to understand how they are all connected, is critical, hence as part of our initial engagement process with the client, we provide an option for Business Risk Assessment from technological perspective,  Instead of us waiting for customer to define what is needed, we help companies, IT Managers and Directors decide what is really needed.  Perhaps what they thought was needed is not needed in a first place, and there is more adequate solution to the problem then what was originally thought of.  Let us help you make this decision.


Our IT Solutions and Recommendations to IT Directors.

After we are done with risk assessment and comprehensive analysis, we take pro-active approach and don’t just help out the company in identifying their business risk factors, we help out  IT Directors/Managers by providing exact road map of what needs to be fixed first and how much effort it would take.  The road map that  IT Directors, and IT Managers can show to their CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and get an approval based on such analysis, this type of analyis that our IT experts provide can help with Statement of Work, from which Work Breakdown Structure can be derived from.

 Hence we are not the IT guys that come to your company and request you to compile statement of work where IT directors end up doing majority of the work like many IT directors may have experienced with other IT Network Consulting companies, we are the guys that tell IT Directors what their best course of action should be, what the statement of work should be based on our analysis and high level overview communications between IT directors, IT Operations and staff members.This is where we come in, we don’t just identify what needs to be done, but we engage our Professional IT Network consulting services to fully explain IT directors associated risk factors and integrate solutions within your environment.  View our solutions and services for IT Networks that we specialize in to see if what you are looking for is something that we are offering.


What type of companies can we service?

There are numerous companies in Westchester County New York who can benefit from our services, in variety of industries.  We specialize with Hippa health companies, doctor offices as well as dental offices, radiology centers and other health based organizations, educational organizations, law firms, financial industries, professional LLC, hedge funds, and can provide compliance regulatory solutions that can fit customer’s needs.  Our superior it Network consulting solutions can offer services for any of the following types of companies. Click here to view list of industries we service, if you don't see on the list that doesn't mean we don't service it, simply contact us if you see your industry missing and we can accomodate solutions.

                Legal CPA Firms








                Mortgage Brokers


                Non-Profits (with discounted labor)


                Job Search




                Internet Startups



Cisco, Solar Winds, Vmware, Checkpoint, Juniper, Microsoft IT Subject Matter Experts at your service in Westchester County NY



If you are a small, medium or enterprise business wait no longer contact us today to help you with your IT Network Refresh project, Migration of complicated Voice infrastructure or customization or automation of your IT Network infrastructure.  We specialize with the following vendors Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, SolarWinds, Vmware, Microsoft, you name it, we done it all.  Even if you have video conferencing projects or Voice type of projects where your office needs phone services, or unified communication services we can assist with that as well.  Don't hesitate to contact us to request a quote for your custom solution. 


About Westchester County NY

Westchester County is a county in the US State of New York.. Westchester covers an area of 450 square miles (1,200 km2), consisting of 48 municipalities. Established in 1683, Westchester was named after the city of Chester England.  The county of Westchester is the city of White Plains

Westchester County is the fifth-wealthiest county in New York (after Nassau, Putnam, Suffolk, and Rockland Counties) and is the forty-seventh wealthiest county nationally. Westchester County ranks second after NY city in terms of highest median income per person, with a higher concentration of incomes in smaller households.

The county's location places New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, and Long Island sound to its south, Putnam County to its north, Fairfield County Connecticut to its east, and Rockland County as well as Bergen County NJ across from Hudson river to the west. Westchester is the first suburban area of its scale in the world to develop, due mostly to the upper-middle class development of entire communities in the late 19th century, and the subsequent rapid population growth.

Neighboring counties  on Long Island, Sounds, Nassau and Suffolk county on it’s south, Putnam to it’s north, Fairfield County to it’s east, and Rockland County and Bergen County NJ across Hudson River on the west.

Zip Codes in Westchester County NY

10501-10507, 10509-10511, 10514, 10517-10523, 10526-10528, 10530, 10532-10533, 10535-10536, 10538, 10540, 10543, 10545-10550, 10552-10553, 10560, 10562, 10566-10567, 10570, 10573, 10576-10578, 10580, 10583, 10587-10591, 10594-10598, 10601, 10603-10607, 10701, 10703-10710, 10801, 10803-10805

Map of our service area for this county




Our company specializes in securing, analyzing and designing infrastructure


We Service the Following Areas:


IT Network Support Services in NY


  • Manhattan
  • Scarsdale
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • Yonkers
  • Chappaqua
  • Bronxville
  • Armonk
  • Elmsford
  • Tarrytown
  • South Salem
  • Bedford
  • Pelham
  • New Rochelle
  • Mamaroneck
  • Port Chester
  • Rye
  • Mount Vernon
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Larchmont
  • Purchase
  • Eastchester
  • Harrison
  • Peekskill
  • Somers
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