IoT and M2M Wireless Private Network Consulting for mobile to mobile or in motion vehicle needs



IoT and M2M Wireless Private Network Consulting for mobile to mobile or in motion vehicle needs.



Want to see how to get connected to the cloud?  Check out Rome Wells Review describing to regular folks out there for how to connect IoT devices in motion to the cloud.


In short, we help companies get connected to the cloud securely at the most affordable cost possible, provide IoT or product marketing for your IoT device, verify if your IoT is compliant with FCC regulations, and even help you get a local intern to help you get the work done faster.  

All thanks to our parent company Tutoring Services, LLC and innovative founder of the DBA Binary Fusion company Rome Wells helping bring together business owners, lawyers, information security, marketers and even FCC.  Why? To help America Stay Secure from the most imminent threat that is lurking upon us.

The threat of exponentially increasing risk in cyber security defense mechanisms for major American businesses (and not just American but worldwide).  The threat that is rising at extremely fast rate due to the rapid evolution of IoT, Cloud, SDN, and Wireless advancement (then eventually AI) with little to almost no oversight of technological components that are involved in getting businesses connected from point A to point B.   

The purpose of this article is to explain to business owners what to look for in IT Consulting company when attempting to hire them to get your IoT devices interconnected to the cloud.  

Additionally, the purpose of this article is to provide a model to every IT consulting company in the nation for what their service level offering should really look like when it comes to IoT integration and consulting.  

Additionally, the purpose of this article is to show what our company can do for your business and explain to C-LEVEL execs how we can not only help you secure, analyze and design your wireless in motion or in vehicle IoT or M2M network and save money, but also help you avoid major pitfalls and gotchas and even help you market your own product.


There are multiple ways to connect your IoT device in motion or in the vehicle to the cloud.  

Our company specializes in consulting services where we help businesses get connected to the cloud at an affordable price.  We get to connect the dots and provide you the best options for how you can connect your IoT or M2M devices to the cloud securely.  

Additionally, we help you write a user manual associated with your IoT device, or M2M product and help you market your product and even helping you get the job done faster by connecting you with the local intern.  

Are you a startup/small/medium size business who needs help connecting you're in motion vehicle mobile networks to your data center or AWS IoT or have any other IoT need?


  • Looking for help inter-connecting together your newly created IoT? 
  • Trying to figure out how to interconnect your IoT or M2M devices to the Amazon AWS IoT cloud? 
  • Do you have some front end servers in the Amazon hosted as virtual servers that provide front-end functionality to some customers on the internet that eventually connects with some back-end servers that store some data such as let's say date that you are hoping to receive from your in vehicle in the field and in motion IoT industrial devices?   
  • Do you have a use case where your existing engineers put something together locally, but struggling to make heads and tails of how to connect it outside of the local premises? 
  •  Do you have the need to interconnect your in motion vehicles to your servers in the Amazon cloud?  
  • Are you wondering what is the best way to do it?  
  • Are you asking your self-questions what is the cheapest way of doing this?  
  • Are you asking yourself questions about IT security associated with your IoT device when making it connected to the Amazon cloud?  
  • Are you asking yourself whether or not there are any other gotchas within your existing IoT device that may result in negative customer experience down the road?  
  • Are you attempting to make heads and tails for how exactly your IoT will connect to your data center or cloud in a secure way?  
  • Are you trying to figure out if there are any other factors involved, such as costs, vibrations resulted from having your IoT in Motion, unstable DC electricity that depends on your car battery that can cripple your device from operating efficiently?   
  • Do you have a team of guys who are mostly focused on creating IoT product and thinking about the actual device itself vs thinking about how this device will actually connect to the network? 
  •  Do you have the team of mechanics or extremely technical gurus who are only focused on doing specific tasks such as cooking up tactics to measure pressure, temperature or water levels or something else sensor related and gathering data locally, without really understanding how to send that data outside of your local IoT device?
  • Do you have the need for making sure that the data gathered your devices such as temperature, or GPS coordinates, or speed or velocity or pressure gets properly transmitted from the moving vehicles to the cloud for your customers to see this data?   
  • Do you want to somehow track your employees using your IoT or track something else?  
  • Perhaps you want to track when and when employees started using the device, perhaps you want to know where your employees drove the vehicle to, perhaps you want to measure the pressure of a pump or of an air conditioner from the outside.
  • Or perhaps you simply want consulting advice that can show you how to ensure that your existing IoT or M2M devices are properly communicating and not only communicating but communicating in a secure way yet at the same time at affordable cost or at least much more competitive than the market has to offer  whatever the case maybe DBA Binary Fusion has got you covered. 
  • Or perhaps you are thinking that you want to sell your IoT product on Amazon, but did you know that if your products get hacked you can get banned from Amazon completely, having solid double checking on your product and consulting advice from DBA Binary Fusion can help you out significantly from getting dropped out of market even before you get your product fully to the market. 

If you have concerns about any of these issues and looking for a solid recommendation, advice, consulting and level of service that can help you bridge together your mobile workforce with your existing data center or with your existing AWS IoT or any other cloud then look no further you came to the right place.  Our Company DBA Binary Fusion helps start-ups, small and medium and large size companies interconnect their in-vehicle IoT to the cloud securely.   


Major Law related Gotchas to Watch out for Iot manufacturers and start-ups. 

Did you know that there are tons of gotchas to watch out for when it comes to manufacturing or even advertising IoT devices that have anything to do with RF frequency and are not approved by FCC?  Yep that is right, the newest law regulation requires companies to be FCC certified and approved for selling of manufactured IoT that violate RF frequency standard.  

In case you need a reminder who FCC is... the definition of FCC from Wikipedia reference is shown below

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of the United States government, created by Congressional statute (see 47 U.S.C. § 151 and 47 U.S.C. § 154) to regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. ...

So wait what on earth does that gotcha means?  It means that if your devices are note approved by FFC such as for example LED IoT light fixtures that omit RF (radio frequency) that is not subject to FCC rules you will not be able to sell your product in USA.   


How can DBA Binary Fusion help start up companies not to get screwed?

Luckily as one of the services that we offer for start up or any other size companies is compliance review for IoT.  Where we actually review FCC rules and guidelines and ensure that your devices do not get hinged by the FCC rule regulations.  In simple words, we review your device for these gotchas and help you avoid these gotchas or help your device get certified.  

Note, to do that there are strings that need to be pulled from multiple directions. Strings that require analysis of your IoT devices from RF standpoint perspective and in relation to FCC regulations to ensure that your device complies with FFC rules and regulations that are there for consumer safety.  The last thing consumers want to do is get RF interference due to improperly manufactured IoT device that causes havoc around the office by blocking other critical data signals.

Imagine a hospital that has WIFI getting interference from RF frequency due to let's say some contractor savvy company deciding to land a contract where they would install killer looking LEDs to save energy (note how I said Killer in this sentence it means literally killer).  Why Killer?

The reason why is because these very same LEDs can create interference if for example they were manufactured with improper emitting RF frequency causing other sensors and critical wireless connectivity for life support systems or anything else in that nature to malfunction.

 That's right malfunction, the very same little gotchas that not that many people think about, and probably do not care, unless of course it happens to you while you are laying in the hospital and encountering a situation where you life support system or anything related to your health state is no longer working due to let's say some improper RF frequency configured on these LED devices.   Luckily we have FCC to protect against such negligence.  

There is one trouble that FCC faces, and that is a lack of knowledgeable IT consultants who can actually verify if the devices are in fact FCC compliant.  Why is that?  Well, the reason is actually simple to really understand concepts of IoT devices sending out the wrong type of RF frequency you really need to know what you are doing and have a concrete understanding of air waves. To understand the concept of airwaves you technically need to have knowledge of spectrometer usage and pattern recognition of particular wave signatures and many other signal interference factors (it's an entire science behind it)  

Also, another challenge that FCC has is the fact that, their rules and regulations are very tough to understand legally speaking and misinterpretation of legal concept can result in your company in never being able to lift the ground.  So the question is... how can legal mumbo jumbo can be translated to the business world typical start-up companies?  This is where DBA Binary Fusion comes into play.


How exactly can DBA Binary Fusion help?


Our company has direct partnerships with lawyers who specialize in FCC regulations with an area of expertise in telecommunication and IT.   DBA Binary Fusion connects to lawyers through, believe it or not, another one of our educational sites that is run by our umbrella company Tutoring Services, LLC. In simple words, lawyers know about DBA Binary Fusion from this site take a look why Lawyers know about us and how exactly thousands of them are connected to us.

In simple words, we help students become lawyers and these very same lawyers return our company a favor, a favor where they get to refer to us clients who have incidentally violated FCC rules and need help getting the situation resolved.   Now some of you may ask well how on earth can DBA Binary Fusion have connected to so many lawyers, the answer is actually pretty easy, our parent company wrote a book for law students and existing lawyers the book is FREE and is shown on our site that helps students get into the law field.  You can view our LSAT book here.

The strategic partnerships that we create with lawyers help us decipher FCC rules more efficiently and help lawyers make additional money while helping our company make additional money as well from simply being consulting security company that inter-connects all the peace together.  

Now if you have your IoT devices purchased in China or any other location outside of USA then be prepared to pay for making sure that your devices are FCC compliant.  In DBA Binary Fusion opinion it's a great thing for the American economy and a great thing for the safety of American people and most certainly a great thing for lawyers and for consulting companies such as DBA Binary Fusion or any other type of company.  

The recent FCC changes have created opportunities for our company DBA Binary Fusion to make a difference for the world of consumers and help small, medium and start-up companies get their IoT verified before marketing it to the public.  Did we also tell you that we do the marketing of your product?  

If not please continue reading further and view our marketing offerings.  Also, do check out our Google Plus page for a better explanation of our IoT service offering through bright red and black and white color marketing footprint helping you the very same person who is reading this article better understand what our company DBA Binary Fusion can do for your IoT wireless secure connectivity needs.  (when you are checking out the link to google plus page pay close attention to black, red and white coloring we use and style of graphics we use... similarly we can market your IoT product to the public using similar tactic helping your company jump beyond just connecting securely to the mobile wireless in vehicle or in motion networks and the cloud)


We have knowledge for analyzing RF and can apply the same checking mechanisms to see if your IoT complies with FCC rules

Luckily our company DBA Binary Fusion specializes in air signal strength analysis and interference measuring and RF signal strength measuring. Now our roots of knowledge do not just come from nowhere, in fact, they come from our other similar to RF usage service that we been offering for many years.  Take a look at our wireless site survey IT consulting service where we help companies get a proper understanding where to place their wireless access points.  

The very same air analysis service that requires knowledge of airwaves and interference and frequencies and requires special wireless site survey software (if interested to see which software visit our wifi tools review page) that helps us create heat map around wireless access points showing us precisely where wireless access point should be placed with respect to a particular frequency and interference and level of radiation emitted from the wireless access point.    The very same expertise and knowledge that our company has in analyzing airwaves is applicable to verification of RF specs for your Iot vs FCC mandated rules and regulations.







Major Use Cases that are driving the need for our services.

Many customers out there simply stuck with so many service providers on the internet ranging from different carriers offering all sorts of wireless networks for mobile to mobile type of inter-connectivity to hardware and solution vendors who have variety tons of features on their integrated modem/router devices, that it's really becoming extremely difficult to decide which solution makes the most sense, especially when other factors come into play such as the need for customers to interconnect to AWS IoT or other cloud providers.

Major Drivers that fuel our customer's needs.  We realize that our customers also have customers, and also have responsibilities.  That means our customers must know associated costs and other information that pertains to the wireless solution design for IoT, SDN, M2M in Vehicle Networks.    Which is why we specialize in addressing these needs as one of our areas of focus and specialization. 

So what are the most common needs and drivers of our customers?

  • The need for wireless connectivity in moving devices.
  • The need for digital signature such as contract signing in moving vehicles
  • The need for measuring probe sensor or other types of sensors data in real time.
  • The need for measuring speed, temperature, pressures or other statistical information that can help our customers have competitive IoT product.
  • The need for being able to interconnect their existing physical data center or warehouse with the existing MPLS circuit to the mobile in-vehicle wireless networks.
  • The need for being able to rely on wireless in vehicle and in motion wireless networking for passing internet traffic to the passengers within the vehicle
  • The need for being able to track employees and anything that has anything in relationship to what these employees are doing on the job (whether it's foam spraying, driving the truck, scanning signature of customers inside the vehicle, or providing possibility for customers to make payments or browse the internet all across different secure channels.
  • The need for integrating cloud services into the mobile workforce in a way that helps a customer of customers manager in-vehicle networks.
  • The need for having the flexibility of being able to control the field devices more easily and extend support to customer's customers.

Factors that stick on the back of everyone's minds and factors that entire media talks about.

  • How to secure IoT and M2M networks, and reduce hacking risk.
  • How to make sure that IoT or M2M devices do not use too much data.
  • How to view the usage and utilization of data
  • How to gain visibility and resiliency 
  • How to upgrade the firmware of communication devices to avoid security breach issues in a way that doesn't maximize on-site in the field costs.
  • How to bridge connectivity between Wifi and Cellular devices and reduce the usage of wireless networks data to save money in the areas where connectivity is possible through wifi.
  • How to bridge the gap between wired and wireless networks, meaning in certain cases, when the devices is on the customer premises and wifi is available there is no need to use precious 4g, 3g or 5g data, and flexibility to rely on wifi can be most certainly the best breed of both worlds. 
  • How to chose carriers who can help get connected.
  • How to chose information technology components that can help wifi and wired in the field networks connect to the cloud.
The days of Wifi are slowly shifting in the direction of 4g Networks and towards cellular providers in the form of hybrid (wifi + cellular approach). This hybrid approach creates variety methods of flexible and secure communications, that many solution companies talk about, yet none of them provide an exact picture of how exactly does all of that technology factor into customer's overall solution.
Tons and tons of companies in India and all over the place popping up proclaiming that they are experts in IoT, M2M and beyond.  Yet many simply fail to understand exactly what customer's needs are and only go half a mile vs going full mile and providing quality service.  

The reason for that is a lack of business understanding.  Our company DBA Binary Fusion instantly realizes that and inner combines concepts of business analysis, project management, and information security to jump across multiple layers of security and provide rapid solutions for start-up companies who are simply stuck and getting pulled away in multiple directions from different solutions, options, and mindsets.   
The majority of the companies who provide IoT wireless network design and security simply focus on way too much technical load that they completely undermine actual business concepts and simply provide and recommend solutions that are either too expensive or the type of solutions that do not make sense.  

Why so many solution companies who offer IT consulting services disconnected from many of their customers?  

The reason why is because many of such solution companies are locked down to a particular vendor a particular partnership a particular affiliate based relationship that causes regular Avg daily customer money.  

Meaning, in some cases companies attempt to offer customers solutions that favorable mostly to the solution providers rather than favorable for the customer!  In fact, that trend is very common, which is why the new profession and the new skill and the new trade has evolved, the trade of an IT Generalist type of professionals who can internetwork multiple mindsets, review dependencies and calculate the best type of solution that is appropriate to the customer.  


DBA Binary Fusion is the IT Generalist (in fact we teach thousands of engineers how to become IT Generalist) and is the Network Consulting company who can help customers make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right type of in-vehicle and in motion wireless network design and solution while simply being neutral type of solution provider who is not locked down to a particular vendor or carrier, helping customers make the right decision in customer's best interest sort of like the lawyers who are attempting to help clients.  

Industries we Service


Law Firms

Speaking of law industry, DBA Binary Fusion also helps law firms with IoT, M2M and in-vehicle secure wireless network design where we help lawyers and partners interconnect from their on the go vehicles with their corporate law firm, and cloud.  
Some lawyers and detectives travel from site to site and need additional connectivity in their cars helping them to register specific events or take pictures of property damage or recording other data at a specific time at a specific date, at specific GPS coordinate and location for the proof in courts.  We can help with an in-vehicle network wireless design connectivity solution or consult in general for how to connect IoT devices for law firms.  To see additional services we offer for law firms feel free to visit our law firm IT solutions and services page.  Additionally, we help students become lawyers, find out how. 

Small Warehouse shops


If you happen to have a warehouse that sells air conditioners or offers any other HVAC service or happen to create some sort of IoT compiled product full of bells and whistles where you have bunch of mechanics or engineers working on and simply want the help of a consultant to take a look and recommend best way to connect your devices in a secure manner than DBA Binary Fusion can help.   We can see exactly what method of connecting your devices to the cloud is most suitable, whether it's through AWS IoT directly through some certificate provisioning using pub/sub based model with zero time deployment type of approach or more standardized carrier-redundant based IT networking approach.  


Educational organizations Colleges, Training Centers Universities


We realize that many educational organizations rely on in motivation and in-vehicle connectivity also, and also have the need to interconnect either student passenger taxis or shuttles or busses or anything in the moving nature together with the central college, training center or college or university data center or the cloud.  We realize that connectivity and student oversight and digital signature and payment are all factors in the creation of in-vehicle networks.  

We realize that it's a good idea to see the attendance of students in the school busses or see even signature and picture of the student as they are entering busses.  We realize that the there is an entire need in this sector that simply requires lots of planning and attention.  Our parent company is Tutoring Services, LLC and our core values are in education.  Our IT consulting services in-vehicle wireless resilient network design and consulting is appropriate choice for many educational organizations.

 Deans and administrative staff can save themselves lots of headaches and improve enrollment of their students and decrease many gotchas with the help of our IT Network Consulting services and not just for moving vehicles or wireless network design but in marketing.  See our parent company services that we offer for colleges, training centers and educational organizations that help colleges improve academic enrollment and find students.  Go to that link visit that link see how our parent company helps educational organizations then come back here and continue reading the rest of our in-vehicle network wireless design service offering.  

The link above is a great read for administrative staff, deans, and school directors.  At the end of the read, there is a high possibility that you may end up hiring either our DBA Binary Fusion company for in-vehicle network wireless design or in marketing or in a combination of both.


We also service other industries and different size of companies



In-Vehicle and in Motion IoT IT consulting for Financial Organizations


Our core specialization area is in Finance, we realize lots of financial companies out there have data centers and run their servers and applications in public and private clouds.  We realize that some financial organizations also have unique need for mobile to mobile inter-connectivity and have the need for inter-connecting their internal data centers and spoke offices together in a way that is secure, in a way that makes sense and in a way that helps our customers interconnect safely and securely to the cloud using wired and wireless in motion in vehicle connectivity.  

We help financial organizations go beyond their limits of simply analyzing solution from a cost perspective, and help them analyze it from different factors perspective.  Financial organizations have a variety of needs, and some organizations may have Kiosks or ATMs or other types of devices that simply have to be connected the right way, and having them connected in an insecure way is simply not an option, neither it's an option to have them connected in a nonresilient manner.  Whatever the case maybe our company can help with providing the right type of IT consulting advice and solution for your company's needs.  Request the quote or call us at the phone number at the top right corner above or contact us from the chat icon below at the right bottom corner.

Iot and M2M Wireless connectivity for Vending Service providers

Do you have a vending business?  Do you have the need to interconnect your vending machines?  Whether you have snack route or water route or any other type of route around the areas of CT, NY and NJ our company can help you connect your vending machines to the central portal.  We can pick the right solution for you that can help you stay in control of your vending needs.  Often many of our customers want to see exactly what vending machine does, how much money it collected, how many snacks left etc etc..  All that data requires connectivity and secure connectivity.  DBA Binary Fusion can help you get connected to the AWS IoT or another cloud portal securely.  




How does DBA Binary Fusion help customers with their consulting advice?


Take a look below what exactly DBA Binary Fusion analyzes as it goes through each particular Vehicle in Motion network design Use Cases.  After reviewing this list you will quickly understand the value of our services.  


Help for Start Up, small and medium, large size companies.

For example, Companies who we worked with in the past include the types of companies who simply wanted to have a way to connect their devices to the cloud be able to track data and relay that information to the customers' customers.  

Key Characteristics that we consider when looking at the solution for the customers.

1.  What is the overall market price for the device that they are building and trying to sell

2. How does the price of connectivity and vehicle in motion network design factors into the overall solution?

We have relationships with major connectivity solution vendors and major wireless provider networks such as Verizon, ATT, Comcast, Level 3 and other providers, this allows us capabilities to extend aggressive pricing discount on MSRP prices of major communication mobile to mobile equipment.

3. Analyzing Gotchas that customers are most likely to encounter during an implementation of In vehicle and in Motion IoT and M2M type of devices.

Factors may include, key things like electrical instability, temperature fluctuations, vibrations of the device while a vehicle is in motion.  Many of these factors and gotchas help many customers avoid losing money when the IoT device is rolled out in the vehicle. Knowing these gotchas can help significantly save money, and avoid costly mistakes.  

Design of in motion network has lots of gotchas that customers simply not aware of, and expectation that it can just work and be reliable is not always accurate especially when no proper IT consulting expertise is leveraged throughout the implementation of the project (which is where DBA Binary Fusion comes in)

4.Analyzing Resiliency and coming up with actual design

Analyzing multiple methods of resiliency for IoT devices whether it's using the site to site VPN tunnels directly terminated from mobile devices to the cloud or through the intermediate aggregate device or through NEMO/DMNR functionality or through intercombination of other layering methods to allow resiliency across multiple wireless 4g cellular provider networks.   As part of this process, we analyze the resiliency methods and come up with wireless for vehicles in motion design, in conjunction with the cellular vendor network provider, hardware provider and in conjunction with customer requirements, risk factor analysis, cost analysis and other factors.

5.  Providing the best recommendation for the solution and ensuring that the recommendation is adequate in context with overall business goal   

For example if start-up company's business goal is to cook up something that for example collects pressure of the pump relays it to the Amazon cloud then at the same time provides functionality for digital signature where let's say customer of another customer gets to sign something at the end of the transaction or pay for something using credit card while in the field or for the passenger or the driver being able to interconnect to Wifi or for device to be able to gather speed, and location using GPS or be able to obtain, temperature or pressure or any other data then send it to the cloud back-end servers that can carry over that data in the form of nice and visual graphs to the front end servers for managers or customers of customers to see then this is exactly what we can help you cook up.

6.  Point a to point b Security Analysis and data usage

Additionally we analyze how to get the data delivered securely in a way that customer doesn't get slammed with the huge 4g usage bill, there are ways to ensure that it doesn't happen and there are also ways to ensure that public ip from the wireless communication device in each vehicle is not exposed to the internet and that ll of the communications happen privately across either carrier networks or intercombination of carrier cellular networks encapsulated within the tunnel.  

For example, we met customers in the past who we saw get hit with huge data usage on 4g networks.  The reason why they were getting hit with huge data bill on their 4g mobile connectivity bill is simply that they were not properly connected to the cloud.  

We found that some routers/modem devices which our customers were responsible for were exposed to the public Internet, allowing hackers on the Internet flexibility to scan customer's router's public IPs, which in turn would eat up lots of data. The data that the customers simply weren't happy to pay for, simply because they were not the ones who were using it.  In a typical LAN based network perhaps it's not a big deal if some public scans eat up your data, but on mobile network, situations is a lot more different and more sensitive in nature especially if there are much wireless in-vehicle routers.  

Hence coming up with solutions for such types of problems is our expertise.  DBA Binary Fusion can help companies solidify their network connectivity needs between wireless in-vehicle 4g interconnected IoT devices and make sure that they are connected through the secure and private channels, while simultaneously helping customers minimize chances of getting slammed with the big 4g bill.

7.  IoT device Security physical and logical analysis

Additionally, we analyze IoT device for security to see what type of physical security is present and what type of logical security is present.  When we say logical we mean things like, how old is the firmware, what ports are open, what is the likelihood of IoT getting hacked etc. etc.. etc.. other factors we keep in mind is Ipv4 vs Ipv6 capable devices, and whether or not IoT are capable of interconnecting securely to the cloud or corporate data centers or other customer's location using any other methods other than just relying on the single cellular provider.  

Additionally we verify the state of connectivity of what is suppose to connect out from IoT device and what is not suppose to be initiating connection and provide appropriate network design, and assisting with locking down operational state of IoT devices in such a way that if someone does gain access to the particular device and manages to spoof the IP address that it will not be able to penetrate the rest o the customer's network where potentially other customers exist.  

We provide recommendations for what ports need to be locked down.  We ensure that the solution that we recommend to customers for inter-connectivity of IoT devices is also manageable from remote location and capable of showing whether or not there are any connectivity issues, and capable of showing historical records of signal strength, helping customers easily determine when and where connection was low and what data was being utilized from where to where the data flowed and many other factors, that helps reduce security associated risks.



8.  Logical Security and vulnerability analysis

We inter-combine not only our logical security skill set to identify how vulnerable device, but also leverage our physical security thinking hat, by analyzing feasibility factor of external party tapping into the device and connecting to the remainder of the customer's network resulting in a major outage of other devices or even slowing down entire carrier network.  

The days of science fiction when hackers tap into a particular device to hop on the network are not as far fetched!.  The risk factor is real, hence as part of our analysis and consulting advice we provide recommendations to our customers of what needs to be addressed from physical security standpoint

9. Price factor analysis across different hardware/software/platform vendors

We help customers pick communication equipment in coordinated effort based on suggest your price type of workflow, where we ask customer what is the highest price that they can afford to have mobile integrated router and 4g /modem for with dual sim cards and then work backwards from that price, by simply getting cellular carrier network vendors involved and extending their aggressive pricing towards the client, making it possible for client to afford to build IoT in vehicle and in motion design network, that is attractively looked up by the customer's customers and provides higher competitive advantage.   We leverage our major partners and cellular providers to assist us with equipment picking in a way that is actually compatible with the IoT.

For example not every customer has simply the need for connecting their IoT device to the wireless network only for the internet, some have the need to connect only to customer's data center in the cloud, some have the need to provide integrated GPS connectivity in conjunction with other metrics gathered by the actual IoT device.

10.  Beyond Security and IoT Analysis

We go beyond just looking at Security of IoT, and end to end interconnectivity, what we analyze is entire lifecycle and support of the mobile integrated 4g modem/router and making sure that our customers are in full control of their network, we help companies secure, analyze and design their wireless private network in conjunction with their business needs, in a way that does not handicap them down the road from operational state.  

We do that by analyzing the actual vendor(s) who we end up using to interconnect IoT for reliability, security, resiliency and dependability because the last thing we want to do is end up with the vendor who is not dependable.

 Our customers depend on DBA Binary Fusion and we depend on the cellular carriers and equipment vendors and platform vendors and cloud vendors and extend that solution out to the customers, in the form of an easy and intuitive solution.  The solution that we actually help our customers understand and not only understand but realize with the least amount of risk.    

For example, as part of our service, we review customer functional requirements and cross reference that functional requirements with multiple hardware vendors, analyze who is the most dependable, who is the most affordable, who brings the most value then provide the recommendation to our customers.  

11.  Mobile App integration and customer training with gathered sensor data from IoT devices.

Where most of the consulting services would stop on simply providing consulting services for security and network connectivity, we, on the other hand, go beyond simply providing consulting advice, recommendation, analysis, but we actually help start up companies market integrate their data into mobile apps, apps that can be given to customers' customers, the apps that can run on either iPhones or Android capable devices.  

The methods we use include other types of a platform in the cloud that allows to rapidly create apps, and in fact, the app creation concept is soo easy that we actually show it to the customer and let the customer manage the app from the data that is being gathered from the IoT devices.    

Not only do we help customers create app we have created apps for ourselves, view example for how we actually do that, the app building process is also inner combined without marketing service, where as part of the marketing service we help customers not only get the data from their on the field in the motion vehicle devices into Amazon cloud, but we help companies get that data onto the app and at the same time help customers market their product!   Take a look how we created similarly a mobile app for our own business view our marketing section for more details (app name is tutor track).

12.Marketing Analysis and traffic generation of potential customers helping our customers make money

Additionally, we provide marketing services for the start-up companies where we generate traffic to the pages.  We do this through innovative approach to content creation and beatified graphics, for example, take a look at our Software Defined Networking book here to see how we create sales pages  

See how the page shows tons and tons of graphics?  See how it's inner combined in content?  The way our marketing service works is, we help start-up companies inter-connect their device, review security gotchas, and other types of gotchas, help customers pick the right vendor in a way that creates minimum risk and places customer in competitive advantage with respect to the market or any other similar types of products other competitors of the customer has to offer.  

Then we simply market the customer's product and use psychological sales marketing to hack into human brain using a variety of marketing methods to attract an appropriate audience, the type of audience who would be highly likely in expressing interest in the product that our customers have managed to cook up with our help.  

Now you may ask how exactly do we do this? The secret is simple, we actually create content and use linked and inner combine multiple industries that are highly relevant to our customer's industry together.  Take a look at this page, for example,  see how we convince accounting students to buy test prep materials?  Now take a look at this one  see how we inter combine concepts of visual graphics and content elements to convince project managers to become PMP certified?  

Now take a look at this one, see how we inter combine graphic and content to convince IT security professionals to buy CISSP relevant test prep product?   See how we use the concept of reviews to convince the customer which study materials are the best to buy?  Similarly, we can use the same approach to convince company's customers to buy their IoT product.  

Personal interview with the owner of the startup or CEO, CTO, CIO and video review.

As part of marketing sales page, we also interview the owner of the IoT product and provide comparison to other products on the market and record the video for how product works with commentary and clarification for its benefits and use cases, helping customers of our customers make informative decision in regards to the product's benefits and why our customers'  customer should consider buying it.  

Hence this gives many of the start-up companies even more reasons to work with DBA Binary Fusion vs with only working with let's say cellular carrier or some router vendor, and end up realizing that there are tons and tons of dependencies in realization of the solution and only gone half way through the design before encountering some sort of gotcha, that could have been easily prevented simply by hiring DBA Binary Fusion as the consulting company to accommodate start-up wireless network connectivity needs.

Plus the fact that we are already specializing in multiple market exposure, across different t industries, it's easier for us DBA Binary Fusion to market something out than let's say some specialized IoT or SDN marketing company, since we can make the bell ring across multiple industries not just one industry especially if the IoT that we helped our customers to interconnect is valuable across horizontal industries. 

Take a look at our Marketing Power to see how we can help startups get their product marketed

Most of our marketing is in IT and in Education (however our core area is Education).  Without education, there is 0 chance of being able to convince anyone of anything. Hence we take education core area of our expertise to the next level.  Where we help start-up, small or medium or large size companies take their product marketing to the next level.

Now take a look at this site... see how we convince the entire local county to buy our educational services?  The precise exact method for how psychological marketing works is described here,    the Similar principle is being used to tap into the brain of customer's potential audience and get the clients.  

See another one of our sites... with over 10000 teachers registered, that is another example of us being able to get relevant traffic.  We also provide incredible marketing tutoring service for Fairfield County area and nearby counties, educating companies to start-ups and other organizations for how to develop business strategy, improving marketing and obtaining customer leads you can check here how we do that.

In our case, our company's foundation comes from education, but the principal is extremely similar in any other context of technical solution or anything else.   We can use that similar tactic to create a sales page for customer's newly interconnected IoT device to get the product known on the market even before it's fully designed, in parallel of the design and in parallel to the implementation of the product.  

 Another way how we market things is using our NetworkConsultant.NET site where for example we market specific vendors out as shown here, in this case, it happens to be software-defined networking vendors.

The cost associated with this marketing service is based on a commission that we would get from selling the device and based on the hourly rate with discounted price for start-up companies.

13.  Content writing for IoT User Manual and Graphics Beautification 

Additional service that we provide is content writing and manual creation for the IoT product that we ended up connecting, this can include complete manual nicely explained to the company's customers.  After all, there are a lot of components in the complete IoT or machine design, there is tons of them and what we do is we provide not only marketing and review of the product., but an actual manual design.

To make the story short, we do not just care about connecting, we care about making sure that our customers have a successful deployment of their product to the market. 


 14.  We don't just do networking we listen to our customers and how their customers operate

We actually work with customer's engineers, and listen to their stories, and listen to the challenges and listen to how business operates and what the business of their customers looks like and provide a suggestion for how it can be improved better from the operational standpoint.  For example if we discover that our client's customer is extremely oriented towards specific set of audience, who are less likely in operating IoT in the way that the other type of audience would, we would adjust our marketing, we would provide greater level of recommendations for how to educate our customers, customers and even in many cases help out startup gets additional in-house resources.

For example since we operate educational network of local tutoring sites in Bergen County NJ, Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County CT, New Haven County CT, then we can confidently extend our service offering to students who are extremely bright and live in the surrounding areas of these counties the very same students who would be interested in gaining additional internship experience for the purpose of being able to have better resume and for the purpose of actually getting paid for Tutoring Services, LLC parent company of DBA Binary Fusion for helping other students in math and sciences and computer subjects, by tutoring other students, calculus, physics, math or information technology subjects or any other subjects that they are good at.  In simple words, we help students land job opportunities in IT Networking, Security and Software Testings and help them make extra cash helping out other students while they are still in college.  

We do this by placing bright students residing in CT, NY and NJ area into our customer's company as interns to gain experience and train them through one on one or in class settings, then help students land IT jobs with the fusion core subject area of concentration in  either in Software Testing, IT Networking, & Security, project management.    Once the student gains experience we assist the student with job placement using our recruitment and staffing division of our company.

We (DBA Binary Fusion) makes a commission from placing our students into job roles after they get experience at our customer's company as interns and only after our students finish training with our parent company Tutoring Services, LLC, (training that is either provided for free in class settings under contractual obligation to work as DBA Binary Fusion Consultant for 2 years or 1 on 1 training that is not FREE but highly effective either online or locally in CT, NY and NJ area)

We also make money from match making our very same interns who are good in math, sciences, and IT with other local students around CT, NY, and NJ who needs academic or IT related study help, to do better in school or to simply get ahead of other school peers.  

This makes both our students who are looking for job and  experience and training happy in being able to break chicken and the egg conundrum for not being able to find a job due to lack of experience, while simultaneously helping out our customers to gain additional resource in their team such a recent college graduate or student who is attending college.  

Rome Wells founder of the Tutoring Services, LLC and DBA Binary Fusion shares experience of need for learning calculus for many students in CT, NY and NJ area, you can view how he convinces students to study calculus here and combines his mathematical search engine with study guides and tutors all in one page combined together helping students prepare for this subject.

To make the story short our start-up customers don't only benefit from getting help in being securely connected to the cloud and getting IT consulting advice and getting marketing, but also can get help in obtaining an intern, thereby helping companies increase their productivity and gain additional help.

In this case, everyone one wins, our company Tutoring Services, LLC wins because we get to leverage the very same bright student to provide tutoring lessons in the local area, while student wins in getting relevant job experience and company wins in getting the additional resource.    There is a fee associated with intern placement but it's much lower than hiring a full-time employee, a lot lower.  After all, intern also got to eat.   

Here is an example of how we market to our students and why students chose to simply go to us, while they are in college.  


More info for students. 

Our Google Plus Page covering details for students who are interested in becoming tutors and interested in getting job experience in IT. 

Students can pick between multiple core areas of expertise training this link is for software testing training. 

IT recruitment and staffing services for CT, NY and NJ companies who are looking for IT-trained consultants or interns.

15.  We work closely with connectivity partners (cellular partners, hardware/solution vendors and more)


In addition to all that we also work with the cellular carrier to ensure that everything is properly interconnected and the right type of solution is chosen.  Meaning we actually can translate between customer and cellular provider, meaning often cellular providers who are willing to provide wireless connectivity service wouldn't even work with the customer directly unless the customer fully understands concepts behind inter-connectivity, and fully understands customer premises termination equipment, communication protocols, RFC notes and many other details that are simply not possible for customer to know it all.  Having someone like DBA Binary Fusion be the middle man translator and like a lawyer who looks out for the customer's best interest needs is the key in making sure that that the project gets implemented correctly, and securely.

 Just another reason why you may want to consider contacting us from the bottom right corner below or contacting us at the phone number at the top right corner to help you secure, analyze and design your network and help you simultaneously get on top of the market, this is why our company is called Binary Fusion we infuse multiple business need oriented concepts together with information technology solutions designed to provide the highest level of competitive advantage using innovative marketing + technical brainstorming approach that many other companies simply fall short of delivering.

What's next?

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