IT Training for Students and Companies


Binary Fusion provides IT Training in CT, New York, and New Jersey.  Our IT Consulting Training in NYC mid-town and surrounding tri-state area of Fairfield, Westchester, Bergen, and New Haven counties is ideal for students who are interested in gaining training and hands-on experience.


We are proud to be part of Tutoring Services, LLC providing top IT consulting training for the students who just graduated or about to graduate college in their senior year of college and trying to obtain jobs in information technology field within specific specialization in financial, real estate, law, insurance, education or another type of industries.

We have multiple IT Training options, such as IT Online Tutoring 1 on1 or in class, or Local training in Manhattan NY for recent college graduates who are seeking jobs in Manhattan NY or tri-state area.  


We provide Internship opportunities for university students with relevant computer networking majors, job placement and more. 


Are you a college student who is about to graduate college and happen to be good in math and information technology?


Do you happen to reside in in Fairfield, Westchester or New Haven County? 


Looking to gain some real world job experience in Information Technology and Engineering company?  



Tried looking for a job, but simply can't get one due to the fact that you are lacking experience?


If so then DBA Binary Fusion is here to help you get the real world job experience in IT and Engineering and get paid on a part-time basis teaching other students Information Technology, and Math within your local area.



How Does This work?


Our Company DBA BinaryFusion places you with the mentor.  Someone who will assign you project, the real world project that involves creating IoT-type of the device or any other similar type of project, where you get to work directly with DBA Binary Fusion to get more experience or alternatively be placed as an intern at another company who DBA Binary Fusion works closely with and engineers solutions for.



Our company DBA Binary Fusion works closely with other companies in Fairfield County, Westchester, and New Haven Counties as well as Bergen County and Manhattan counties to provide IT consulting solutions.   



We can place interns who are good in math and IT into one of the companies or our own DBA Binary Fusion company to gain job experience and break most commonly seen in the industry chicken and the egg conundrum, where without experience you can't get a job and without a job you can't get experience.  


CT and NY College Students who become our interns get to dive deep into the real world engineering projects helping them learn information much faster than simply attempting to learn this in college or trade school.   Simply because when you doyou learn.



In addition to doing an internship on part time basis with DBA Binary Fusion, interns also get the opportunity for becoming actual math tutors by being allowed to be placed into our local tutoring network of websites. Thereby, increasing their chances of making money on part time basis tutoring other students math and IT.



Each Intern who works with us DBA Binary Fusion or another company where we place you into, will not only gain job experiencing helping interns maximize their chances of landing a job, but will also be placed onto a network of sites similarly like our other agency managed trusted tutors are registered on our network.



How will interns make money?


  • Each intern who applies with DBA Binary Fusion for the internship and gets accepted into the internship program and successfully completes the internship will be provided an option to be advertised on the educational network of tutoring websites as a Tutoring Services, LLC agency managed tutor.  
  • This gives flexibility for interns who want to gain experience and make part time income teaching other local or online students in math, or Information Technology opportunity to be placed on an educational network of websites.
  • Once tutors are placed onto a network of educational sites, they will need to be found by students and parents.



How will interns who become tutors be found by students and parents?


DBA Binary Fusion Interns will be found directly on local tutoring sites by parents and students. We also advertise our Tutoring Services, on other educational homework help sites, and test prep sites and other supplementary blog sites as well as social media sites.   (note exposure of your profile to students and tutors strictly depends on how well your profile is crafted, and your profile completeness and is a function of the marketing, Tutoring Services, LLC parent company of DBA Binary Fusion does not provide 100% guarantee that you will be found by students and parents, it increases tutor's chances of being found but does not guarantee that tutor will be found.)




How will interns who pass our internship can make money from tutoring?


Interns who are good in math or other subjects relevant to Information Technology, Science and Engineering and passed our internship will end up being found by parents or students who may navigate to intern's tutoring profile from any of the local tutoring sites or from social media sites or central search engine site and will end up contacting Tutoring Services, LLC agency directly either by phone or through real-time chat icon at the bottom corner of each site, requesting our agency to buy a tutoring discount package from one of our DBA Binary Fusion interns. 



Once tutoring discount package is purchased, DBA Binary Fusion interns (Tutoring Services, LLC tutors) will travel to student's home in the local area of Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven, Bergen County within the intern's home address specified miles radius.



Do college students have to become interns to register as a local agency managed tutor to be advertised on a network of sites?


No, College students do not have to be DBA Binary Fusion interns to be advertised on local tutoring network of sites and can be just regular tutors who are good in math or Information Technology.   To see details of how tutoring profile looks like and what tutor can do in their tutoring profile visit this link.  However, if you are not a DBA Binary Fusion intern, there are fewer chances for you to be part of our network unless you happen to be really good at what you do and satisfy Tutoring Services, LLC selection criteria described in this link below.


Note, the real world experience that you get with DBA Binary Fusion is far more effective, from the standpoint of being able to land a job after completion of an internship.




Can DBA Binary Fusion interns be advertised on local tutoring network of sites in other subjects besides math and Information Technology?


Yes, if you happen to be good in something, regardless of what it is, whether it's playing on the piano, or breakdancing or coding or anything relevant to the subjects our company specializes then most certainly you can be listed in this particular subject in your profile.  For example, let's say if you live in Fairfield County and would like to teach breakdancing you can go here.



Are you trying to be an intern to gain real world experience?


Our interns are registered on the central search engine. 


So what are you waiting for apply today, visit to view our DBA Binary Fusion site and visit, and and for more info?  



 Does DBA Binary Fusion provide job placement assistance?



Yes, we also will provide job placement assistance, where we get to place our graduate interns as DBA Binary Fusion Consultants into companies.  In the beginning of an internship, we ask interns whether or not they would want assistance from DBA Binary Fusion to help them get placed into a company, where once placed intern will need to work for the minimum of 2 years as DBA Binary Fusion consultant:. 



Starting Salary is between 40k to 55k based on experience.  You must be within your college senior year to qualify for job placement assistance.  After working for 2 years, interns can either jump to another job or continue working with DBA Binary Fusion as the consultant. 



Do we guarantee placement into the company?


No.  We do not make such guarantees, it strictly depends on interns intellectual ability, soft skills and on overall flexibility to connect the dots, However, if interns want to increase their chances of being placed into the company they must go through additional to an internship type of 1 on 1 training.



Do interns get trained?


Yes provided that the pay for training.  Training is done in 1 on 1 settings. Training is divided across different Fusion Tracks,  Depending on which Fusion Track you chose, is what the training will focus around.  There is also class-based training, however class based training is not launched yet.  An example of training we offer for Manhattan students,  Similarly, training can be provided 1 on 1 to interns or in small selected groups.  



What type of Fusion Tracks are available?


  • QA Software Testing 
  • Cyber Security + Networking
  • IoT + Circuits + Coding

What is Fusion Track?


Fusion Track is a designated training program designed to power boost student's knowledge.  The Fusion Track training program was designed by Tutoring Services, LLC in conjunction with DBA Binary Fusion.  To view more details about Fusion Track and more information about training program visit this link.



Should I as an intern consider getting training from DBA Binary Fusion?


Yes if you want to increase your chances of landing a job after completing an internship with DBA Binary Fusion, however, 1 on 1 or small group training is not free. Class based training is FREE, but we did not launch yet class based training program.



Where does the internship take place?


DBA Binary Fusion internship takes place either directly at intern's home in Fairfield/Westchester county or directly in Rome Wells home office patio locally in Stamford CT, great environment close to the beach, additionally internship will take place online or in one of the companies who DBA Binary Fusion is contracted with to provide consulting services for, depending on the initial arrangement.  



Who is Rome Wells?


Founder of Tutoring Services, LLC, Founder of DBA Binary Fusion, Former Certified Math Teacher for the state of CT, IT Security Engineer, educational advocate, breakdancer and many other things in between.  For more info about Rome Wells visit or visit this link to follow Rome Wells on Google plus.



Where does training take place?


1 on 1 Training takes place directly at intern's home or in Rome Wells home or online. 


What's the difference between Internship and 1 on 1 Training? 

Rome Wells, the 21st-century educational advocate spent years in evaluating best way for students to learn.  The best way to learn is to actually have theoretical training and practical training combined.  



1 on 1 Training

  • Think of 1 on 1 face to face interactive training as the most effective type of training available in the world.
  • 1 on 1 local tutoring beats online tutoring.
  • 1 on 1 local tutoring beats studying on your own using study guides or videos or courses.
  • 1 on 1 local tutoring beats every other type of training in terms of overall level of learning effectiveness.  

       However, 1 on 1 local tutoring is simply missing one concept.  The concept of what so-called practical training.  Practical training is the way to develop your brain by applying the concepts you learned during theory training, sort of like when you were little and the teacher asked you to do your homework on your own. Think of homework as your internship and think of tutoring as similar training you received in school, except it's 1 on 1 or in small groups.




Think of Internship as the practical side of the 1 on 1 Training that supplements 1 on 1 Training theoretical concepts.  

  • This is where you will actually be asked to put your theoretical knowledge to the test.  Consider your internship as an opportunity for you to jump out of the box, and apply your theoretical concepts with practical concepts. 
  • When you do you learn.  
  • If you just learn and don't do, then the process of learning becomes less effective.  
  • Note not everything you learn in the training will be present on the internship.   
  • The idea of the internship is to match you close to your overall fusion track skill set, however, there will always be the shades of gray in between. It will never be as clear as black and white.  
  • During the internship, you will learn how to connect the dots, because nowadays, connecting the dots is what counts as one of the most desired skills to have.
  • Another way to think of connecting the dots is to think of networking. 
  • If you can network thoughts together, you can network technology together, if you can network technology together, then you can connect people together.
  • Simply because the end of the day
  • Connecting technology and people and everything in between or what so called connecting the dots will be the primary skill you learn from obtaining this internship.
  • Depending on where you will be placed for your internship either directly with DBA Binary Fusion or in another company where DBA Binary Fusion will place you at, the difficulty of the project which you will be assigned may vary.  

How will internship project be assigned and will project entail?


        The project will be assigned by your mentor, if you are placed in DBA Binary Fusion your mentor can either be Rome Wells or any other instructor.  If you are placed into another company your mentor would be someone who you can foreshadow directly at the company where you end up getting placed.  In the beginning of the internship, we request each mentor to sign a form acknowledging to take our intern under their company's supervision. 

  • The form will be sent back to Tutoring Services, LLC  and evaluated by your 1 on 1 instructor.   
  • Who will review the following, soft skills, technical skills, ability to connect the dots type of skills and your attention to detail skill and other factors?

What happens if intern fails internship?


        If you do bad on your internship and fail your project, you can go through the retraining program again with Rome Wells or another instructor. Where you would have to pay again money for 1 on 1 training, then we would attempt to place you into internship again or attempt to place you directly into job role again, depending on your performance.  


What happens if intern passes internship?


     If you pass, then Tutoring Services, LLC will assist you in helping you get placed into a job providing you satisfy criteria of being at year senior year of college, good GPA in math and other computer science and engineering or relevant to information technology courses that you took in college and other criteria. Most jobs where we place our DBA Binary Fusion Consultants into entry level job will require a 4-year college degree.  


Note DBA Binary Fusion does not guarantee job placement, but will assist with the resume prep and any other useful certification test prep during 1 on 1 training, that will help college students maximize their chances of being placed into a job role either in a financial institution or another industry based on the intern's fusion core area expertise.


       Also if you pass, your trust level would increase with Tutoring Services, LLC and you will be provided an opportunity to be part of our educational network of sites as a local tutor, teaching other students math, science, and information technology.  We help out our interns with money making by match making them directly with local area students and parents. 


How does 1 on 1 training take place?


It takes place using a traditional based approach where Rome Wells or another instructor who works for Tutoring Services, LLC dives deep into theoretical concepts describing details in on 1 on 1 settings locally or online.  The training takes intern through what so-called Fusion Path, where interns must go through particular steps before reaching their Fusion Goal.  For more info on what Fusion Path visit here.   1 on 1 Training will last for 3 months and can be arranged based on the flexible time schedule agreed upon by instructor and by the student.  Hours for 1 on 1 training can be purchased directly by the student in the form of a package, where each package consists of multiple hours, the more hours you buy the more you save.


What happens after 1 on 1 or small group training?


After 1 on 1 or in small group Training, the student will be placed into a non-paid internship for the period of 12 weeks directly with the DBA Binary Fusion company. After 12 weeks of internship mentor submits their evaluation form back to Tutoring Services, LLC instructor and decision will be made whether or not the intern received a pass or fail for the internship.   Hence there will be total 6 months of training + internship.



What happens if we can't place student who completed training into DBA Binary Fusion as an intern


Note if we do not place intern directly into DBA Binary Fusion and place interns into another company as an intern, then we would charge such company placement fee, the placement fee will be 1200 for 4 weeks intern, the total of $3600 for 12 weeks period, where our company DBA Binary Fusion would receive 30% of that amount and the rest intern would get..   


Ideally paid placement is better than non-paid, but with a non-paid internship, students will be working directly with DBA Binary Fusion and will have a higher level of real-world experience vs simply foreshadowing someone else in another company as part of the internship lifecycle.  Also, we can not guarantee with 100% confidence that students will be placed into paid internship, it depends on availability and on first come first serve type of basis.


What happens at the end of the 3 months internship with either DBA Binary Fusion or any other company where an intern was placed into?


  • At the end of the 3 months internship, DBA Binary Fusion will attempt to place intern as Binary Fusion Consultant into another company as a consultant, where the intern will be required to work the minimum of 2 years under DBA Binary Fusion contractual terms. 
  • If intern chooses to leave their contractual obligations and decide to strike on their own, then they will be charged $5000 if they paid for 1 on 1 or small group training and $30,000 if they did not pay for 1 on1 training and decided to take the class instead and received training at no upfront cost.  (note class based training at no upfront cost we have not launched yet, for now, we only offer 1 on 1 or small group)
  • The reason for why we would charge interns money if they do not end up working for the minimum of 2 years as Binary Fusion Consultant is simply because we invest our time in marketing our company and searching for the right companies to match your skill set and time spent searching for companies is money.  



What happens during 3 months of 1 on 1 or small group Fusion Track training?


During intern's 3 months 1 on 1 or small group training, DBA Binary Fusion will be actively looking for companies where we can place our DBA Binary Fusion interns into as actual DBA Binary Fusion consultants, even before DBA Binary Fusion intern get a chance to go through the actual 12 weeks evaluated internship program.


  • This does not mean that the intern will not get the practical training, f they happen to be placed into one of the companies earlier, the intern will still get the hands on experience directly during first 3 months of the accelerated Fusion Track 1 on 1 on in small group training program. 
  • It just means that the intern will not get on job site experience in particular company environment and instead will receive more theoretical and hands-on training during 3 months Fusion Track Training, it will still count as real world experience.  
  • However, it will not be as effective from the standpoint of intern's overall chances of being placed into a job role, since most jobs require the minimum of 2 years of experience.  
  • Our accelerated 1 on 1 or in small group Fusion Track training program is designed to provide that 2 years experience, in combination with additional 3 months internship with the real world experience in another company other than DBA Binary Fusion, or within DBA Binary Fusion itself where interns get to work on the actual real world project.  
  • Where within 6 months DBA Binary Fusion interns get to receive more knowledge than what they would receive in 2 years of working anywhere else.   Plus your resume would be much better looking, making it easier for DBA Binary Fusion Staffing team to get you placed into a company.


On the resume, it would look as follows.


For example, let's say you are in your senior your in Norwalk Community College and applied as an intern with DBA Binary Fusion into both 1 on 1 or in the small group Fusion track training program and in internship and was accepted into both, this is how it would look like.



Sample Resume 1



Date 11/12/2017 - present


Working as DBA Binary Fusion consultant.

Providing IT consulting services for small companies in tri -state area of CT, NY and NJ


Date 11/12/2017 - present


Working as an independent tutor contractor for Tutoring Services, LLC

Providing Math and IT Tutoring Services to high school, middle school, and college students.



Date 8/12/2017-11/12/2017


Completed 3 months internship with DBA Binary Fusion 

Working on Sensor Design

Interconnected IoT-type of devices using Python to circuit boards

Provided Research assistance to DBA Binary Fusion

Interconnected circuits with multiple sensors to the central device.



Date 5/12/2017-8/12/2017


Completed 3-month Binary Fusion Hands On Accelerated Fusion Track Program 

in the Fusion Core Area of IoT + Circuits + Coding and have graduated 

with the Fusion, Honors recognized achievement award.



Date 1/1/2017-5/12/2017


Graduated from Norwalk Community College

With Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering


  • Note your resume would beefier, and throughout the Fusion Track training, DBA Binary Fusion would also assist in test prep for a specific technical certification, depending in which Fusion Core area you pick. 
  • Take a look at examples for how we guide students along their study journeys for multiple exams, example  or take a look at other industry recognized tests for which we provide guidance for  and many many other ones.  
  • Within the Fusion Track program, we would provide a recommendation for which exams to prepare and will recommend which study materials to study from and will tailor our training around some of the well-recognized tests.

Online IT Training Options

Option 1.

Prepare with an independent 1 on 1 tutor online

For anyone, globally.

Students can find independent IT tutors online by visiting our sister site and finding IT Trainer you need and contact your IT Trainer directly, IT consultant trainers are categorized by vendors they are familiar with and by the type of certifications they can help students prepare for. Training is not formal and depends on whom you chose.

Option 2.

Prepare with online class based training

For 18 - 24 years old college graduates residing in the metropolitan area of CT, NY and NJ.

Through accelerated Fusion Track online formal training program designed to create talent out of recent college graduates or students who about to graduate 4 year college Bachelors degree.  30k worth of IT Training is provided at no up front cost to you. Visit here if you are interested in QA Software Testing Accelerated IT Training and see how you can prepare for ISTQB exam and get training at no up front cost to you (other than certification fee), gain experience with the company where we place you into in the metropolitan area of Manhattan, CT, NY and NJ (we have 88 % placement rate).  This options requires a higher level of commitment to learning and is less flexible than Option 3, it also requires students to reside locally in CT, NY or NJ within 60 miles of Manhattan NY or planning in residing locally in the tri-state area within the next 3 to 6 months.

Option 3

Prepare with Binary Fusion Consultant Online 1 on 1.

For anyone, globally.

Prepare with the dedicated 1 on 1 IT consultant, directly provided to you by our company Binary Fusion 


Our Binary Fusion Consultants are advertised on our sister's company tutoring site called CallMyTutor which is another division of Tutoring Services, LLC company (Binary Fusion Parent company)

      For example let's say you wanted to get trained by online instructor who is really good in Cyber Security or Network Consulting or Software Testing IT specialization field, then you can navigate to this link and search for your Binary Fusion IT consultant (for example IT Networking), view our IT Consultants profiles, view their introductory video, view their expertise, certifications or achievements, and accomplishments and their hourly rates, and then simply buy tutoring discount package helping you save money and study with your instructor on flexible type of basis. The more packages you buy the more money you save.  Chose from a different type of Binary Fusion IT Consultants across different specializations, ranging from QA Software Testing, Cyber Security, and IT Networking.

     Our IT Consultants are either Binary Fusion Alumni or existing Binary Fusion Consultants who have completed Fusion Track accelerated training program and are working for the remainder of their job placement assignment in Manhattan NY or tri-state area, on full-time basis getting their 2 years experience.  Who also happen to be rewarded with Fusion Rewards and qualified for tutoring opportunity designed to help them make part time income by tutoring other students online on 1 on 1 basis, helping our Binary Fusion Consultants pay off their college expenses.  

       Also with this option you do not get placed into companies in Metropolitan area as in the case of Option 2 unless otherwise specified in instructor's profile.  This training is good for the type of candidates who are savvy enough on their own to apply to companies and want flexible training that is also high quality since it's 1 on 1 and who happen to simply need some additional training that can help them prepare for specific IT Certification exam.  This option is good if students do not have time for dedication and want flexibility, but that flexibility will cost students more money since it's the higher quality type of training 1 on 1. 

Option 4.  

Prepare with Binary Fusion Consultant Online in class 

For anyone, globally.

This training is designed for students who are specifically preparing for certification exam relevant to Fusion Track Information Technology specialization, such as software testing, IT Network, or Cyber Security.  

This training is designed for the type of candidates who do not care about getting placed into a job and simply want to prepare for cert, but do not have the money to prepare for it on 1 on 1 basis as described in option 3, and prefer to prepare for certification online in the class settings, based on similar Fusion Track Training program as whats discussed in Option 2, but only for the certificate and nothing more.  This training is available world wide for any student, it's cheaper than option 3 but lesser quality since it's not 1 on 1 online type of training.  In this training, you do not get placed by our company into a job.

Onsite Local IT Training Options

Option 5.

Prepare with an independent 1 on 1 tutor local

For anyone in the USA

Go here to find your Tutor.  This is similar as option 1.

Option 6.

Prepare with local class in Manhattan NY

For 18 - 24 years old college graduates residing in the metropolitan area of CT, NY and NJ.

Through accelerated Fusion Track local formal training program designed to create talent out of recent college graduates or students who about to graduate 4 year college Bachelors degree.  30k worth of IT Training is provided at no up front cost to you. Visit here if you are interested in QA Software Testing Accelerated IT Training and see how you can prepare you for ISTQB exam and get training at no up front cost to you (other than certification fee), gain experience with the company where we place you into in the metropolitan area of Manhattan, CT, NY and NJ (we have 88 % placement rate).  This options requires a higher level of commitment to learning and is less flexible than Option 2, 3 or 4, it also requires students to reside locally in CT, NY or NJ within 60 miles radius of Manhattan NY or planning in residing locally in the tri-state area within the next 3 to 6 months.

Option 7.

Prepare with Binary Fusion Consultant 1 on 1 locally in Manhattan NY or tri-state metropolitan area

For 18 - 24 years old college  graduates residing in metropolitan area of CT, NY and NJ

Similar as Option 3 refer to this link for example of Binary Fusion Consultant who specializes it In IT network Consulting.

Option 8.

Prepare by your self without any of our help by following study guides

       This option is for students who are savvy enough to not need any help from any local or online training of any form from live instructors, and instead prefer self guided approach at their own pace either in the form of video courses, study guides, flash cards or anything else for that matter that can help them prepare for their IT Certification exam.  This is good option if you already have experience but want to jump to another career level or simply want to improve your qualifications or your chances of landing job, but not looking for any sort of online or local type of training.  
       This is the cheapest option, but you are on your own when you go with that option, you will still get some guidance from our sister company Tutoring Services, LLC in regards to which test prep material is the best where you can also ask for advice from real person, but other than that you are on your own.
To find out more visit our sister site for PMP certification exam, for Cyber Security relevant exam, for software testing, for software defined networking.   

Which Option is the best for students?

The best one is where you do not have to pay up front for the training and then work for 2 years which is either option 6 or option 3. However be prepared to work as Binary Fusion Consultant for these 2 years after getting placed.  We attempt to place you after completion of Fusion Track, you pay only when get placed automatically deducted from your salary's pay check.   

Onsite IT Training Option for Companies:

Onsite IT training is also available for companies including small to mid-size financial companies, travel agencies, law firms, medical companies or real estate agencies.  IT onsite training that we provide is suitable for companies who may already have internal staff resources, but looking for insight knowledge of how to manage complex IT infrastructure such as network security devices and network devices including but not limited to:  firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, web proxy appliances or even complicated network monitoring devices such as ORION Solar Winds.  

Do we provide Network Consulting Training for?

Network Consulting Training for Companies

Ideally, internal company’s resources may include several help desk engineers or 1 or 2 network administrators.  We help Network Administrators by providing the following type of IT Network Training on site.

  • Network Monitoring Training
  • Identifying Network Slowness
  • Proving ISPs Fault Network Outage Scenarios
  • Creating Redundant Networks
  • Conducting Network Audits

For advanced IT Administrators, Network Admins, and Network Engineers we provide the following Network Security Training which includes the following items:

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities
  • Web Security Training
  • Messaging Security Training
  • Network Security Training
  • Conducting Access Security Training
  • Information Security Policy Training
  • Information Security Policy Development

For IT Directors and IT Network Managers, we provide the following training

  • Change Control Standardization
  • IT Systems Continuity Training
  • Network Management
  • Root Cause Analysis Training

Who do we provide Job Placement/Internship/Training opportunities for?

Network Consulting Internships For Students

Additionally, we provide IT Networking Training and Internship Opportunities for University Students who undergo IT network training with us in the state of NY and CT.  Candidates are subject to rules and regulations posed by Tutoring Services, LLC, the company that works directly with Network Consultant.NET to provide training for students from well-rated schools and universities in computer networking technologies.

Students who are willing to pre-qualify for an internship job placement opportunity in computer networking industry in the states of NY and CT contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    We can help students find qualified IT Network Trainers who will work with the students directly in one on one settings or online in preparation for computer networking exams such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE or other network related vendor exams.    Upon completion of IT network training provided by Tutoring Services, LLC, NetworkConsultant.NET helps students obtain computer networking jobs in the industry or assist students with an internship opportunity directly with NetworkConsultant.NET.  Rules and limitations do apply.

Network Consulting Internships For Schools

NetworkConsultant.NET is proud to assist major schools and universities with IT Training.  We can also provide job placement assistance for students attending highly rated colleges and universities or technical schools.   To enlist your school for job placement internship opportunity with NetworkConsultant.NET visit RateMySchool.NET

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