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DBA Binary Fusion helps companies achieve their optimum return on investment by helping companies merge into virtualized environment.  Companies need control of their infrastructure and easier way of managing infrastructure.  Our network consultants in virtualization help companies take control of their environment and reduce the total cost of ownership by helping companies isolate their physical infrastructure into virtualized components.

Every company has servers, routers switches, load balancers and other critical network infrastructure consuming precious data center space and power.  Our network virtualization consultants in NY and CT/NJ (metropolitan tri-state area) can help companies reduce the cost of power and associated support cost on hardware.  Now days routers, firewalls and servers as well as network security devices can all be virtualized, in such a way that critical data resources are isolated for each particular set of virtual infrastructure.  

We begin our virtualization journey by analyzing customer’s business needs and build the virtualization infrastructure based on such needs.  We can help customers build virtual servers and connect these servers to the virtual switches and virtual routers isolated by firewalls with multiple virtual contexts.  When the infrastructure is virtual disaster recovery becomes much smoother then what it can be with physical infrastructure which may involve complicated clustering and other redundant technologies that can be more prone to failure then the virtual based devices.

We don’t just squeeze you into the virtual environment by placing some virtual box in your network, instead we help you get the box redundant, and allowing redundant layer 2 based data flowing across the backbone.

Our network virtualization services in NY, NJ, CT cover the following virtualization aspects:

  1. Virtual Machines Monitoring
  2. Server Virtualization
  3. ESX
  4. XenMotion
  5. Vmotion
  6. Vmware High Availability
  7. Virtualization and Disaster Recovery
  8. FortiGATE Firewall Virtualization and Integration

FortiGATE Firewall Virtualization and Integration

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