IT Consulting Services in Cisco Nexus

Our Cisco Nexus consultants specialize in design of a local and wide area network using Cisco Nexus 7000 platforms across multiple data centers. We don't just provide nexus consulting services in tri-state area of NY, CT and New Jersey but we also specialize in offsite consulting and training, where we can help companies with configuring Nexus switches, coordinating network changes and achieving network design that is suitable for your organization. Majority of our customers are the companies who are in the process of decommissioning their 6500 series core network switches and replacing them with more robust higher throughput Nexus 7000 switches with additional fabric extenders and several Nexus 5000 switches accommodating servers and other network gear. The challenges behind replacing the existing switches with new nexus switches may vary dependent on the level of IP services company is running on their core switches. Some companies maybe running complex EIGRP and OSPF routing protocols which may be difficult to understand in a first place of how they operate, not to mention how they should be operating when migrated to the new Nexus platform.

Other companies may have combination of core, distribution and access layers all in two core switches, or sophisticated redundant DHCP settings with multiple switch layer interfaces routable from a single data center to another across layer 3 MPLS, DMVPN, or METRO-E networks, we are aware of these technologies and have great expertise in designing them in the past and leveraging them. The most difficult part of core switch migration involves, preserving the functionality of already existing configuration settings on the core switches with the compatibility of Nexus 7000 core switches settings. Another challenge that strikes our customers the most is how to leverage the latest OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization) functionality to extend their layer 2 Vlans for the purposes of accommodating business continuity and redundancy mechanism that are being used in the industry while still leveraging legacy Cisco Recommended Layer 3 Network designs to route layer 3 networks. Our Cisco Network Consultants can help organizations with overcoming such challenges and help Network Engineers and IT Network Administrators come up with a bullet proof nexus core design.

How it works?

Our nexus consulting service model is designed to provide off site services and onsite services. We have 2 service models, Off Site Nexus Consulting and Onsite Nexus Consulting. The service model that is designed for offsite nexus consulting revolves around companies IT managers and directors' needs who require changes done remotely without network consultant being present on site.

The offsite option is suitable for companies who have their own Network Architects or Savvy network administrators who were given a task to migrate from existing core switches to the new Cisco Nexus 7000 switches and simply need consulting configuration assistance help remotely or training in Cisco Nexus. On the other hand, Onsite Cisco Nexus Consulting option is only available to customers in tri-state area of CT, NY and NJ, however we do realize that companies have multiple data centers which may be located in California, West Coast and NY in East coast or any other prominent regions. Which is why we would fly out our network consultants directly to the DR or prod Data center locations do a site survey, feasibility of how nexus switch it should be placed within the rack, and white board out a solid design for your company IT department.

Who are we?


Our team consists of highly qualified experts in Cisco Networking, certified with Cisco Certified Network Professional certifications who already either deployed Cisco Nexus switches in the past and in the industry or IT network professionals who are constantly in training industry specializing in Nexus Platform Switches. Our experts are located in our internal locations in USA, Canada and other world regions. Our company specializes in network design, consulting and security of company's infrastructure, with offices located in Phoenix, New York, Connecticut, California and other worldwide locations. We don't just tell you what we do we provide you detailed explanation of what type of network consulting services we provide in our service map flow chart, please view home page for detailed info.

Cisco Nexus Design Case Studies

Below you will find some the case studies for recommended Cisco Nexus Deployment and how Nexus switches were able to address company's challenges.