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Network Consultants in Norwalk Connecticut are at your service, we are the team of certified professional experts servicing tri-state area, including metropolitan area of lower and upper Manhattan, Fairfield and Westchester counties.   Our expertise are in IT network design, network security solutions and technical business continuity solutions, we can help organizations in Norwalk CT or nearby cities network their existing infrastructure In most efficient way reducing associated risk factors and connecting remote and central offices together. If you are looking for any other network consultant in Norwalk CT you will not find one with the level of expertise that our network consultants in Norwalk CT can provide. For the following reasons: We are Local, We have over 30 years of combined Experience in IT networking, we are business owners just like you and not simply Techies, we are Cisco Certified and best of all Affordable!  

We don’t just provide network consulting services in Norwalk CT and fix some connectivity issue for a company without knowing the full picture; instead we look at the entire picture of the infrastructure.   For example we take the survey of whether you have ESX environment, what antivirus services you are running Symantec, or gateway protection based environment, how secure your infrastructure from the outside threats, what type of port capacity your network can support and will need to support down the road. Then we create a road-map and the plan and only then start recommending solutions, which we can ourselves implement instead of just recommending them.

Some companies may require Nexus Core upgrade, some may need Checkpoint/Juniper/Fortigate firewalls refreshed or even implemented in conjunction with other devices such as Internal Radware load balancers or bluecoat proxies.   We realize all that, and we provide the best solution that suits your needs. In many cases some companies may not even realize what they need until we show up and show them what is highly recommended to avoid risk factors.   Other consultants may recommend something without knowing the full picture, we are not like that, we are not here to implement something that doesn’t work, we are here to reduce risk and to make sure that the solution we provide works down the road.

When it comes to unique business requirements of any small to mid-size or even enterprise organization, multiple things need to be covered in order to reduce the connectivity business associated risks with IT network infrastructure failure.

We are the team of network consultants locally located in the state of Connecticut and New York who can directly meet with the IT Directors in Norwalk CT, CFOs, or CIOs directly and come up with the action plan of what is needed, where it’s needed and how to network your central and remote offices with the best ROI..Many Network Solution Consultants in CTare available from other companies, but none have the expertise that can satisfy customer requirements, from the perspective of affordability and locally available resources.  We as the company deal directly with clients, and with the help of our partners we can provide network solutions and services for clients in Norwalk CT and nearby areas in Fairfield County which are suitable for multiple companies, whether you are a travel agency, law firm, medical claims company, or a financial firm located in Norwalk CT and looking for a locally available network consultant we can help.

Our premium network consulting services in Norwalk Connecticut can help organizations take control of their IT, we don’t just say what type of Information Technology services we offer, we show you what we offer. Take a look at the Services Map by clicking the home button on top and discover for yourself what we offer. Contact the phone number above in the top right corner to speak with the network consultant directly, we can meet directly or on the phone in Norwalk CT and discuss your IT needs.

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