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Binary Fusion IT Consultants in Greenwich CT are at your service, we are the team of professional experts handling tri-state area, including metropolitan area of lower and upper Manhattan, Fairfield CT and Westchester counties NY.

Our expertise is in IT networking, network security solutions and technical business continuity solutions, we can help organizations in Greenwich CT and nearby areas of Fairfield and Westchester county network their existing infrastructure in most efficient way possible, reducing associated risk factors and connecting remote and central offices together.

If you are looking for any other IT network consultants in Greenwich CT you will not find one with the level of expertise that our Binary Fusion IT Consultants in Greenwich CT can provide.

Custom IT Integration Services in Fairfield County CT

Do you have multiple ISPs and not sure how to make them redundant to provide redundant Internet connectivity? Why not let our IT Network Security and integration experts guide you and help you design robust Internet redundant solution which will mitigate your number of outages and improve better productivity for your users. Is your company in the process of obtaining brand new circuit and simply need to inter-connect it to your existing equipment?


We can help coordinate between ISPs and ensure that your circuit is fully connected and tested.

Our IT Project Managers can coordinate between local building resources, ISPs and on-site network consultants who can get the job done and have your circuit extended from DMARC to the local premises. Whatever your IT need maybe we can make that happen.


IT Security Services in Fairfield & Westchester Counties

Additionally, we help companies in Harrison NY to conduct Network Security vulnerability assessment to see what potential IT security threats are present and can conduct an external scan of all of your IP addresses and provide a report for all the vulnerabilities found. This can help companies build a road map for what issues need to be addressed as a priority. Let us help you take control of your company before someone else does.

Contact us by the phone number at the top right corner or click on get a quote button and tell us about your challenges, we will gladly listen and then compile a quote for your IT solution. For the list of complete IT services that Binary Fusion offers, simply click here and browse through the flow chart map, in the direction of what you are looking for, we don’t just tell you what we offer, we show it to you visually click here to view our service map.

IT Renovation/Relocation Services 


Are you in the process of renovating or relocating your office in Greenwich CT? If So why not let us help you come up with the IT Renovation/Relocation plan. Companies can run expensive, routers, switches, and servers as well as other equipment on premises and may need to extend cables, to the new location from one floor to another, or from one building to another. We realize such challenges and can create a custom plan for your office in ensuring that your network equipment is relocated and fully connected to your central location.

Additionally, there may be conference rooms or pantry room areas where switches need to be placed in and cabling would need to be extended to the server room. Such unique challenges can be addressed by our IT Network Project Managers who can coordinate IT

Office/Renovation and Relocation activities with general contractors and ensure that the fiber extensions and copper extensions are properly delivered from point a to point b. Even if your company is in the process of updating each user desk with a switch right under it and need assistance in figuring out optimal placement of the switch and to rack mount the switch, we can make that happen.  Navigate here for more info about our IT relocation services.


Network Monitoring Services



If your company needs IT Network Monitoring hosted or non-hosted solution than we can help we have two levels of network monitoring options, one option is managed option and another non-managed option.

Our IT Managed Network Monitoring makes Binary Fusion as your 24/7 network monitoring technical support, we monitor your network in Harrison NY or any other area, and then send you alerts when there is a critical event.


Additionally as part of a managed network monitoring plan we can extract all the netflow data from your existing edge router devices and firewalls, or any other locations of your network and exported out to in cloud based netflow monitoring solution which we can specifically build just for your company, where your IT Staff can log onto through the WEB GUI and analyze network flow to see from where to where the data flows, this will allow your internal staff to perform Netflow Analysis Monitoring and see what/who really caused the bottleneck on your Internet pipe.



Cisco or FortiNet WIFI Survey


Does your company suffer from low wirelless network speeds, or poor performance on your existing Wireless Network? Why not let us conduct Wireless Network Assessment in Greenwich CT and help you make a decision in what IT solution to get in order to resolve your wireless issue.


We realize that small companies may have no need for wireless access points that are centralized and may not need expensive investments in central architectural wireless access point deployment and can simply get away with stand alone wireless access points deployed in your offices, conference rooms and main floors, which is why we offer different blend of Cisco and FortiNet Wireless solutions for different types of companies in Greenwich CT. 

Our own custom search engine portal that shows you pricing for each of our IT consultants




CallMYTutor Portal created by Tutoring Services, LLC company, and reused conceptually to make it easy to present Binary Fusion IT consultants, similarly as we show tutors around Greenwich CT area.


Our Pricing Model for our IT Consultants.

We have 2 pricing models, fixed quote, the pricing model that we do not exercise often in comparison to others, simply because providing you the quote costs us money, especially if you request RFP (universities like to do that, and other companies and our response is simple... No....). 

We do not exercise, RFP (request for proposals either, do not contact us if you would like RFP from us, we believe it's a waist of our time and resources unless of course your company is willing to pay for our time to provide RFP for you and agree that you will pay us even if we do not get the project from you.

The reason why we do that is because, giving any informatin to any company is our intellectual property, which we spent time researching and figuring out.


Hence if we do provide you the fixed quote we compensate for that quote by adjusting the quote to include our time to cover the time it took to understand your company's IT business challange.  To request fixed cost quote you can do so by clicking on top right corner get a quote button or talk to the agent by typing your question in the window on the right corner. 

Our quote turn around depends on how complicated your situation is.  If it's very complicated, then we prefer to follow hybrid based model pricing, where we provide you the fixed quote based on the information we extract from customer requirements, site survey etc and for any hours that are outside of the quote pricing we handle it using discount packages based model, similar as in the business of tutoring. 


What is Discount Packages based Pricing model?

For any hours that are outside of the quote pricing model we handle it using discount packages based model, similar as in the business of tutoring. The way it work is you buy a tutoring/consulting package and as part of that package we either train your staff or provide IT consulting services.  The more hours you buy the more money you save.  Check out for example pricing from one of our Binary Fusion IT consultants here in Greenwich CT. For example here is one of the discount packages Rome Wells Binary Fusion IT consultant offers.


As you can see we have different type of packages depending on what type of service you are looking for and at different pricing level.


What does Network Support Ad Hoc pricing mean?

It means you are not paying for predefined number of hours monthly  and decided to take a higher risk and not purchase monthly use it or lose it Total Care  package. 

This option is ideal for anyone who does not want total care support, and simply wants network support and not interested in following use it or lose it total care type of pricing model, and only wants consulting for specific set of hours where hours are not lost if they are not used. 

However this is more expensive then total care network support, and with total care system is maintained more thoroughly, monitored, reviewed, documented etc.  Note pricing may vary depending on the time, if it's during holidays and after hours we charge time and a half.



Benefit of Ad Hoc is that you do not need to be binded by strict contract as it is in the case of Total Care, and can reserve your IT Network Consultant on flexible hourly basis.  

Hence if you have an issue with your Network, you can just contact one of the Binary Fusion IT consultants of your interest and request help. 


Price is more expensive for ad-hoc IT Network Consulting service since contacting one of our Binary Fusion IT consultants randomly and requesting help takes more brain power from our IT consultant to understand the issue and address it, vs let's say customer who decided to take less risk and purchased Total Care Package where 20 hours of service is used within 1 month period, if 20 hours is not used then hours are lost, meaning you still pay for these 20 hours. 

If more hours are needed, then more hours can be purchased. in blocks of 20 hours minimum for the total care package where all hours must be used within the period of 1 month.

Total Care Package Pricing

For example pricing from one of our Binary Fusion IT consultants


Under this pricing you simply would pay for block of hours needed, use all of the hours up during 1 month period and get total network care support for your IT Network Solution, where we fine tune your IT network within these hours, resolve any bugs, or issues, improve IT security, and if all hours are used up during 1 month period then you simply can buy another package. 


This is more affordable then ad hoc network support pricing option and recommended option after fixed cost deployment. 

Under this pricing we would help you manage thissolution keep up with documentation and updates of the network solution and adress any broken issues and troubleshoot these issues providing you with total care network support within the peirod of these 20 hours, any new request outside of the documented and supported network solution will follow different pricing structure (ad hoc).  Any hours you do not use up during these pre-purchase hours are not carried over to the next month, hence you either use it or lose it. 


Within these 20 hours we would proactively monitor your company's network and address any issues, or provide consulting recommendations for your company staff for how to address these issues and either address it ourselves as part of additional block of 20 total care hours or train your staff to address it.  View our IT Training section for more info about the type of IT training we provide.

           IT Network Refresh Services


Does your company in Greenwich CT have limited IT staff and perhaps not sure how to upgrade existing routers, switches and firewalls, load balancers? Why not let us help and go directly to your company and replace your existing network with the new IT infrastructure? 

Regardless if your IT Staff is located somewhere in the central area and need an augmented IT resource on site in Greenwich CT to help your off-site engineers refresh entire network and ensure connectivity is tested/verified then we can help.

Not only can we provide remote assistance help services for off-site engineers to conduct entire Network Refresh for company’s office in Greenwich CT, but we can also upgrade your existing infrastructure, such as IOS images on Cisco Routers, or Checkpoint firewalls, Forti switches, wireless access points and make sure the office is fully operational from all the communication aspects.

Why our service is unique and flexible?

Reason is simple, IT recruiters mostly focus on staffing IT professionals into companies, but financial organizations and other type of industries, can not really afford IT Network Security Engineers especially for smaller and medium size companies, and most of such larger companies are in fact hiring what so called IT generalists.  Our company wrote entire book about IT generalists here,

IT Generalist have a weak link.... they are IT generalists.... yet the world of cyber security and advanced technologies requires, someone with specialized skills.  However, specialized skills are hard to obtain.  In fact technology got so complex it became more difficult to find people with the right type of skills.  In fact it's not even clear what certificates employees should prepare for.  Cisco certs are no longer the same as they used to be.  


Small and medium businesses are getting hit with vulnerabilities, hacks and many other issues relevant to IT, but can't really defend against them effectively.  Hiring IT Network Security Engineers for smaller companies is not an option, typical salary for good IT Network Security Engineer in financial sector is close to 300k, that is if company gets lucky.  Which is precisely the reason why we have created our company Binary Fusion, to help extract consultants on part time basis, who would be willing to provide IT consulting services outside of their full time working hours. 


After all most of the changes are done during change control windows anyway.  This gives great level of flexibility for our IT consultants to actually have a full time job and on part time basis help less fortunate companies, who can not afford advanced level IT professionals. 

Hence is the reason why we created Binary Fusion IT consulting division helping companies around Greenwich CT get the right level of skill set for their money.  Of course, our recommendation if your company is big to definitely have IT Network Security Engineers as part of your team, not having them means you are more likely to get hacked.  Our company can train your IT staff and  upplement your existing IT stafff with specialized types of IT consultants, on part time basis.


Note IT Recruiters mostly want to provide companies with IT staff who can simply work there, and do not really care much about providing any type of opportunities for IT consultants who want to have extra level of flexibility and make part time income after their full time job in evenings or on weekends or during their paid time off time. 

This is precisely why we created Binary Fusion consulting division specifically to provide that level of flexibility and this is precisely why our IT Binary Fusion consultants want to work with us and precisely the reason why we can get specialized skill set. 


Using our innovative search engine that is in fact designed for IT Tutoring Business, we were able to converge it into IT Consulting business providing service that is truly needed.  The best part about our IT consultants is that they are also tutors, meaning they can actually teach 1 on 1 or in group sessions your IT Staff concepts that can greatly benefit your IT Generalist team. 

Not every Binary Fusion IT consultant can provide training hence pay close attention to our consultants profiles to see if the consultant can do both provide IT consulting and Tutoring, (some can, some can not).

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