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Regardless whether or not you are looking for IT Network Consulting Company to help with your IT needs, or happen to be IT Consulting Company yourself and simply looking to outsource portion of IT related project to us, for whatever reason it maybe we can help! We helped IT companies in the past with gigantic IT projects, where in many cases portions of the project would be outsourced to us and the rest of the project would be managed and delivered by the IT company themselves. We all know that there is thousands of technology solutions out there, and we all know that it’s impossible to know it all, regardless of how smart the company maybe, simply because of non existing resources or lack of knowledge in a particular sector of the field.

We all know that in many cases when you are in the process of landing a client whomever that client maybe, financial, law firm, medical or any other type of industry, it is important to deliver successful completion of the project, but the project may consist of many layers such as creating Voice and Video and data connectivity, or rolling out wire and wireless network, including planning for business continuity and network design. Why not outsource some of your work to us? This way you can still deliver the project show your professionalism and even make some money, since our prices are affordable and we understand IT business because we are in it.

Examples of the partial projects which we delivered in the past, include Wireless Survey of 10,000 square feet building with 2 floors, where we would conduct a survey which involves identification of Wireless Strength signal, using heat signatures, floor maps and providing reports to IT consulting company, which shows recommended locations of the access points based, on different type of criteria such as, what access point company uses, if the building is brick or non brick, what type of ceilings how many corners etc…

Unless you happen to know for fact, how to do this do not take your chances otherwise you will end up with unhappy client. With our Cisco wireless survey expertise we can help such companies address partial projects like this, come up with the report with recommendation of where Wifi access points should be, identification of dark spots, while you get to do the rest, such as running wires, placing wireless enclosures in, purchasing hardware, designing network infrastructure, and laying out the backbone. This is just one example of how we worked in the past with IT consulting company.

Other example of how we worked with other IT consulting firms was by creating them fully virtualized dual hub and spoke DMVPN Network there by allowing IT consulting companies become an actual private ISP and sign up clients on their own IT managed service plan, allowing flexibility for clients to have risk mitigation mechanism in place to overcome complicated VPN connectivity issues. Creating backbone is not a simple task, especially after you have created and need certain services such as Voice over IP across DMVPN backbone or Video Conferencing. You have to be absolutely sure in what you are doing.   Why not use our DMVPN Design Services where we sit down with the IT consulting company discuss your needs and come up with the robust VPN Design Solution for your Cisco Network.

Is your IT company professional in one task but not another? Point out which task and we can help! If you happen to lack firewall security expertise or network virtualization skills, then why not let us help? We can all make money, and help clients with robust, secure and well designed performing network. In many cases we are looking for IT Consulting companies ourselves who we can partner up with us and work together on projects for clients, we also happen to have dark areas where we may not know everything, in which cases we contact IT consulting companies ourselves to assist us in completing projects.   Contacts us tell us your expertise and let us know how much you charge for your expertise and we can work together when opportunity comes up. Simply fill out the form telling us who you are, your skill sets and your hourly rate. You can initiate this process by hitting get a quote button on top right.

“Our IT Network Consulting Services can help IT companies outsource portions of their projects which they need help with”

Our methodology is to design well performing network for your company or the company for which we happen to work for (IT Consulting Company), by following best network security practices and ensuring that entire work gets completed on time, in most professional way possible.

Our IT Network Consulting Services for IT Consulting Firms include:

  • Wireless Survey
  • DMVPN Network Design
  • Network Virtualization
  • Business Continuity Brainstorming
  • Firewall Security
  • Network Security
  • Cisco Nexus Network Design
  • Unified Communication Voice & Video
  • And much more!

We can help IT Consulting companies complete their IT project for their clients and ensure that the project gets done successfully. It is in our interest to complete it successfully to continue working on further projects. Contact us from the number above at the top right corner.

We Service the Following Areas:

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  • Brooklyn
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  • New Rochelle
  • Long Island
  • Staten Island
  • Port Chester
  • Tarrytown

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