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DMVPN Design Services Comparative Alternative to Expensive MPLS

NetworkConsultant.NET is one of the leading IT Consulting companies servicing metropolitan area and tri-state area of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, but can also build out DMVPN design for remote locations nationally or internationally. Our technical expertise is in providing IT DMVPN Design solutions for small, medium and enterprise size companies in different types of industries, manufacturing, advertisement, education, military, professional LLCs and others. We realize that many company may not afford expensive MPLS solutions, but would like to rely on the existing ISP carriers in obtaining robust DMVPN solution that can allow companies to stay connected. Which is why we offer our DMVPN design services for such companies to help IT Managers and IT Directors to save costs and provide the best return on investment.

Types of DMVPN Services Offered

There are 2 types of DMVPN Design Services that we offer. Managed DMVPN Design Service and non-managed DMVPN design service. For Managed DMVPN Design service we offer customers a peace of mind when it comes to implementing entire DMVPN design solution from scratch and have dedicated DMVPN Network Consultant for managing your entire DMVPN Design Backbone. Managing DMVPN design solution includes adding new routes for advertisement, filtering out duplicate routes, creating route-maps, upgrading IOS on the devices, renewing SMARTNET support contracts, monitoring entire infrastructure and notifying customer if one of the managed routers is down.

For non-managed DMVPN design service we offer customers solid DMVPN design and allocated time for one of our DMVPN network consultants to implement DMVPN Design solution then hand it off to the customer, in which case internal company’s IT staff who requested the implementation of DMVPN design would manage entire DMVPN backbone by them selves, advertise new routes, monitor entire backbone by themselves and notify local ISPs whenever there is an issue.

In many cases companies who are interested in our managed DMVPN design services also interested in Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery, critical aspect of every company that deserves yearly testing to ensure that the business components are operational. In DMVPN world such components can be critical applications that need connectivity from prod and dr and deserve yearly connectivity testing in the event if one circuit goes down, or if the router goes down in the central site. We offer dmvpn yearly cycle business continuity testing, where we would gather from IT directors critical components that need to be tested and then go one by one through the checklist of taking down DMVPN routers, circuits and ensuring that the connectivity can still get out through alternative paths.

How Do We Compare to larger DMVPN/MPLS design provider companies?

The truth is many components of network infrastructure can have Linux, Windows and various operating system devices that in some cases may have different MTU size, different latency requirements and need additional DMVPN design tweaking and optimization or re-routing specifically for such components. With AT&T or any other managed MPLS providers, you may end up waiting for months before any of such critical business components will get addressed, simply due to having way too many customers and not too much focus dedicated to the company that they are suppose to manage. Having NetworkConsultant.NET company help IT directors and IT managers is much more efficient then trying to go out directly to the provider and ask them questions, especially without knowing which questions to ask.

As the comparison to our services you can think of Web Development model if you would like to have a new feature implemented on your web site, than web developer must know what your web site currently consists of and should perform QA process to identify any bottlenecks within the code which would prevent web developer from implementing new feature, this will be the base of web developers design of the new feature. Similarly with NetworkConsultant.NET when IT directors and Engineers come to us they have specific requirements, but without analyzing existing company’s infrastructure, it’s difficult to say which DMVPN design solution to deploy, There can be multiple options of solutions such as Triple Hub DMVPN cloud, Dual Hub DMVPN cloud etc

Initial Engagement Analysis Process

As part of the initial engagement process with the company we analyze customer’s requirements prior to giving out any type of quotes to the customer. The analysis of such requirements, hardware quotes gathering, dedicated colocation space if it’s a managed DMVPN design quote gathering and 100s of other components analysis, communication and conference calls can cough up initial costs and is certainly not free, but the return on investment after having dedicated backbone fully implemented and managed by our company can prove to be much higher when it comes to comparison to any other managed DMVPN service providers in IT industry. Hence working with us directly opens up the path to being able to find least cost method of connectivity tailored towards your companies needs.

In many cases where companies go directly to ISP provider and request for help, they end up getting asked 1000s of questions, which customer simply do not know the answer of or is not capable of answering. In such situations to answer these questions company needs IT network consultant to best of all decide whether these questions need to be answered in the first place and instead of answering the questions, asking the right questions and organizing entire project in the way that it’s suppose to get done, rather than wild guessing of how someone thinks it should get done.

Prior to any type of DMVPN solution deployment we provide network analysis services and help customers identify what the problem may be. In many cases customers can not clearly identify the problem and start turning to IT companies who can provide solutions. NetworkConsultant.NET knows that this is the case in 95% of all companies who are turning to NetworkConsultant.NET for help. In which case we are happy to help out companies to understand what the problem is analyze their specific needs, charge the company hourly fee for analyzing such needs and only then propose DMVPN design solution which is well suited for the customer. Therefore there are a lot of steps prior to getting right solution for company’s needs. In many cases companies may not need managed dmvpn design services and simply can get away with non-managed dmvpn design service, to help customers understand what benefits Managed DMVPN Design Service include please refer to the following FAQ.

What benefits do companies get in Monthly Managed DMVPN Design Services?

Monthly managed DMVPN design service include many other responsibilities that will be listed in the service level agreement between the company looking for service and NetworkConsultant.NET IT DMVPN design solution provider?

  1. Not worry about having to make routing modifications, applying filters or any of administrative cisco router tasks.
  2. Not worry about having to monitor entire DMVPN backbone.
  3. Not worry about not getting alerts when ISP or router fails.
  4. Not worry about allocating cloud space at prod/dr locations for the routers
  5. Not worry about upgrading Cisco Routers.
  6. Not worry about vulnerabilities of Cisco Routers.
  7. Not worry about interconnecting additional remote networks.
  8. Not having to worry about dealing with Cisco TAC

What about the non-managed DMVPN Design Service benefits?

Non managed dmvpn design service approach requires full knowledge of Cisco DMVPN architecture and can get complex unless in house engineers really know what they are doing.

  1. Perfect for companies who already have cisco engineers in house.
  2. Less costly than having managed dmvpn service model.
  3. More affordable than MPLS alternative.
  4. Not having need to interconnect to monitoring prod/dr cloud.

Disadvantages of non-managed DMVPN Design Service

We do not like to focus on disadvantages but with every business model there are advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to IT Directors to decide which model to pick.

  1. Implementation of DMVPN design solution gets done only once, no additonal tweaking will be provided by NetworkConsultant.NET company would have to rely on their own internal engineers.
  2. No monitoring for DMVPN infrastructure will be provided.
  3. Company would have to project manage entire solution life cycle from start to finish and maintain the infrastructure on their own.

If you are an IT Director or IT manager sitting and trying to decide how much? Then now is the time to call. Contact us from the number at the top right corner to request a quote for your DMVPN design solution.

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Companies who chose our DMVPN Service also inquired about our netflow managed services helping companies to see from where to where data flows on weekly and monthly basis, perfect managed service for large ISPs, medium, large and enterprise size private MPLS cloud companies who are required to provide connectivity to their customers but at the same time required to identify root cause of potential network slowness issue. Why not outsource the netflow monitoring tasks to us and not get scared next time when the customer calls asking why their network is slow? Feel free to take a look at our Managed Netflow Services model and don’t hesitate to request a quote by contacting the number on top right corner.