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Let us answer any IT networking question which you have in mind!  Our NYC Network Consultants in Manhattan NY is the team of Cisco certified IT network professional servicing tri-state area, including metropolitan area of lower and upper Manhattan, Fairfield Connecticut and Westchester counties as well as New Jersey.   We can secure, analyze and design your entire network and propose networking solutions for companies located in downtown New York.  We provide network consulting services ranging from business continuity, WAN Network Design services, VPN/DMVPN Design, IT Network Relocation, Wireless Network Design and Implementation, Cisco Unified Communications Network Design, Network Refresh and many other services shown on our flow chart network map.

If you are looking for any other network consultant in Manhattan NYC you will not find one with the level of expertise that our IT network consultants in NYC can provide. For the following reasons: We are Local IT Professionals in Manhattan NY, we can beat any competitor in Cisco Pricing, we have over 30 years of combined Experience in IT networking, we are business owners just like you and not simply Techies, we are Cisco Certified.

Network Security and Design Services for NY Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens area

We can help companies, in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Mahnattan come up with network security strategy, design solution that meets company's needs and follows best practices. Let us help you secure your network infrastructure


Whiteboard Video Conferencing and Collaboration Custom Design Services!

Our company specializes in custom video conferencing and collaboration services, helping companies communicate with each other in intuitive way, using custom whiteboard solution that we can create for your engineering department, educational sector, manufacturing, real estate, law offices, or professional LLCs.  We provide custom video conferencing + chat + video + search engine solutions integration services.   Let us know your use case and we can cook up custom collaboration for you, solution can be either generic based or flexible type based, great alternative for companies who can't afford enterprise level of collaboration and video conferencing integration. We can integrate custom h.323 or SIP systems in the cloud, and make communication experience and collaboration experience simplified.


Best IT consulting services in NY for C level Executives IT Directors and IT managers!

We don’t just provide IT network solutions in NYC we provide the best network consulting services in NYC. By relying on our IT network consultants to provide robust and scalable design, companies can benefit not only from scalable network design solutions in NYC, but from best return on investment solutions, capable of reducing company’s business risk impact. We work directly with company’s network IT managers, CTOs and CIOs, or other C-Level executives to come up with the robust network solution that can suit company’s needs regardless of the size of the company. We can centralize your network infrastructure, and help your company consolidate expenses, reduce OPEX costs and help your company by providing robust IT solutions for variety types of networks.


 Robust IT solutions and support with flexibile service!


We have local exposure in Manhattan NYC and neighboring boroughs, our network consultant NYC level of expertise is not only in designing IT network, but to also make sure all of the surrounding bits and pieces of IT environment is compatible with the network designs that we architect. For example many customers in NYC can be small to mid size organizations that may require IT network refresh and modification of their existing network environment but not sure to which extent they should go in order to reduce connectivity loss risk issues. Some organizations may have sensitive apps that need communication from NYC office to local data center in Savvis or SunGuard and some may require remote access connectivity from remote clients, but not sure from which angle to approach such requirements. There are many IT solutions out there, some which may simply be overkill for your company’s needs and some that are just right and within company’s affordability bracket. No matter what your company’s situation is we can adjust our IT network Solutions per your company’s IT Policies and procedures and if you have no policies or procedures, then we would help you build them.

Security, Design, Business Brainstorming and Continuity

                Our IT network Security slogan is to secure, analyze and design your network, and that is exactly what we specialize in. Not only can we work with local contractors, ISP providers and IT solutions vendors, to coordinate IT Managers and IT directors project needs, but we can also provide a road-map for IT Managers and Directors in which direction to steer their project.   As part of every business engagement we believe in quality of our work, which is why we conduct IT business Risk assessment analysis focusing on analyzing critical communication components of your company’s IT environment ranging from analyzing poor connectivity between remote offices and datacenters, understanding data voice and video communication flows and placing it all on paper in front of IT Director showing weak links that may exist within company’s network environment.   

     Based on such analysis we can build road-map for IT directors to follow to address IT related network connectivity issues and make sure that projects of sensitive nature are taking priority over projects with less critical needs. Now that would be an educated method of prioritizing.  We can also help your company brainstorm concepts and solutions for your business or prepare for disaster with our barinstorming and planning services.


Virtualization of infrastructure and Cloud Computing


Does your company want to reduce costs on physical hardware? Why not contact us and help you save costs and reduce amount of your physical hardware gear? With our IT network Virtualization solutions we can help companies who already have ESX vCenter in house infrastructure, implement robust network virtualization solutions which can help companies not only save costs on reducing count on their hardware devices, but to also help companies segregate their network critical resources.   We can build entire virtual cloud in-house allowing you to take control of your environment. Some useful examples of network virtualization concept are leveraging VPN tunnels across virtual routers, switches and firewalls to interconnect company’s business to business partners, or use of network virtualization to place network boundaries between recently acquired company, that is of course if your organization is in process of Business Acquisition process, in which case we can help companies in such IT transitional phase as well.

VPN/ High Availability and Business Continuity

Our range of IT network services in Manhattan NY can be anything from integration of MPLS backbone interconnectivity between offices into central offices, integration of DMVPN tunnels running over EIGRP, OSPF. Integration and isolation of remote vendors for business to business partners connectivity into dedicated Virtual Router Forwarders used in conjunction with virtual firewall contexts, SVIs on the switches and zones on the firewalls. Isolation of VPN and internet across different resources, Active/Passive Failover integration for PROD and DR VPN sites in a way that Passive routers would become active if there is a routing failure or a router failure, even making interoperable tunnel work.

Cisco and Information Security company Helping small, medium, and large businesses suceed!

We provide the best IT network Services in NYC not because we are experts in Cisco Networking, but because we believe in multi vendor approach and believe that not all shoes fit the same foot, just like not all IT solutions fit individuals’ needs..   Many IT Network Solution Consultants in New York are available from other companies, but none have level of IT expertise that can satisfy customer requirements, from the perspective of providing one stop shop managed IT services directly in NYC.  We as the IT Information Security company work directly with IT Directors, CIOs, and CEOs, and with the help of our IT technical partners can provide IT network solutions and services for clients in Manhattan NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens and nearby areas such as Jersey City Westchester County, CT, PA, NJ, FL.. To show you that we mean business, take a look at our network integration services flow chart map by accessing home page, we don’t just tell you what we we show you what we do.

Cable Wiring Services for Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn small and medium businesses

We realize that cabling server rooms, purchasing racks or patch panels, rack mounting switches and routers, interconnecting wireless access points in the ceilings,  adding servers in the rack, tracing cables, extending patch panels or including switches under desks, or simply helping your company figure out or troubleshoot network issue can be challanging.  Our company can help with all sorts of cable wiring challanges, ranging from cat 5,6 wiring, structured cabling, coordination with ISPs and other vendors, circuit delivery or other challanges.   We provide services

 Remote Access Solutions and integration services

Looking for remote access solution that can provide security, methods of secure access and integrate with LDAP, central directory?   Looking for methods for remote offices to connect to your central offices?  Looking for best way of doing that?  Interested in integrating your existing systems with the remote access solution? We can help customers with Cisco Appliance integration, Checkpoint remote access solution, integration of secure ID appliance to allow double factor authentication, integration of custom created remote access systems and solutions for small, medium and large size type of businesses.    We can help setup production and DR based solutions to allow inbound access over https connection providing multiple methods of entry in a secure way.  For full list of remote access services and types of solutions we offer visit here.

Network Monitoring Integration Services

We have custom solutions for network monitoring, we can provide integration services and even training services for Network Monitoring.  We can help companies come up with robust solution either in cloud or on premises for network monitoring we have expertise in open source monitoring and other types of network monitoring solutions, and can provide itner combined service for both network monitoring and support.  We even have netflow in the cloud solution to help companies to keep track of traffic and see what is causing issues on the network.


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