IT Brainstorming and Planning in NY, CT and NJ

NetworkConsultant.NET provides IT Brainstorming and planning services in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Getting a grasp of entire infrastructure can be difficult let us help you with decision making by analyzing your entire IT infrastructure or a small sector of it.  We do realize that real time challenges can happen when migrating from one data center to another, or if office reconstruction needs to happen to accommodate new employees, or you simply not sure how to accommodate one requirement without majorly impacting another. 

We  realize that IT Brainstorming and Planning may involve different aspects of IT infrastructure, which is why we divide our IT Brainstorming and Planning service model into the following customer needs and

  • Disaster Recovery Brainstorming
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Automatic ISP Recovery Brainstorming
  • Remote Office Centralization
  • Compliance Monitoring Brainstorming
  • Compatibility Between Vendors Brainstorming
  • Staff Categorization/Responsibilities
  • Network Standardization
  • Change Control Automation
  • Data Center Build Out/Rack Reorganization

Many of such brainstorming aspects may in one way or another become business dependencies, where it’s impossible to complete one item without effecting another, which is where network consultants come in to help organizations take control of their infrastructure analyze the risk of one action oppose to another, and assist IT Directors and Project Managers with eagle eye view brainstorming using divide and conquer approach helping organizations brainstorm their ideal IT infrastructure solutions.

Many companies interested in our IT Brainstorming and Planning services in New York are financial and medical institutions looking to take control of their IT infrastructure.  We don’t just provide companies with IT Brainstorming and Planning, but we also help companies answer major questions which every CIO, CTO or a C level executive should know.  We help companies answer questions about their environment such as

  • What happens when the primary connection goes down to a remote or central office?
  • Will the redundant paths handle the throughput of the ordinary traffic?
  • How fast the failover happens to the secondary VPN connection during critical down times?
  • What methodology is in place to ensure that VPN business to business traffic is isolated from regular user traffic?
  • What will it cost to migrate central office IT infrastructure to the dedicated data center?
  • What risks are associated with moving remote office IT infrastructure to centralized environment, from security and network perspective?
  • How much IT infrastructure costs would it take to renovate office as oppose to moving out to another office?
  • What mandatory steps needs to be taken in the event of the primary data center failure?


All of the above questions are valid questions, we help C level executives, IT directors and managers and Network Engineers answer these questions, after all knowing answers to such questions reduces companies risk and helps companies save costs.  . 

Our IT Brainstorming Network Consultants in New York service major metropolitan areas of NY, CT and NJ can come directly on site analyze your entire infrastructure, propose vpn design solution, provide analysis of your infrastructure and make proper recommendations to what is needed in resolving specific IT infrastructure related issues.  

We also do realize that many companies may have remote offices and unique requirements for their vpn design solution leveraging existing infrastructure and not investing any money into the new infrastructure, which is why we also have network consultants who can help in creating vpn design leveraging interoperable vpn tunnels, workable across multiple platforms.  We are here to help you take control of their organization.

We Service the Following Areas:

IT Brainstorming Consulting Services in NY

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  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford

IT Brainstorming Consulting Services in NJ

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