Network Monitoring Consulting Services in NY

Our network consulting company in NY specializes in network monitoring of IT Infrastructure in major Tri-State Metropolitan Area including NY, NJ and CT or remotely, we can provide network monitoring services for any type of IT infrastructure.

Whether your IT Infrastructure consists of routers and switches or if it has a mix of hardware, such as Bluecoat Proxies, Firewalls, Servers, network load balancers or accelerators we can monitor it all.

Additionally we can do application level monitoring, this is especially useful when companies have proprietary CMS applications that they absolutely must have control of and simply not sure how to monitor them.

Different organization may have different network monitoring needs; we provide 2 types of services for organizations looking to monitor their infrastructure.

Business Monitoring Solutions

Good read for CIO/CTO and IT Directors/Managers

Happen to be managing complex environment ranging from all sorts of Tandberg Collaboration video conferencing systems, phones, mobile devices, BYOD devices, Windows, Linux, Android operating systems, end point security systems, HP/Xerox printers, web applications, internal applications.   

The question is... how can you manage it all without getting lost in complexities.

Want to visualize your business processes to reduce risk and save money for your organization?  If that's a yes why not consider working with DBA Binary Fusion to help you assess your current organization, analyze business processes that take place and map them out dynamically in the form of visual data that can help you track your employees, your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. 

Imagine being able to map out most common issues visually and be able to see problems visually in a unified view.  

Imagine being able to answer where, what, when, how, who change management types of questions in relationship to complex environment changes that takes place within your organization.

Imagine being able to see weak links within your IT Network, business applications, and be able to fine tune the weakness, based on the data that DBA Binary Fusion helps you visualize and map out.

Imagine being able to get alerted based on particular trends in a predictive manner based on the historical data that DBA Binary Fusion helps you visualize and build trends on.

Imagine being able to visualize your network security in one unified dashboard, ranging from seeing who is logging into your hybrid/on premise or cloud environment.

Imagine being able to grab any use case that exist within your environment simply pass that use case to us (DBA Binary Fusion) and have our company map it out for you without you having to visualize anything and having us visualize it for you in the form of unified view with all sorts of dashboards relating and representing your data.


Custom Monitoring Services for different Types of Industries
We can tailor our monitoring services to different types of companies ranging from
  • Financial Organizations (Banks, Loan Processing Offices, Private Lenders, Hedge Funds)
  • Manufacturing Companies 
  • Accounting firms (CPA firms, private companies)
  • Law firm (Attorney offices)
  • Educational Companies (Schools, Colleges, universities, training centers, tutoring centers)
  • Travel Agencies
  • Real Estate Companies (Retailers, real estate agencies, brokerage firms)

Tell us your case and we will tell you and we can tell you if we can monitor it or not.  Call us or get a quote for your organization.

How does custom network monitoring service work?
  • We assess your company's existing network environment, for strength, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • We come back to you with our documented findings. 
  • We augment your environment with DBA Binary Fusion consultants who  will work with you either locally or remotely on flexible basis for both our consultants and you. 
  • We interview your Internal Organization to see what type of use cases we can extract for data visualization.
  • We present to you what we would like to do to visualize your environment, while your company's IT manager/director and internal IT teams provide us feedback for any additional data to visualize.
  • We simply visualize it for you and create data trending reports, and alerts.
  • We visualize not only your network and your systems/business processes, but also the actual health of your monitoring system itself.
Can we visualize cloud and hybrid types of environments?
  • Yes we can visualize anything ranging from AWS Ec2 instances, S3 buckets, transit gateways, vpn tunnels, backup processes, to WebEx Central Hub systems, cloud based vendor solutions.
  • We can help you create single pane unified visualized view that will quickly tell your internal teams what's wrong with their environment and we can do this for each particular team within your organization.
  • For example, let's say you have Network Engineering team, Enterprise team, Infrastructure Operations Team, Service Desk team and Security Operations team as well as DEV Ops team, Business Analysts.

All of these teams work most likely on the same data towards the same goal, but under different angles.  Some of these teams may work on one project, while others working on another.  

Think of all of these teams as sub-sets of a bigger set.  Where bigger set happens to be the data...and each sub-set happen to be data that is relevant to a particular team.

All teams have different types of tasks.  Dev OPS teams maybe focusing on building some app or web app, while network engineering team is there to ensure that packets get delivered from these apps and web apps to other locations.

DEV OPS team maybe interested in one thing, while network engineering in another thing.  

The point is... everyone is working within their own set, that happens to be a smaller subset of a bigger set.   

To unify all of the sets together in a way that can help CTO, CIOs, CEOs, IT Directors and IT managers be able to see all of the progress, risks, failures, within the environment somehow all of this must be visualized and visualized without being restricted to closed network monitoring vendors.  

Our DBA Binary Fusion can help your company visualize all the sets, this way every team has meaningful representation of their data that they can act on, helping your company increase efficiency and decrease outage costs.

You see there are many companies out there that simply try to offload network monitoring and environment monitoring to their employees, but the truth is the employees often busy doing other things. 

We use different vendors to visualize your environment, visit this link to see precisely how we can help you monitor your business processes and your network environment using our Sumo Logic data monitoring consulting services to visualize your environment.  


Managed Network Monitoring Services

  • We monitor your network equipment remotely.
  • No complicated hardware such as SQL servers, Virtual servers is needed.
  • We simply install 1 router in your PROD location and 1 in your DR location
  • We charge per each node monitoring.
  • We provide 24/7 NOC Center, with structural escalation support for any type of incident.
Non-Managed Network Monitoring Services

  • We roll out network monitoring infrastructure in customer premises.
  • We implement solution around customer’s needs.
  • Customer does their own monitoring.

Our managed and non-managed network monitoring services are suitable for enterprise companies and startups specializing in different industries, such as financial, healthcare, educational industries. No matter what your industry is we can help.

Additionally we provide network monitoring analysis as part of professional services helping organizations decide what needs to be monitored and how infrastructure needs to be monitored in order to ensure business continuity and help organizations take control of their infrastructure. We have extensive expertise in multiple monitoring tools, from different vendors included, but not limited to:

  1. Ping-Plotter PRO
  2. New Relic
  3. Sumo Logic
  4. SolarWinds
  5. Nagios
  6. PRTG

We Service the Following Areas:

Network Monitoring Services in NY
  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
Network Monitoring Services in CT
  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
Network Monitoring Services in NJ
  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
  • Hoboken
  • Union City
  • Newark
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