IT Disaster Recovery Consultants in NYC

IT NetworkConsultant.NET helps companies achieve optimum return on investment by helping organizations migrate into virtualized environment and reducing business impact in the event of IT disaster. Our IT Network Disaster Recovery Consultants in NY, NJ and CT can discuss your company’s needs. Whether you are a small size organization, medium or enterprise Size Company we can help.   We do realize that many companies follow best practices Cisco networking layer 3 approach, however there are instances where hybrid combination of layer 2 and layer 3 networks need to come together to satisfy customer’s business needs. Companies need granular control of their infrastructure and easier way of managing IT Networks. Our IT network virtualization consultants in NYC can help companies take control of their IT environment and reduce the total cost of ownership by helping companies isolate their existing physical infrastructure into virtualized components and improve disaster recovery mechanisms.

“With IT Network Disaster Recovery planning services from NetworkConculstant.NET we were able to save massive amount of money, and were able to successfully recover our IT Network Connectivity from hurricane Sandy!”

Every company has servers, routers switches, load balancers and other critical network infrastructure consuming precious data center space and power. Our IT network disaster recovery consultants in NY and CT/NJ (metropolitan tri-state area) or even entire east or west coast USA can help companies reduce the cost of hardware ownership and migrate into virtualized environment. We all know that it can be very difficult to troubleshoot an issue when hardware device fail, and we all know how difficult I may be to recover such devices. With our help of IT Disaster recovery planning services we can help your company reduce business risk associated with connectivity issues. Some of the examples where we help companies with IT Network Disaster Recovery planning would be an example of the company who is in the process off connecting their primary office to a data center through layer 2 gig line trunks and wishing to extend their network in effort to leverage their ESX VM farm for the purposes of transferring critical VM server resources from one data center to another in the end of disaster.

Another example where we can help companies take control of their IT environment and prepare for disaster, is by helping companies build robust DMVPN tunnels leveraging Cisco equipment and inter-connecting remote offices together with the central offices, thereby providing redundancy.. Our IT DMVPN Network Design Services help companies to prepare for the network disaster.

 As part of our IT Network Disaster Recovery Services, we help not only by providing robust scalable VPN network solution designs and helping companies extend their network in such a way that it works well with VMotioning from one office to another, but by also helping companies segregate their existing network, through the concept of Network Virtualization.   We all know that there can be different type of disasters, hurricanes, power outages, flood, and we also know that there can be different levels of disasters, disasters that can affect specific connectivity sector of the network, such as Internet, or connectivity to remote offices only. We can help reduce risk by leveraging concept of network virtualizations which would help companies to recover from disasters without necessarily breaking something else. 

Great example would be VPN failure to a specific office. If your vpn fails to another office, does it make sense to replace entire router/firewall and if so what would be the impact of doing so? Perhaps there are other tunnels on the same router? Perhaps there is a video conferencing traffic also being handled by the same router? Or perhaps this router also happens to be an internet router?   The fact is there is way too many perhaps! The only way to ensure that you don’t run into such difficult decisions, and to ensure that you can properly recover from VPN failure, without effecting other critical business connectivity resources, is to ensure that your critical network resources are separated. Surely buying physical router for every type of service may not be the most affordable option, which is why we specialize in IT Disaster Recovery Network Virtualization. Concept that is vaguely understood, by IT Directors and IT Managers, but with our IT Network Consulting Expertise we can ensure that your wishes of traffic segregation are met in the most affordable way possible, thereby providing you with robust way of controlling your existing IT Networks and preparing you for not having to be on the spot, when it comes to making critical decisions and not knowing what can be turned off or kept on.

Our IT Network Disaster Recovery services in NY, NJ, CT cover the following concepts.

  1. Network Virtualization Planning for Disaster Recovery
  2. Layer 2 Metro-E Extension
  3. DMVPN Network Design
  4. VMware SRM and VMotioning Consulting
  5. Business Continuity Analysis
  6. Disaster Recovery Planning

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IT Network Disaster Recovery Services in NY

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