IT Managed Services in CT, NY and NJ

Binary Fusion helps companies take control of their IT infrastructure needs and provide IT Network Solutions in CT, New Jersey and NY suitable for long and short term goals. We have divided our service model into the following categories to help IT Directors, Managers and CIOs to choose the level of service based on the following service model. The services that we provide are also divided into the following audiences:

  1. Individuals (1 to 5 users)
  2. Start-ups or Small Companies (5 to 100 users)
  3. Mid Size Level Companies (100 to 500 users)
  4. Enterprise Level Companies (500 and up)
  • IT Consulting Services (Suitable for Start-ups and Small to Mid Size companies)

Our IT consulting services in NY, CT and NJ provide organizations with project management expertise, staff augmentation, business continuity brainstorming, Data Center Design consultation & planning type of services, helping companies to take control of their environment and reduce associated risks with implementation of one IT solution impacting another.   This level of IT Managed service is suitable for small start up and medium level companies who do not have dedicated project managers and limited resources. Our IT consulting services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut help organizations with meeting face to face with an actual network consultant who can come directly to customer premises, whiteboard out the network solutions which make the most sense and create an action plan for company’s IT infrastructure improvement. Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Network Operation Center (NOC) (suitable for Small, Mid-size and Enterprises)

Our Network Operation Center service model is suitable for larger organizations who already have existing IT infrastructure that needs to be monitored, for critical level resources failure, on network level, application level. As part of the same service model we have sub-sections of Network Operation Center that handle Asset Management (inventory of the existing infrastructure), Patch management (patching existing systems), IP Telephony & VOIP Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Systems Monitoring and Help Desk Services.   Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Security Operation Center (SOC) (suitable for Mid-Size and Enterprise Level Companies)

Our Security Operations Center services include fully blown Firewall, IDS, IPS and Anti-SPAM monitoring. This type of service is suitable for organizations who are trying to reduce associated business risks by leveraging pro-active monitoring on their firewalls, IDS, IPS and Anti-Spam appliances. It’s important to know how normal your network traffic is is and what abnormal behaviors exist on your network, this can prevent tons of unnecessary troubleshooting in the event of the network failure. Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Hardware Maintenance Services (HMC) (suitable for Mid-Size and Enterprise Level Companies)

In addition to network monitoring and security operation center services we provide Hardware Maintenance Services for different vendors, such as HP, VMWARE, Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint handling and processing shipment of the parts to your companies datacenters in the event of device failure. In simple words we maintain your infrastructure and make sure that appropriate vendor shows up at your companies’ door ready to replace the faulty part, whether it’s the server part, such as memory, cpu, or Fan went bad or an entire firewall going down and needed to be replaced. Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Enterprise Network and System Services (ENSS) (suitable Enterprise Level Companies, but can also fit small to medium size companies)

We decided to give entire category to Enterprise Network and System Services, we realize that enterprise level companies may constantly need some sort of network solution in place to overcome existing network issues or to simply integrate solution that would fit company’s needs. Our ENSS service model focuses on the implementation & configuration of the new network infrastructure, for example our ENSS service helps companies implement Checkpoint or Juniper, or Cisco Firewalls from scratch, implement VPNs, install new routers and switches. Our Network Design services also fall into the same (ENSS) category; under this service model we offer companies initial solid network design solution in place.   Once initial network design is in place, the documentation including topology, diagrams, network simulations get passed on to our (NSST) team, handling any further changes when needed.

Think of ENSS service as implementation of routers, switches firewalls, and non-too advanced network solutions (for advanced network solutions refer to our ESS service model). . Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Network Support Service (NSS) (suitable for mid-size to enterprise level companies)

This level of IT managed service is suitable for companies who are in need of network engineering assistance at the time of crisis, troubleshooting your entire IT infrastructure or simply needing help in getting specific set of network configuration in place to accommodate company’s IT Network needs... The service includes LAN/WAN Support & Administration led by dedicated Project Management (from the aspects of change controls and approvals) servicing existing LAN/WAN type of infrastructure. Whenever there is a network change that is needed in your IT environment, our Network Support Services in NJ, CT and NY team steps in handling the change required from the aspect of management to execution.Our Network Support Service Team (NSST) works hand in hand with a Network Operation (NOC) team handling escalated requests and providing resolution in timely manner. Additionally our (NSST) works hand in hand with Enterprise Network and System Services Team to stay fully in sync with what the customer’s topology is and how to fix it if there are any network related issues. Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Enterprise Security Services (ESS) (suitable for mid-size to enterprise level companies)

We do realize that Security in organization comes first and proper approach to securing your companies infrastructure is exactly what our ESS service model does. As part of the ESS Service model we offer organization access to a team of network security experts, who work hand in hand with IT Directors to develop IT Policy, conduct Penetration Testing, Assess Vulnerabilities, and provide proper recommendations as to how such vulnerabilities should be addressed instead of just pointing them out and leaving customers in the dark as to what should be done next. Additionally our enterprise security service model offers implementation of advanced network infrastructure solutions such as Bluecoat Web Proxy Transparent or non-transparent deployment, Instant Messaging Security Solutions implementation, VOIP solutions implementation and Virtualizations & Server Consolidation.   Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

We have noticed that there are a lot of companies out there who simply do not have space in their customer premises to accommodate additional equipment or simply need to rely on infrastructure in a totally separate location to ensure business continuity and to prevent against natural disasters. We can accommodate customers’ managed hosting service needs by providing datacenter hosting (where you can have routers and switches and network infrastructure in a remote datacenter to connect to from your remote offices), Managed IT Telephony Solutions (where we would have voice infrastructure in the data center so that way you would have phone), Web Server and Application Hosting, additionally we can provided managed load balancing services (this is helpful for companies who want to have full business continuity across multiple data centers) Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

  • Procurement Services (PS) (suitable for medium to enterprise level companies)

Does your company have constant headache with tracking purchases? Where to get the quotes from? How to document it all? What maintenance contracts are expiring (example, SMARTNET, HP, Checkpoint Renewals). If you answered yes then this service model is for you, with Procurement Services we help companies take control of their purchases, and ensure that critical IT Business services are not disrupted. For example, many companies may have purchased T1 lines or Metro-E circuits which are all expiring on different dates, with different rules and conditions, as part of our Procurement Services package your organization team can stay on top of your service contracts. Please refer to service flow chart above for more details.

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We Service the Following Areas:

IT Managed Services in NY

  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle

IT Managed Services in CT

  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford

IT Managed Services in NJ

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  • Hoboken

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