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Business Continuity Analysis from connectivity perspective is exactly what we offer at  We can help you take control of your organization by analyzing strengths and weaknesses of your companies IT infrastructure.   Our methodology is focused around understanding how your companies IT infrastructure is currently setup and identifying risk factors that your company may face if proper business continuity pre-cautions are not taken into considerations. 

Business Continuity testing is also our expertise; we can look at the information of how the packets flow within and outside of your network and come up with guidelines summarizing all the necessary steps that need to be taken by IT Managers from the eagle eye view perspective.

We can create an overview plan for you IT Infrastructure managers to follow and provide you with a C level executive who can work hand in hand with members of your companies IT Team and CIO of your company helping CIOs to have a concrete plan for execution of business continuity testing from the initial stage of simulating network connectivity failure to disaster recovery aspect of business continuity testing.  Since companies may have multiple applications running, different infrastructure, which may include load balancers, security appliances firewalls, and routers and switches it’s imperative to ensure the disaster recovery process is done right. 

Our methodology is to help you take control of your organization, and you know that you have control if your business continuity testing was successful.  We all know that disasters happen all the time from Storms to Hurricanes to complete loss of Network Connectivity in datacenters and remote offices.  There are ways to minimize such risk factors and we can help companies with multiple data centers and remote offices in tri-state area or across the coast to ensure that the business continuity aspect of IT infrastructure is covered from A to Z.

The way we help organizations Take Control Of their Organization is by ensuring that proper Business Continuity practices are in place within the organization by providing proper Business Continuity Training for the CEOs and CIOs of the company.  

We place heavy emphasis on Network Survey of the entire IT Network infrastructure identifying critical components providing solutions for such critical component, whether it’s Network Security aspect of Business Continuity solutions where all of your systems need to be redundant in the event of failure or any other solutions such as Data protection Solutions, External Vulnerability Assessment, Email Archiving & Continuity, information Security Policy Development and much more.

We provide Business Continuity Planning services  in  major Tri-State Area and across the coasts, as well as remotely. 

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