Email Archiving and Continuity

NetworkConsultant.NET provides email archiving and continuity consulting services in the form of in house hosted solutions as well as cloud email archiving and continuity solutions for small, medium and enterprise size companies. We can ensure that even if your email server is down, your email is still getting queued up to the off site servers until your Exchange or Lotus notes servers are back to live. As part of business continuity solutions we provide solid functionality allowing companies to redirect their email to the offsite location prior to allowing any of the emails reach companies Exchange servers.

Our email continuity solution can handle massive amount of email and in the event of disaster, you can still rely on our solution to receive your email even if your hosted Exchange servers are down. With the combination of hosted and cloud based solutions we can provide companies with a secure blanket that will not only provide email redundancy and continuity in the event of disaster, but will also archive your email boxes to in house storage for compliance purposes.

email archiving

The way our email continuity solution works is we set your MX records to be redirected to another set of Anti Spam based Email relay servers hosted in different geographical locations, different data centers. All of your email goes through Anti Spam based servers, if any of the spam found it gets filtered out. In the event any of your Exchange Servers are down, our Email Relay servers would still be receiving email and the minute your servers are back the email would get forwarded to your Exchange or Lotus notes servers automatically. We are partnered with multiple vendors to provide email continuity that can best suit different types of companies, our Partners include Cisco, Trend Micro, Barracuda Networks. We work with them exclusively to deliver solution that is scalable and feasible for companies of different sizes. Our Email Archiving and Continuity solution can be set in house or in cloud based environment, or combination of both. Contact us by the number at top right corner to discuss your email archiving and continuity needs and obtain the Quote.