Network Security Training

Network  & Cyber Security Training


Have you ever considered getting trained by information security professional in Network Security or other related IT security fields?  Our company provides unique training opportunities, based on consulting model. We have qualified Information Security experts who can train you directly 1 on 1.  Whether you are an employee working for a company and company agreed to pay for your 1 on 1 training or if you are a student who simply wants to learn concepts of Network Security and get ahead in the information security career.  Whatever the case maybe we offer Cyber Security training that can get you knowledgible across major areas of the following domain areas.


We can super charge your Information Security skills in each of the following categories


1. Security and Risk Management

2. Asset Security

3. Security Engineering

4. Communication and Network Security

5. Identity and Access Management

6. Security Assessment and Testing

7. Security Operations

8. Software Development Security


How does Training works?

The way it works is, you request a tutoring package, then an actual tutor goes through each of the sections with you for each of the domains, and explains everything from the practical stand point.  Training takes live 1 on 1 face to face over netcam and mic.  You can ask instructor a question and get answers.  Training is more individualized and can help you prepare for exam such as CISSP. To request training simply contact us by requesting a quote or you can view this link to view examples of what network consulting tutoring package looks like, by clicking on this link you will see profile of a tutor who can provide tutoring services in Network Security for you. The more hour you buy the more money you save.  This is how it works with the tutoring discount packages.

Why is this type of 1 on 1 unique?

Reason why it's so unique is because it's high quality and 1 on 1 and helps you prepare for you exam and you get to interact with live instructor, which means you would get the highest level of learning effectiviness when it comes to preparing for you Network Security Training.  Note, when you buy a package CISSP is not solely the area that we prepare you for, we prepare you for other concpets of network security as well, such as cloud, SDN, network monitoring etc.  Therefore this training is not formal (if you are looking for formal training refer to other alternatives that we show further below).  When we say it's not formal we mean it's not based on strictly designed curriculum, which means it's more flexible and gives you more freedom to understand more information under different angles.  Plus the upside is... you actually learn better by seeing solidified examples from the actual tutor who also may happen to be consultant in addition to being a tutor.  This is also great especially if the tutor who you are hiring also happens to be your assigned consultant for your company....

Which means not only do you get the benefit from an actual Information Security Consultant who can help your company secure, analyze and design your network, but you also get the benefit of being trained by the same consultant.  This is a great option especially for companies who can not afford to hire expensive Network Security Engineers for 300k per year and prefer to have a consultant train junior staff instead and assist with rolling out particular project on part time basis.  

The disadvanage of the Consultant is the fact the consultant doesn't work for you for 6 month in a row full time as it is the case with most of the job offerings out there.  Instead consultant works on a particular assignments on part time basis either on weekends or in the evenings (which is when majority of the companies have change control windows anyway)  Therefore what you are getting here is affordable way to get labor at high quality, and also get the luxury of obtaining training.  That training can be either in the form of consultant educating you for a particular network solution or design that the consultant who you hired helped you deploy, helping you reinforce deployed solution concepts so this way you and your staff can support it without having to call any 1.  Or if you prefer to simply get 1 on 1 tutor who can help you prepare for a particular exam such as CISSP we can arrange that as well, by match making you with Cyber Security Information Technology Professional who can provide training for you 1 on 1.  This is also great if you are having hard time in preparing for your exam and your company happen to be ok with paying for this training for you.  This way you are getting individualized attention and high quality, making you on top of the game.

What's the down side of informal 1 on 1 training?

Downside is that you must obviously get the training done only based on specific coordinated hours between you and instructor.  Which is technically not a good thing if you the type of learner who prefers to study on your own.  However if coordianting scheduling when to get trained is not going to be an issue with you then definitely 1 on 1 tutor training in Network Security would be the best type of learning option for you.  

What other options do I have that are not 1 on 1?

In case if you need to prepare for CISSP exam or any other exam we happen to provide alternative options to 1 on 1 training, through self guided courses, which you can take online, and prepare for with practice tests, interactive videos and study guides, all intercombined in one course helping you prepare for your exam such as CISSP or any other information security exam and increase your career qualifications.  To find out more visit our CISSP online training site for more info.  We also have similar option for other relevant online courses such as PMP.

What is the ultimate combination for learning Network Security?

Doing both getting 1 on 1 tutoring and self guided courses is the ultimate combination.

What about formal online or local class training where you take the class?

Class based training is provided through our partners, contact us for more info.  We can help you pick the right type of training for your individual need.  We provide career advice and guidance you can follow our guidance path by visiting this link.

Depending in which area are you, you may qualify to take a class localy.  Our company inter-networked multiple class based test prep vendor providers together.  Just like we inter-network systems we inter-network partners together, Hence if you looking for class based training that is formal and not self paced and looking to take a class (which in many cases is more affordable option then 1 on 1 training, however that type of training is not as high quality as 1 on 1.  Hence if your company who you work for is the one who is paying money for you to get educated in particular technical network security concepts, and you want to get highest level of learning effectiviness and the most benefit then 1 on 1 is the way to go.  

However, many companies prefer their employees to take a class, since class is cheaper and offered by many companies in more structural formal training based way. However what companies don't realize is that when such training takes place often is not as effective as more flexible type of training where consultant or a tutor or both infuses your brain 1 on 1 with powerful concepts.  Doing such training 1 on 1 can provide more benefits  in couple of hours then taking entire class.  Plus classes often tend to be expensive, while 1 on 1 training is based on packaged consulting and training hours.  Hence you are not obligated to hash out huge chunk of sum for a class, especialy if you need a refresh on one particular subject area.  

Each lesson that our consultants or tutors provide can focus around concepts that are structured around your business environment.  When we say around your busienss environment we mean literally around yoru business environment, meaning if you let's say hired our consultants to perform security assurance verification of your company, then after that wanted to get trained we can do that as well.  This is when you get both consultant and a tutor.   This is a very rare service offering and not to many companies can offer anything remotely near that, simply because to offer that consultant has to be both trainer and consultant. Well our company recruits consultants and trainers from the roots of their studies, starting from their student days and develops trust with our consultants.  We do that for 2  reasons 1... to generate revenue around our local area and online and 2 to help consultants generate revenue from both training and consulting and reason 3 we get to help you.

What if I am a student and I do no have experience?

If you are a student and do not have experience, you are in luck our company provides internship for qualified candidates visit our google plus page for more info.

How can DBA Binary Fusion offer such training services?

Reason is simple, we are both educational company and consulting company and marketing company in adddition to all that.  We have developed business models that allows us to offer such services. Tutoring Services LLC is the umbrella company that covering DBA Binary Fusion, and specializes in many other fields other then information technology.  We do not see feasibility of consulting company surviving on it's own with intercombination of training services in the mix.  This is what differentiates us the most from others, not to mention the fact that Traditional Network Engineering is slowly disappearing and being replaced by Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT and SDN.  Which we also happen to be specializing in as well, check our SDN book here.