Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solutions

Enterprise-class Cisco Wireless Networks can get complex, delivering voice, video and data across wifi is not a simple task as it may seem for personal home users. Companies have different network topologies, different levels of mobility; layer 2 contiguous networks and even discontinuous networks, or different subnets for each floor resulting in complex roaming of users’ considerations across layer 3 networks. Not to mention unique corporate policy requirements to ensure that guest wireless network traverses through the same levels of web security policies to provide compliance, displaying the Acceptable use policy within the web-page with the customizable company’s logo and text, and at the same time taking isolated virtualized paths of the network to ensure proper admission control, and independency from corporate network operational use, yet at the same time capable of providing wireless communication into corporate network for DNS, DHCP and other unique service connectivity needs.. Luckily we are the Cisco Unified Wireless network consulting company that can understand such challenges.

“Network Consultant.NET helped us design Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solution which works great with our guest user access and secure!”

Our unique skill is in creating Cisco Unified Wireless Network based on the best Cisco practices and ensuring that it satisfies’s customer’s requirements. There are many ways to skin a cat, and hence many ways to deploy network solution, our IT Cisco Unified Wireless Network Consultants can ensure that the wireless network designed using best practices, leveraging centralized wireless access points approach using light weight access point protocol for interconnection to foreign and anchor Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC), strategically placed within corporate network and anchor WLC placed with the guest server providing Cisco Unified Wireless Guest Access Services within the DMZ of customer’s firewalls. Allowing companies to take control of the traffic pattern flows at the firewall level, while at the same time providing best WIFI network security for guest users, who can either be contractors who will need access outside of your company’s premises through the Remote Access VPN to their central offices, while at the same time being able to connect to your internal network to print, or perform an audit for example.

Additionally we can ensure temporary use of passwords for guest users leveraging unique capabilities of Cisco Guest Server, allowing companies to provide sponsor based credentials approach for new guest users, allowing sponsor to use AD credentials to login into guest server and create guest user credentials for the guest user who would receive SMS or email notification with the username and password, reducing overall administrative head-aches of user provisions and still being able to see what the guest users are doing. We can help small, medium or enterprise level companies implement Cisco Unified Wireless Solution which would suit their needs and that it’s done right. Don’t let other network consultants design WIFI network for you unless you are 100% confident that they fully understand your business needs. We can help you design wireless network.

By contacting the phone number on top right corner you can save a lot of time as oppose to explaining your requirements, to some other network consulting firms that do not understand the full picture. We understand the full picture, we work with Bluecoat Web Security Appliances to ensure web security compliance, we work with Checkpoint to ensure firewall network security compliance, we work with Actiance to ensure messaging security compliance to log and archive public IM messages such as Yahoo, AIM, SKYPe, and the best of all we provide Cisco Unified Wireless Solution which would work well together with all the other vendors and components of your network, in such a way that Wireless Network Connectivity does not differ greatly from Wired Network Connectivity, eradicating inconsistencies, staying in control of your network, reducing possibilities of network bottle necks and best of all ensuring that you can still monitor network flows of your guest users leveraging ORION Network Monitoring tools which we can also help you setup, to visualize your network, to see where the data flows, from where to where and how.

Cisco Unified Wireless Solutions provided by Network Consultant.NET is the only wireless solution that you should be thinking of implementing, if you want to ensure that by implementing one thing you do not break another. If you are in a health care industry, law, finance you may have unique requirements for your wireless users to operate, dependent on the building, dark spots within your building and dependent on other factors. We can create a site-survey identifying RF signaling with temperate heat map look like maps showing coverage areas, and best optimal placement for Wireless Access Points. Therefore even if you are IT Network consulting company and need to simply outsource site survey portion of your project, why not let us handle it? Contact the number above to request a quote and we will gladly help.

Does your Wireless Network Need VoWLAN design or ability we can help! Our Cisco Unified Wireless Network Consultants can create VoWLAN design for your IPADs, BlackBerrys, Android, Samsung Galaxy phones. Contact the number above to request a quote and we will gladly help. Additionally we can provide integration with Cisco Unified Communications for Wireless Networks to operate using Cisco Jabber client while being on the internal WIFI network for collaboration with corporate users across corporate or external network using Cisco Jabber for video communications and Audio communications fully integrated with Call Manager for Audio and Video. Contact the number above to request a quote for Cisco Unified Communications Solution integration with your WIFI Network.

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