Route Monitoring Analysis

Binary Fusion offers Route Monitoring Analysis Services for start up, small, medium and enterprise or larger size companies. We all know that troubleshooting IT Networks can be daunting task especially if IT Administrators have 0 visibility into their network or limited visibility into their IT Network. Binary Fusion IT Network Consultants can provide guidance, consulting and training to IT Administrators who are interested in how to identify routing issues within their Network.

What is Route Monitoring Analysis?

Route Monitoring Analysis is the method of identifying how traffic flows within the company’s network, through what routers traffic travels and whether the way it travels is most effective way for it to travel.

Why does the company need route monitoring analysis?

Whenever there is slowness within communication between company’s headquarters and remote offices or slowness between business to business partners and the company and users are suffering from such slowness, it’s important to identify such slowness. Not only to identify it as to why such slowness is happening but determine the ultimate root cause of the issue. Slowness within the network or weird behavior within the network such as application timeout, dropped voice calls, choppy video can all be the result of ineffective routing, or improperly designed routing.

Route monitoring analysis conducted by Binary Fusion IT Network Network Consultants specializing in route monitoring analysis can conduct independent review of your existing company’s environment from the perspective of business continuity and verify whether the existing route patterns that currently exist between your critical applications and the users is in fact the most effective path.

How Does the Route Monitoring Analysis Process work?

Route Monitoring Analysis is done by first conducting a network survey allowing Binary Fusion Network Consultants to zoom into your existing network analyze and identify critical components of the network infrastructure, obtain network topology of the existing network, interview IT staff. The next step is laying out route monitoring analysis tools within strategically chosen locations, central offices for example in PROD and DR sites, then configuring the tool based on the results of the network survey. The tool will collect historical route monitoring data and will be the number 1 place to look at whenever there is any sluggish or slow network performance within the network or within the path of the traffic to other locations such as business to business partners, internet web-pages, remote offices etc.

After the tool is deployed and functional for 2 months, Binary Fusion comes back and looks at the data gathered and interviews IT Staff again, requesting IT Staff and IT Directors, to provide all of the major issues that have been experienced in the past 2 months. At which point Binary Fusion Route Monitoring IT Network Consultants correlate all the major issues that occurred in the past 2 months to the historical output of route monitoring analysis, and provides recommendations as to what can be done to ensure that these correlated issues do not happen again. The proposed recommendations are provided in the form of the issue that happened, risk factor for each issue, recommended solution. C-Level executives would greatly benefit from having visibility into what is really going on behind the scenes, and be able to stay in control of business continuity practices.

The report produced by IT Network Consultants will rely strongly on route monitoring analysis for justification of recommended actions, then these recommended actions can become projects, easily justifiable and more likely to be approved by CIOs, CTOs or any other C-Level executives. Once the projects for remediation of these issues are approved, Binary Fusion IT Network Consultants, provides detailed proposal to IT Directors with all the required costs to complete the projects then if project gets approved, Binary Fusion IT Network Consultants implement the project and remediate the issues which were discovered in route monitoring analysis.

Route Monitoring Analysis is a repetitive process that gets conducted several times per year, and can be great benchmarking tool for IT Directors to follow and being able to understand whether or not the issues which were discovered and recommended to be resolved were in fact resolved. So why not contact Binary Fusion today and request a quote for Route Monitoring Analysis to help you take control of your network. Contact us from the phone number above or by clicking get a quote button on top right corner.

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