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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in providing Cisco Router Network consulting services for small to medium size businesses , we have certified Cisco Router Network Consultants who can help you decide what router to get, how to configure it properly to work with your existing network in a redundant fashion, and how to create virtualized router network allowing your company to reduce costs, minimize connectivity related business impact and ensure that your Cisco Router at most optimum performance.

“Cisco Router Network Consultants helped us configure Cisco virtual routers and divided our business to business network connectivity allowing us to make changes without impacting other parts of infrastructure! – Airline IT Director”

We worked with small, medium and large scale companies who we helped in the past implement Cisco Router Network. When we configure routers for small offices, dental offices, law firms, manufacturing companies we follow best Router Network Security guidelines, compliant with major mandated laws and regulations. Every one of the routers that we configure is configured based on the router security template adjustable based on flexibility and IT security policy of the organization that we work with. We worked with different types of organizations to create routed network, and we are confident that if you let us help you deploy Cisco Routers we can ensure that the routers are configured using best router methodology.

If you are a small start up office who simply need router linked to dual ISPs for the purposes of internet redundancy, we can help you configure internet redundancy using either BGP routing protocol or sophisticated IP SLA trackers  which would help you take control of the routing decision of when to fail-over and when not to fail-over.   It’s important to configure NAT policy and follow Best Network Security practices when configuring routers, NAT Policy would allow you to translate all the internal private IP addresses to external IP addresses.  Additionally we can configure NETFLOW mechanism on the router to allow you to see from where to where the data flow from your network, this is very important concept to know how to configure right, without you may have issues troubleshooting your network.  We are the Cisco IT Network Consulting company who can help you design and implement Cisco network from scratch and help you maintain it.

If you happen to have already sophisticated router network we can help you simplify it and troubleshoot it, to ensure that your network operates at most optimal performance.  Let us help you build robust and secure Cisco Network, using Virtualized route forwarders, working in conjunction with other elements of your infrastructure such as firewalls, load balancers, or even virtual switches. Even if you are in the process of implementing VOIP and need to pass through VOIP traffic using SIP through sophisticated DMVPN network we can help.  We can prepare the network for optimal operational performance using best network monitoring tools.


We realize that it’s difficult to understand all the major protocols that may be running on your router such as, OSPF, EIGRP, GRE, BGP, MPLS, RIPv2. The vast amount of information to understand can be devastating, some of the questions we hear about from customers are:

  • Why do I have some applications timing out during the day randomly?
  • Why is internet slow at certain times?
  • Why our Yahoo Instant Messenger constantly logs off and logs on?
  • Why does the network seem so slow?
  • Why does the voice quality of the phone call choppy?

The list can go on and on. Now with the specialized IT Network solutions ranging from SOHO routers to high model routers including but not limited to 2800,2900,3600,7200,ASR from Cisco and our outstanding IT Networking Skills our Cisco Router network consultants in New York and Cisco Router network consultant CT and NJ can get the job done and deliver you amazing Cisco Router Network which will work and give you no issues

Cisco Router

Many IT companies interested in our Router installation services are financial, dental, manufacturing, education, and medical institutions looking to take control of their IT Network.  We don’t just provide organizations with router solutions,  but we also help companies answer major questions which every CIO, CTO or a C level executive should know.  We help companies answer questions about their environment such as

  • What happens when the router fails?
  • How can I failover from one ISP to another?
  • Will the router handle VOICE, Video and Data traffic?
  • Is the router configured securely?

We also do realize that many companies may have remote offices and unique requirements for their web traffic. If that is the case, no worries we can help with remote offices voice and data centralization from the aspect of centralized Voice IP Telephony solution, meaning we can get users to use central Voice IP Telephony Solution in totally different location across MPLS or VPN Router backbone (which we can also help customers design as well vpn design services for more info) allowing companies to take control of their organization.

We Service the Following Areas:

Cisco Router Consultant in New York
  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
  • Long Island
  • Staten Island
  • Port Chester
Cisco Router Consultant in Connecticut
  • Stamford
  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Fairfield
  • Stratford
  • Bridgeport
  • Milford
Cisco Router Consultant in New Jersey
  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
  • Hoboken
  • Patterson
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