SAN Solutions


"We are network consultants servicing tri-state area NJ, CT and NY and can install these SAN appliances within your existing environment and we work with Cybernetics directly to setup these appliances, monitor them and upgrade them"

Cybernetics is a direct manufacturer of some of the most powerful and affordable iSCSI SAN storage solutions and iSeries compatible reduplication backup solutions available today.

Our ISCSI SAN series’ capacity ranges from 1 TB to up to several hundred Terabytes. We also support hard drive tearing with any combination of SATA, SAS, and SSD drives, all within the same module. Our standard features include: reduplicated snapshot backup, dynamic LUN expansion, LUN cloning, SNMP, WAN replication and support for server less backup to removable disk or tape media without the need for additional 3rd party software. 


Furthermore, we also offer popular dual controller high availability solutions and compete against other SAN manufacturers like Equal Logic, HP, and Compliant both in quality and price range.

Our disk-to-disk-tape backup appliance, the VTL series, is a great solution for someone who is opting to consolidate, streamline or make their backups faster. We are compatible with virtually every operating system and backup software package, including legacy and propriety systems such as IBM's System I and System P. A few of our competitors include IBM and Falconstor and not only do we outperform them, we give the best price you can ever imagine!