What Does Your IT Network Need?


Network Refresh

Everything Your System Needs for Safe, Smooth Performance

Let Network Consultant refresh your complete IT system. Our Network Refresh includes data backup, firewall deployment, migration of email to dedicated email exchange servers and much more.

Expert IT System Maintenance

Service & Support Agreements Customized to Your Business Needs

Network Consultant’s system engineers can maintain your IT infrastructure remotely, performing data backups, downloading patches, creating drive space and performing other regular tasks that will keep your business safe and secure. We’ll even provide recommendations for future maintenance so that your IT system always meets your growing business’s needs.

At Network Consultant, our IT solutions are customizable to fit every business’s needs. We offer a wide variety of IT support service agreements. Choose a bundled service agreement of comprehensive services. Or select one, more or all of the services within our 11 areas of expertise.

Network Consultant’s 12 Areas of Expertise

With our 11 areas of expertise in IT, Network Consultant is well able to meet your business’s unique needs. How can we best serve you?

  • Business Continuity

Whether any storm with our premier disaster recovery services.

  • Data Center-Based Services

Let Network Consultant custom-build your data center—from the ground up!

  • Desktop Services

We’ll keep your workstations operating smoothly.

  • Firewall Network Consulting Services

Give your business the protection it needs.

  • Network Design

Let our consultants work with you to plan an efficient network that meets your business’s needs.

  • Network Monitoring

Spot risks before they cost you time & money.

  • Network Security

Let Network Consultant keep your system safe & secure.

  • Remote Connectivity

With our remote connectivity services, your staff can work smarter—anytime, anywhere.

  • Server-Based Assistance

We’ll get your network up & running!

  • Video Conferencing/Voice

We’ll strengthen your company’s lifeline.

  • Virtualization

Get the most out of your existing server.

  • Visualization

Data analytics services helping you have a single pane of glass.  Check our Data Analytics Sumo Logic SIEM managed services. 


To discuss the best IT plan for your business, contact Network Consultant today.

Our Service Area

Network Consultant services the entire tri-state area, including these major cities in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, we also provide remote consulting services, online and not limited to just these locations.

  • Bridgeport
  • Buffalo
  • Edison
  • Elizabeth
  • Hartford
  • Jersey City
  • Newark
  • New Haven
  • New York City
  • Paterson
  • Stanford
  • Syracuse
  • Waterbury
  • Yonkers

IT Training

Through our sister company, TutoringServices.com, Network Consultant can point you in the right direction for IT System Maintenance Training and Company IT Training.

  • IT System Maintenance Training

Prefer to keep your IT maintenance in-house? Through Network Consultant’s international sister company, TutoringServices.com, you can have one or more of your employees trained in 40+ routine IT maintenance tasks that will keep your business running smoothly and securely.


  • Company IT Training

TutoringServices.com’s independent contractors can train your entire staff in applications such as Microsoft Office, either in person or through our international training site.

All of Network Consultant’s IT training plans are customizable to fit your company’s needs. Contact us today to discuss the best IT plan for your business.

IT System Maintenance Training

Keep your IT system maintenance in-house by having one or more of your employees trained via Network Consultant’s sister company, TutoringServices.com.

Through TutoringServices.com, independent contractors will teach your staff members how to keep your IT system running safely, smoothly and efficiently by performing routine maintenance. They’ll learn how to

  1. Create backups of the server with Vsphere Management Console
  2. Check server memory
  3. Track & update Microsoft Office licenses
  4. Check SPU utilization on a firewall
  5. Add devices for monitoring
  6. Identify basic routing issues
  7. Distinguish between firewall & server issues
  8. Use SonicWall Firewall
  9. Use Trend-Micro for anti-spyware issues
  10. Scan computers for viruses from a server
  11. Create a new virtual appliance through SonicView
  12. Check the server’s drive space
  13. Backup and restore the server using Virtual Console
  14. Create automatic snapshots of backups on the western digital hard drive
  15. Troubleshoot basic layer one physical connectivity issues on the switch level
  16. Modify firewall rules as needed
  17. Activate anti-spam services on the firewall as needed
  18. Activate intrusion prevention on the firewall when necessary
  19. Add a new computer to Trend-Micro Anti-spyware
  20. Deploy group policies to restrict or un-restrict specific user functions
  21. Manage server services in the event of a DHCP or DNS issue
  22. Review logs for Windows-related errors
  23. Lockdown desktops so only administrators can install programs
  24. Update patches on the server
  25. Monitor spam through the Trend-Micro hosted control panel
  26. Update workstations in Log-Me In
  27. Update workstations in Trend-Micro
  28. Update workstations in Windows
  29. Join computers to the domain
  30. Add email accounts
  31. Monitor browsing
  32. View & create new users
  33. View mailboxes
  34. Login into server via ILO, Vsphere-Consol, RDP, Log-Me In
  35. Log into the Cisco switch
  36. Contact ISP
  37. Block website categories
  38. View email remotely through Outlook Web Access
  39. Deny messages on the firewall
  40. Login remote users through SSL VPN.
  41. Login through wireless guest network
  42. Access internal network through SSL VPN

Want your staff trained in a task that’s not on our list? No problem! Training can be done in-person or through our international training site. Contact TutoringServices.com directly or consult a Network Consultant customer service specialist to learn more about training programs.

Company IT Training

Increase employee productivity, performance and job satisfaction through training. Network Consultant’s sister company, TutoringServices.com, can provide your staff with training in numerous computer applications, including Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel.

TutoringServices.com trainers are independent contractors who deliver instruction either on site or online as required. Have your employees trained one-on-one or en masse. Multiple options are available.

To create the best training plan for your business, contact TutoringServices.com directly or consult a Network Consultant customer service specialists today for a free consultation.

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