Vulnerability Assessment


Is your company Vulnerability Free?  Why Not get Vulnerability Assessment and find out?

Binary Fusion can Identify “Network Security” risks and vulnerabilities in the “External” Network
  • Perform data gathering and site survey verifying what is considered risk factor and what is not.
  • Conduct Scanning and probing:
    • Conduct network scans on approximately 10 external IP addresses and up to 1000 devices/hosts (i.e., 1000 Virtual devices, 150 Servers and 100 Network Routers and switches) residing in the company’s premise and internal network.
    • Identify vulnerabilities within:
      • Router and Switch Operating systems;
      • Windows Operating System
      • Linux Operating System
      • Specific processes services and applications;
      • Databases;
    • Determine best network security practices to detect and respond to scan activity.

Understand and analyze as well as classify each potential network security risk and vulnerability into the following categories:

  • Cosmetic – Some scanning software like Nessus or Retina tools report vulnerabilities when certain conditions exist, yet those conditions do not really have any associated risk and simply false positive conditions that doesn’t make sense to resolve..
  • Acceptable Risk – Some vulnerabilities present low risk because the risk of exploitation is low and the impact, if exploited, is low, etc. These vulnerabilities and the related risks can be “accepted” by management and receive this classification.
  • Mitigated Risk – Certain vulnerabilities exist, however other controls (e.g., Intrusion Prevention Systems, Application Firewalls) exist and would minimize the risk of an attack succeeding. These vulnerabilities would be classified as “mitigated”.
  • Critical Fix Needed – Vulnerabilities that are of significance and/or have impact require “remediation” and would be classified as such.

Additionally our network scanning tools like Nessus can show exact suggestions of what needs to be fixed for each specific vulnerability,, and with combination of our IT Network Security Consultants can provide a stepping ground in properly identifying associated risk factors. Sometimes certain suggestions provided by IT Network Security Vulnerability Assessment software won’t make any sense and it’s up to IT network security professional to identify what such suggested resolution means. For example does a sentence like this mean anything to you? “ The following crypto signature with kernel 0x1290ee was found to be corrupt resulting in possible vulnerability “ Sometimes level of criticality suggested by the software is not necessarily the right level, since after all it all depends on the company’s environment and what their infrastructure is being used for. 

Knowing how to find what is vulnerable and what is not is not enough!

What business wants to know is how does that vulnerability affect their company and what it can mean for them.. Our Binary Fusion IT Network Consultants do not just focus on protocols, security signatures and fault alarms, but we also work with PMP certified and ITIL best practices practitioners and Project Managers to ensure that the level of vulnerability assessment is verified in the context of what business units are using the infrastructure devices for and what is the best way to rectify vulnerabilities without impacting company’s environment and without halting business practices. Find out more about our ITIL best practices framework and IT Managed services in NY CT and NJ we offer in conjunction with vulnerability assessment services. 

IT Network Security External Vulnerability Experts in CT | NY | NJ

In order to understand suggestions provided by Nessus it is required to understand fully not only protocol technical side of things, but be well diversed in possible vendors with whom such vulnerability is associated with. Given that that we work with multiple vendors such as Cisco, Checkpoint, Bluecoat, Juniper, Actiance and many others it makes things simpler for us to come up with the fix and identify proper steps in remediating vulnerability. Our vulnerability assessment services are offered in CT, NY and NJ. Our IT Network Security External Vulnerability Assessment Consultants can work with with Educational, Law, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Financial organizations. We can create professional report delivered to your management showing our recommendations and how to resolve them.

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To remediate vulnerabilities identified during our vulnerability assessment it takes expertise from multiple types of network consultants. We offer vulnerability remediation services in CT and NY or other remote locations.. We are one stop shop for all of the network consultant types that you would need to get the job done, regardless if the issue was identified on Cisco device or on the server or on the bluecoat proxy. We can help patch, upgrade, script out network solutions that can make your organization secure and less vulnerable from identified risks.