Cisco ASA Firewall Network Consulting Services


NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in analyzing, securing and designing company’s network regardless of the type of industry company focuses on, Health Care, Finance, Law, Medical, IT we can help IT managers and directors to design flexible firewall solution, leveraging Cisco ASA firewall with Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN capabilities allowing IT managers to create robust remote access security policies and at the same time being able to centralize remote access credentials with Active Directory using LDAP and RADIUS server. We can help companies take control of their environment, by defining best security practices for remote users allowing, remote users to successfully log into company’s premises without compromising company’s network

“DBA Binary Fusion delivered us secure AnyConnect remote access VPN solution for fraction of other consultant’s cost!”

Through the use of advanced assessment capabilities of the Cisco ASA firewall, we can ensure that prior to remote user making successful VPN connection, his end-point device where he is connected from is assessed using latest remediation tools, and not allowing remote user to log in if such user is not remediated prior to getting authenticated with customer’s network This can be useful for employees who are on the road with laptop pcs trying to gain access to customer premises but possibly having a virus or no Anti-Virus protection turned on. Assessing such remote users is critical to ensuring secure remote access. With Cisco ASA firewall solution our Cisco IT Network Consultants can help companies asses remote user, remediate remote user and allow access using client less or client-full remote access, through centralized authentication database.

Cisco ASA Firewall Network Consultants will also help you ensure that your internal network is protected with the best web-security capabilities using the same policies as your external users connecting through AnyConnect VPN, therefore protecting not only internal users from web security and application threats but also protecting external users. Additionally we can integrate Cisco ASA firewall with internal web security appliance, or can we even help you upgrade your existing Cisco ASA firewall if you have one to work with AnyConnect VPN. No matter what your requirement is we can accommodate you with the right solution. We provide granular Cisco ASA firewall network consulting services for companies with unique requirement and can customize solution per your requirements.

There are many instances where IT directors may want to see what data flows through the firewall, we can help IT directors configure netflow on the firewall and make it with your existing SolarWinds Network Monitoring suit or recommend free network monitoring solution. We are the company of robust IT Network Consultants specializing not only Cisco ASA firewall, but also specializing in other firewalls as well, such as Checkpoint, Juniper, SonicWall, Fortigate. Therefore if you are in the process of deciding with which firewall to go with and not sure which one to chose, then you must come to consulting advice. We can go through advantages and disadvantages of each firewall with you and get you to buy the best firewall for your company within your budget and which will be well suited for your long term investment.

When choosing Cisco ASA firewall, you must not only poses the skill of a routing and switching engineer under your belt to get it to configure it properly, but you also must know nifty operating system details of every potential remote user who will be using firewall for remote access and be ready to adjust Cisco VPN profiles, multiple issues may arise such as some clients not being able to connect due to low MTU size on their PCs or other weird issues. Instead of spending precious time on addressing them, outsource this task to us. Our company consists of IT Network Security Engineers who can identify these weird issues quickly and help you with the desired solution results. Now keep in mind there is no silver bullet for some solutions, and not all solutions are the same. One solution can provide remote access while another can provide central authentication, and 3rd one defend systems on AD level. We are the company that have done multiple projects securing different types of infrastructures, from start-ups to small, to medium size business and we can help you take control of your company’s environment and get you on track with the right firewall solution.

What happens if we don’t know something? With every consulting company there is always what if question, what if something doesn’t go right, our response to that is simple, with our unique recruitment skill set we can find the right candidate to help us resolve problems that were unexpected. We have access to Cisco Vendor from where we can get help or get proper engineers engaged on the tasks to help us resolve the issues that we didn’t expect. With our unique expertise of multi-vendor knowledge we can work with multiple vendors and deliver the Cisco Firewall Solution that is compatible with your environment.

What Cisco Platforms do we specialize in? We specialize in Cisco ASA 5510, Cisco ASA 5520, Cisco ASA 5540, Cisco ASA 5550 firewalls. Additionally we can help you decide on which licenses to buy, with what firewall and be your managed service partner, getting you quotes for your needs and helping you decide on the best platform.

Are you IT consulting company and have a client who perhaps you can refer to us, or outsource portion of your project to us? If so don’t hesitate to contact us we can help you with firewall security, firewall rules migration, firewall rules analysis, clean up and best of all remediation and replacement of insecure firewall rules. We work closely with IT consulting companies not only for the sake of getting clients from other companies but to assist other IT companies with challenging network security dilemmas and build partnerships.

Our Cisco ASA firewall Network Consultants service major metropolitan areas of NY, CT and NJ can come directly on site analyze your entire infrastructure or propose solution remotely, providing that all the diagrams and requested information is provided. We also realize that many companies have remote offices and we can provide external vulnerability assessment for these offices and help you secure your network and help you take control of your organization.

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We Service the Following Areas:

Cisco ASA Firewall Network Consulting Services in New York
  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • White Plains
  • New Rochelle
  • Long Island
  • Staten Island
  • Port Chester
Cisco ASA Firewall Network Consulting Services in Connecticut
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  • Greenwich
  • Westport
  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Fairfield
  • Bridgeport
  • Milford
  • Trumbull
  • Waterbury
Cisco ASA Firewall Network Consulting Services in New Jersey
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