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NetworkConsultant.NET specializes in providing network access security services for the major tri-state metropolitan area of NY, CT and NJ.  We work with IT directors and Project managers to integrate into customer’s environment network access control units allowing companies to take control of their organization.  Network access security services provided by our consultants include standardizing guest user registration for external party users trying to log into the network, while providing security and control of every employee with company’s network.

With network access security appliance from ForeScout we can help companies take control of their environment using automated triggers that can initiate a switch port change by logging into the switch for example or block specific packet from reaching out to a server by automatically deploying virtual firewalls within company’s LAN even if devices are on the same subnet.  We do realize that every infrastructure is different and we have solutions that can automate as much as possible recovery process of company’s infrastructure.  Our network consultants in NY, CT and NJ are well diverse in multiple protocols and can integrate network access security systems that can take control of company’s network access security for companies LAN or Wireless Network.

Some of our companies may have requirements for Dynamic Vlan allocation of devices so that way devices are placed automatically into proper vlan based on specific attributes; we accommodate such companies with dynamic vlan setup.  The most important part is endpoint compliance and knowing what software should be on the devices and what software should not be, with a specialized network access security appliance integrated by our network consultants we can help IT directors answer such questions.  

With the help of SPAN redirection configured on your switches to the specialized appliance it’s easy to provide extensive Network Visibility, but in many cases organizations may not have enough SPAN ports, sacrificing network performance while providing monitoring.  We do realize such challenges exist and we are aware of these challenges, which is why we work with vendors who can provide products that we can integrate into company’s infrastructure to remediate such challenges.

In some cases network design of company’s infrastructure prohibits companies from exercising execution of such network access security appliances, but we as experts can help with modification of your network infrastructure, without breaking any dependencies that may already exist on the existing infrastructure.   So what are you waiting for contact our network access security consultants in NY, CT, NJ and get a quote for your solution. 

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