Network Operation Center

Our network operations consultants supervise maintain and monitor the telecommunications network of companies. The network operations center is the central point for software distribution and updating, performance monitoring, router and domain name management, network troubleshooting and coordination with affiliated networks. The main responsibilities of network operations personnel include the monitoring of networks, responding to incidents, managing communications and reporting. They also monitor one or more networks for certain circumstances that may require special attention to evade dishonored service.


Large establishments and huge network service providers are the ones that usually have a network operations center where you can find the workstations and the detailed status of the network, the visualization of the network or networks being supervised and the necessary software to manage the networks.Network operations centers are also implemented by universities, business organizations, government agencies and public utilities that supervise complex networking environments that require little to no downtime. Organizations may also have more than one network operations centers either to manage different networks or to provide geographic redundancy in the incident of one site becoming unavailable. Our network operation consultants perform troubleshooting, analyze problems, communicate with site technicians and track problems through resolution. Our network operation consultants escalate problems to the suitable stakeholders if necessary. For critical conditions that are impossible to predict, such as a cut optical fiber cable or a power failure, our consultants have ways in place to immediately contact technicians to remedy the problem.

Let us help you build your own NOC and improve your connectivity needs!

We can also help companies help build their own NOC or enhance their own NOC, by providing redundant connectivity design, security and analysis and integration services.  For example we can help you connect your NOC to customer sites residing in different locations geographically.  We can help you reduce your existing operational costs by providing and suggesting recommendations for what type network equipment to purchase and what type of VPN tunnels to create for which vendor and how.  For example take a look at our FortiGATE integration services, we can help companies who are running Network Operation Center migrate to new firewalls for example and improve perimeter security. We can work with multiple vendors and platforms such as Cisco ASA firewalls, Bluecoat, Checkpoint, SonicWall, Juniper you name it.  

We can help you create primary method of communication and ensure that you also have 2ndary method of communication, we can even help you setup your monitoring equipment and help you strategize network design to help you better monitor your customers and provide better managed service.  Regardless what type of NOC you are, whether you are the type of NOC that monitors health and dental offices or the type of NOC that monitors different customer sites and provides reports or have any other communication needs that require private interconnectivity.