Content URL Filtering

Content URL Filtering and Application Control services

          We specialize in Small, Medium, Enterprise level of solutions for companies looking to deploy content URL filtering solution.   We can provide consulting, implementation, and integration services for companies who are in need of satisfying Web Security requirements, such as being able to track urls and being able to filter out URLs or applications that reside on your network. We can help companies in variety of business sectors ranging from, education, real estate, finance, law firms, dental offices, medical and health offices.   Our expertise involve integration of robust proxy solutions that satisfy your budget and help your company provide proper url filtering and application control.

Current Challanges in the industry and URL filtering and application control Issues

     With rise of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Chat and other types of services that are available today it's hard to keep track of what each employee is doing.  Employees spend tons of time doing personal related activity not related to work and employers have no way of knowing that unless special and adequate security controls are in place, helping companies secure their infrastructure from such employees and hold them accountable for their actions.  We can help companies create robust Web Security Policy that can be integrated as part of your IT Policy. We can help with creating web security policy and then creating solution that can help your users know that such policy exists and help you reinforce IT company URL filtering and application control policy, to ensure that you have the best of the best type of measures in place. 

How we approach such challanges?

We can provide robust URL filtering and applicaction control that is suitable for your environenment and your budget.

       We can also provide IT Training over video conferencing sessions after solution is deployed to help your company learn how to manage URL Filtering and Application Control solution, we use custom created whiteboard collaboration and video conferencing solution to provide adequare video tutorials that can help your IT team utilize them when attemtping to figure out how to use specific appliance or how network is documented or how to block specific url etc or application etc.  Our whiteboard and video conferencing solution can be effective way for companies to collaborate and improve their competitive advantage.


Types of Url Filtering and Application Control Integration deployment we support

Hosted Integration

        This option is great if you just need some help rolling out URL filtering and application control type of appliance and integrating it inside of your network.  Where you already have dedicated team inside of your IT department who is ready to manage this appliance after it gets integrated, we can provide solutions for url content filtering ranging from the following vendors, such as Cisco, Juniper, Bluecoat, Checkpoint.  We can also come up with custom based open source solution for smaller or medium businesses.   We can discuss placement of appliance in your network, perform network survey prior to moving forward with any type of implementation, review existing network design, analyze traffic flow, discuss business requirement and help with brainstorming and planning of the solution.  We can even help you monitor your existing solution, we can either offer hosted options for monitoring or cloud based monitoring for your URL content filtering solution.  



Cloud Based Integration

       Hosted Integration with out the cloud, but managed on premises by DBA Binary Fusion, we specialize in variety types of cloud solutions rangings from Netflow Solutions in the cloud, Network Monitoring in the cloud, Video Conferencing and collaboration services in the cloud, including url filtering and application control in the cloud.   For other detailed info about cloud computing and cloud integration services visit this link.



Managed IT Services and URL Filtering and application control

         Content URL filtering is also part of our enteprise security services offering but we also help companies in small, medium businesses as well.  As part of our IT Managed services model we can help companies not ony roll out appliance either in their premises or on site, but can also help companies with  IT Support and can either roll out the solution using most flexible based cost pricing by intercombining cloud and hosted solutions together to create what so called hybrid method of deployment, where portion of the infrastructure can be in the cloud and another part of the infrastructure would be in customer premiseses. 

        The best part about our services is that we are vendor agnostic, meaning we can work with multiple vendors and help you get the solution that is within your budget, if your solution is outside of the budget we would tell you it's level of feasibility of how far outside of the budget it is and what would it take to get the solution rolled out.   We can help with creating VPN tunnels to company premises in order to provide cloud based solution and make this solution work with your environment then we can provide you montly reports of top URL visits, provide dashboard access.  If it's a hosted solution, then we can roll out hosted solution, and provide reliable IT Network Support for your solution, for example if appliance is experiencing slugish behavior or if you need access to reports showing which users browsed the internet we would provide you access to these reports, and can setup automatic emaling out of these reports to IT managers every month.  We can review your urls and application logs monthly and identify most riskiest URLs  and applications, raise that up with internal companys IT team, and see if they can be blocked. 



IT Support and management services for URL filtering and application control solution

        We realize that providing IT support for solution that is bult with intercombination of multiple scripts, and inter operable devices can be difficult, by tapping into resources of our IT managed services team we can help your company with managing your URL filtering and application control solution.  Some of the tasks are simply difficult to tackle if you do not have other resources in your team, it's very hard to keep track of how much CPU or memory, or how much drive space is being utilized, keep track of it all and be on top of your solution.  It's hard because multiple skill set of expertise is needed, such as solution administration skills, scripting skills, network monitoring skills, integration skills, report gathering skills, or how to block specific URl or set of urls or even application within your environment.  This can be very difficult, especially when multiple remote offices are involved and you are aiming to maintain compliance, network security, while simultanteously being able to monitor different type of url and contnet filtering for http, https type of traffic.  Sometimes custom URL Regular expression coding is needed, how much can you afford your programmers do that?  If you are tired of headaches and want reliable IT consulting services and would like solution for URL filtering to be integrated witin your premises then don't hesitate to request a quote.  We can analyzie your requirements and provide the price for the solution. 



Pricing of URL filtering and Application control IT Managed Services

         We can provide monthly pricing for IT support of your URL filtering and application control appliance that would show all of the SLAs or alternatively you can get enrolled into our IT managed services Total Care Network Support package where we give you block of hours which we assign to your company every month, during these hours we maintain the system, provide network support services based on block of hours, if you need more hours purchased then more hours can be requested.  Using Total Care Network support service is more affordable then on demand type of network support services.  Integration and consulting cost is seperate from IT Managed services monthly pricing and depends on the type of solution needed for how many offices, wether it makes sense to use centralized approach or cloud based approach, hosted approach or hybrid approach, and what type of reporting is needed and how well it coincides with other solutions within your premises.




Web Security and URL Filtering/Application Control Use Case Price Scenario.

Suppose you are medium business looking for 5 remote offices web url filtering and application control solution and you are IT Manager or Director handled with this task.

Your company has 5 offices and disaster recovery site, 1 main office in NY with Disaster Recovery site for example in NJ, 2nd office in PA, 3rd in CT, 4th in CA and 5th in North Carolina

All offices currently not connected to each other properly and not centralized everyone uses their own ISP, mostly offices disconnected from each other as seperate silos, some VPN tunnels are present to connect one office with another, but mostly all of the vpn tunnels handle mostly 3rd party connections.  Each site has it's own ISP.



Your Goal

Secure internal users in marketing and finance division from attempting to connect to malecious sites, roll out filtering to most dangerous sites not related to business category and provide reports to compliance officers or be able to view them yourself.  Roll out solution at minimum costs.  You must use familiar vendor that you trust, example Cisco, Checkpoint etc... as mandated by corporate for example.

Your Actions:

You contact other companies in the area who specialize in URL filtering and they tell you that you will need seperate appliance for each office.    Each company recommends different solution.  One company recommends solution to install seperate appliance in each office, another company says that they can provide solution in the cloud, another company says they can do both hosted model or cloud based model or intercombination of both.

Problem 1.

Offices are disconnected from each other, therefore it would be expensive to install seperate appliance in one location and another appliance in another location. 

Problem 2.

In the cloud solutions are expensive and do not justify the cost.

Problem 3.

Some consulting services seem to be just way too expensive in comparison to others.

Problem 4.

One solution provider specializes in one

Problem 5.

When you ask each solution provider how appliances will be deployed they present you with option and make you as the manager do all the leg work such as, figuring how you will route the traffic, when you tell them you are not sure, and ask them to do it, their response is "we do not specialize in that" and ask you to figure it out on your own, however you have no clue about routing and simply lost and realize that some of the solution providers simply not the type of providers you are looking for.

Proposed DBA Binary Web Security Url Filtering and Application control Solution

       Solution: You contact DBA Binary Fusion, we look at what you trying to do, approximiate goal, and budget, and provide recommendation and brainstorming and planning that fits within corporate standards or mandates, for example when it comes to picking the right vendor.   DBA Binary Fusion analyzes your network reviews the fact that all of the offices decentralized and recommend DMVPN solution to internetwork all of your devices or managed MPLS service provider such as ATT, Comcast, Verizon etc., or other type of ISP provider, and help you integrate multiple offices as part of the single itnerconnected backbone, allowing you to centralize your offices for the purpose of being able to place single clustered appliance or single non-cluster url filtering appliance. 

          DBA Binary fusion gives IT Manager fixed cost price of how much it would take to centralize your remote offices , DBA Binary Fusion also recommended the type of solution that your company would need based on budget costs, provides quote for solution as well as it's associated fees such as Vendor hardware support costs, Vendor Software support costs, DBA Binary Fusion IT Managed Services costs to maintain your infrastructure, create tickets with Vendor, provide reports of what urls users visited and maintain and monitor infrastructre on monthly basis as well as provide reports to IT manager showing what urls specific employee is browsing and what is high risk and what is not. 



Satisfaction Based Result

          Result:  You as IT manager realize that solution DBA Binary Fusion provided helped not only satisfy Web Security compliance requirements, but helped you save money on having to roll out seperate appliances in different regions.  The downfall was that that although company helped centralize appliances in your NY location latency issue to California made it hard for CA users to browse internet, however realizing that in early stages and due to the intensive network analysis planning, DBA Binary Fusion managed to realize that ahead of time and included possible alternative for company's IT manager of simply adding another appliance in California office while have other sites web traffic centralized at the central location.   Company's IT manager was satisfied with results and asked company to help on other projects such as Remote Access VPN solutions to allow users to connect to Production and Disaster Recovery site through remote access solution.

Technical Challanges

If you think that deploying url filtering solution is easy and doesn't worth the amount, think again.   When you are faced with URL filtering problem and looking for solution, here are just couple of the technical changes that you would be faced

1.  Browser Inter Operability

2.  Methods of directing traffic either through PAC files, or routed based, PBR, dynamic routing etc... list goes on and on and on.

3.  Resiliency of what would happen if URL filtering appliance fails

4.  How to extract reports out for archiving

5.  How to quickly obtain reports

6.  Reports Integrity

7.  How to ensure that you don't over block critical sites

8.  How to identify what is critical and what is not

9.  How to script regular expressions in a way that is applicable to your enviornment and doesn't block something else.

List goes on and on, to help with such challanges our company provides IT consulting services for residents of CT, NY, FL, PA, NJ and all over USA, Canada and Europe.  We can provide robust solutions that can help your environment properly function. 



Other URL Filtering and applicaction control related services

Firewall Log Analysis and reporting

       Additionally we recommend customers take advantage of our Security Operation Integration and consulting services, where not only do we help you with integration of url filtering and applicaction control but can also help your organization centralize all of their firewalls, into dedicated security managed service, where we can integrate best network security measures in your network such as grabbing all of the logs from all of your firewall then analyzing them and providing alerts based on the central database of other customers who also send out their firewall logs, investigating these alerts and notifying you by email about the types of network security threats and helping you tackle these threats.   We work with major vendors to provide such level of integration, where we can extract out logs from your network devices and then centralize it all to provide best network security.

IT Training

Looking for training we can help, we have custom whiteboard solutions that we can use to provide video recorded trainings or live, to view what type of IT training services we provide visit this page.